Nick Foles wants to be a pastor after football

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QUOTE Originally Posted by WISEGUY36:

Foles has made a decision to honor and serve the Lord.
That said. His destiny is life eternal in the Kingdom of
heaven with our Creator.
If you can't say the same thing. You are likely to wind
up being the loser in the long run.

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a classic thread. truly. don't know how i missed this one. gamblers talking Jeeeezus. Foles? He can talk whatever he wants. He walks the walk. I don't.
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NICKY Boy you go do what your heart tells you to do

I belive in GOD his son jesus and all dem other saints i have prayed to GOD when in deep trouble he never let me down

WE beat the GOAT and now proven he aint that great Montana never t6hrew an intercetiopion in any of his 4 superbowl wins ......... he won in a time when QB's got creamed Brady would be busted broken p0hysically back then.

5 wins and 3 losses the 3 losses to better Defenses and patriots are money burner in superbowls ..

3 - 5 ATS

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