Washington Completely Outclassed

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First of all let me say watching these women play hoops is like watching a team of six-year-old kids play hockey. There's absolutely little to no talent on these two teams, they simply jog up and down the court, wind permitting, and throw  half-ass toss-ups at the net in the hopes of hitting a three-pointer. Heck three-quarters of the players are overweight. As for Washington, they are completely out-finessed by Seattle, that is if the term "finesse" even exists in this sport and the girls who attempt to play. What gets me is how anyone can even wager a quarter on this watered-down league of female amateurs, not to mention how anyone could actually wager on Washington against Seattle. For those who really did lay "real" money on the home team in this fun league game tonight, it's gotta be and should be embarrassing enough to make you bury your head in the sand and prevent you from ever making another post/wager again. Again I'm wondering just how "real" the money mentioned in these threads is-where this amateur league of overweight box is concerned.
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So u bet and lost and u want to justify your loss by blaming the women who by the way has been playing like this all season.  Suck it up cupcake 

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