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.5 Point ppr .  Flex play.
Need three of the following 

Kerwynn Williams - Starting in place of Peterson. 
DeMarco Murray- Still has edge over Henry,especially in receptions.
Tyreek Hill - Up and down,anybodys guess.
Nelson Agholor -Ertz out will help. Had big game in last.
Isaiah Crowell - Could have decent game against suspect Packer defense.
Kenny Stills
Bilal Powell

Main hangup I guess would be between Murray and Williams
for one spot.
Thanks in advance

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Could not have done it alone.

On to the semifinals
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Im in semi's as well in 2 league's but just lost Wentz in my Yahoo League

In my espn league i think im sitting Cousins (1 QB slot + 1 Offensive Player Slot that can be used for QB's) so technically its a 2QB league but i think i'll put LeVeon Bell in OP slot and ride with Williams (GB) & Drake (MIA) in my 2 RB Slots..  

Or start cousins and put Bell & Drake in RB slots

Is Buffalo gonna be another snow fest this week?

Tough decisons... I dont want Cousins having another bad game vs the cardinals D.

They have been tough on QB's lately. Held mariota to 4 pts last wk

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