Did anyone see the new Jumanji movie?

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heard it was horrendous, did anyone pay money to see it? might be worth the $1 on Redbox

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Any movie that Kevin Hart is in is usually bad.  

Can't believe that guy has such a huge fan base.  I have nothing against him; I just don't find him funny at all.  His stand-up material is not good.  
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Yeah, the storyline was so boring. It's just a waste of time.new_poop

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I liked it. Watched it with my kids


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Quote Originally Posted by Connor_Pratt:

Yes, guys, I watch and didn't like too much. The old one Jumanji its awesome movie. 

IF you liked the original Jumanji check out Zathura: A Space Adventure (2005). is based on the illustrated book Zathura by Chris Van Allsburg, author of Jumanji so similar "board game causes things to go crazy" children's adventure. despite a 75% "fresh" from Rotten Tomatoes it was a box office "bomb" probably because NO "name star" like Robin Williams in the cast. I still think it is a FUN movie with a lot of action and suspense and worth a look  

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I actually thought it was okay. Not the best movie by any means but not horrendous.

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I thought it was okay but my kids really enjoyed it. 

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