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Scintillatingly Brutal Second Sunday!

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18-17 All  Playoffs

8-7  Contest Playoffs

Went 3-1 first game and am sensing I have a feel now for what is going on after a bit of a dry spell (7-2-1 last 10 Contest Plays).

Also have SEA to win the thing at +260

PS Also have Del Protro to win the US Open at +1400 $250/3500. I was thinking of hedging (guaranteeing $821) but then I thought “What would Ted Williams have done?” And then I knew the right decision was to play on till the end.

PPS-And what  about Serena.? What a …girl.  Loved when she started crying. And you know what? They always bring out? Either the race card or the sexist card, she brought out the sexist one.  Thought maybe she would bring out both. Like “You wouldn’t do that to a man or a white woman!!”.  But she probably was too busy crying to think of that. Really lost A LOT of respect for that girl. You know why the Women’s will NEVER make as much as the Men's? Because 1) THEY ARE NOT NEARLY AS GOOD. A good high school boy can beat her. Let’s be real. Who are they kidding really? Why would I pay top dollar for that when I can see the match today with the two best IN THE WORLD. Man or woman! But I guess I am sexist.2) They cry (part and parcel with Point 1). And finally HE WAS COACHING HER!

But I digress

WSH-SEA -5  168. This will be probably the same scenario as Game 1 with a couple of exceptions. WSH will give SEA more of a game. Although Thibs is lost it looks like. I hope he is OK. And how bad can you be to start that game.? And I am afraid SEA will turn into their step-sister BAD CON and let WSH back in it in 2H. I was afraid of that the last game. So I am going with CONTEST PLAY SEA-2.5 1H. Also I feel like this is going to be more high scoring. I sense it. Only issue is this is a Sunday 3pm tilt. I HATE going Over on that day and that time. But I am, the total is too low PLAY WSH 168o. Lastly I am going to hedge myself and CONTEST PLAY WSH TT 81.5?o. There is a chance they could win this but even a better chance they will score more than the 76 they got in Game 1.

Brutal one in nyc

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