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Chargeback - Online casinos 2017 (Need Guidance)

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Hello, I am looking for some guidance in terms of how to go about my current situation.

Long story short, I made deposits and withdrawals to numerous (illegal) poker sites. All in all, I was down roughly 1,000. However, I no longer have access to one of my accounts which had about $4,000 in it which was wrongfully deactivated by the poker room. Not to mention I recognized a couple random charges that seem to be COMPLETELY fraudulent.

Anyways, my only way to proceed in my mind is to chargeback the two cards I used to make the deposits in the first place. I have numerous questions:

How long should I go back in terms of the chargebacks? (First deposit was made 10-25-2016, last deposit made 7-21-2017... On 1 debt card and 1 credit card)

What should be my explanation be to my bank/CC company? (Should I admit to a few charges, but chargeback the remainder? Should I just deny the amount of the charges, The corresponding merchant, etc.? )

I am really confused about how to proceed. Obviously, something needs to be done. But with all of the grey area in terms of the law associated with online casinos, credit cards it makes it very difficult for me to recoup MY MONEY! Last thing to give some context I made about 85 deposits that came from about 20 different billing descriptors.

Any help would be greatly appreciated
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I cannot really help you, but it`s best if you try out some of the top bookmakers online and let the rest of us know what happened.
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