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Heritage sportsbook SCAM - PLEASE HELP!!

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Is anybody else having trouble with Heritage sports-book? I made a withdrawal request from them today in the amount of $3000. I checked my account and hour ago and it looks like the request went through but they also took an additional $227 from my payout request. When I asked for an explanation (via live chat because they wont speak to you on the phone about this because "my account is an internet only account", their explanation was it was from a western union transaction that didn't process back in December of 2015. When I asked for further explanation via live chat they couldn't provide any additional details.  I have had several payouts in the past with this company and they did this in the past and recouped the money and now they said it appears i still owe this money. I feel lost at dealing with them via live chat and feel like I'm being completely scammed out of $227 with no explanation. Has anybody else experienced something similar? my thought is if they're doing this to me then they are doing it to other customers. if anybody has heard or experienced something similar please please respond to this thread. i feel completely helpless and don't know what else i can do but to post to social media and pray somebody else will see this and have experienced something similar. thank you
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be cool and dont yell at anyone...wait it out and when you get make sure you never send them another penny, and tell them that when they call.

This crap has to stop.

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They have always been very friendly to me on the phone,but I 100% believe you
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