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Hey all

Just wanted to inform the community about a fairly recent website called

In all honesty, I am not working for this website. I have no incentive at all in telling you guys this. A friend of my friend is a professional poker player and started this website not too long ago so that people can play legally with each other. I was playing on 5dimes (which I was not a fan of) and that's when my friend told me about this.

 I just want you guys to know your options because when I was introduced to this website, I was surprised how fluid things went. I've had winning and losing sessions but have netted a decent amount of winnings so far.

The payment process is a little unorthodox but they are extremely reliable and trustworthy. To put money into the account you make with them, you have to venmo their manager the amount you wish to play with. The manager adds the funds to your account and you get to start playing. If you win money and would like to pull it out of your account at anytime, you request it from the manager and he venmo's you your winnings the following Monday. I made around $630 this week which was pretty sweet and so I will be taking a couple days off and collecting my payout on Monday (6/23/17)

Honestly from my personal experience, the best part about this website is how quickly they deal with transactions and the fact that it is legal.

They do run a private server so you would have to email them to request the sever password and how to get started but they are very prompt with responses. If you have more questions about my personal experience with them, feel free to ask!

Here is their email,
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LOL they use Yahoo e mail NO fugging way in hell do i even think joining them.

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Quote Originally Posted by zebrakiller:

LOL they use Yahoo e mail NO fugging way in hell do i even think joining them.

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