Will Vegas books take a moneyline parlay on the last 6 games of the NBA Finals?

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So...  will they?

I'll be in Vegas for a few days starting on Sunday, so I'm curious if this is possible.

I thought they'd probably take it, but then on another site I saw this, "Not all contests will have a moneyline available. Most contests where the spread is high, a sportsbook will not allow a moneyline wager."

Since the bet would be on who won which games, and how many games are played, it seems like they might take it anyway.  I'm new to sportsbooks, so I just don't know if they're set up for it.

Is this a standard bet?  Or does anyone know a book that would take this bet?'


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not on 1 ticket, iykwim.  They won't take the bet because the lines aren't up for all remaining games
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You can't parlay a game that hasn't been posted but you could bet the Series Winner after the 1st game was played.
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