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100% never lost Craps system

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I hardly bet pas line just cannot get in on a hot winning game so i took adavantge of late night in the ice house tables mostly on weekend nights you will have lots of tables to choose from.

#1) watch the table for 10 mins make sure they are 7 out all of them or most all like maybe 1 shooter makes a pass out of 6 or more players.

2.) Wait till point is stablished then lay plus the 5%v juice only $1 more like $41 lay against 4 or 10 pays you $20

I never understood why the juice but thats how strong the dark side is. Like why not just pay me $39 as if they would have to do if all i had was $40

3.) lay bets are not contracted YOU feel edgy remove it a pass line bet is contracted YOU cannot remove it your fixed .

odds in back can be removed or added to.

Trust me i love betting wrong and another thing NEVER FUGGING touch the dice let the players stay in rhythm

IF new player comes up NO BETS HE is not affected by the game He is NEW Blood as they are known as.

Going on Monday to atlantic city MY B day have $2000 socked away

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up date from B day in atlantic city

I did ok on slots using my bonus free play money in Borgata

I won $150 with that played that $150 back and went into my own bank losing $500  finally crack one machine with max bet $2.50 caught the free spoins machine is China mystery you can get multiple retriggers

started out with 72 free spoins then bam lit up 3 rows with the gong symbols 350 free spins

ummmmmmmmmm hand pay when done $2785.90

OK i take i break it's 11 PM eat n drink coffe then i go hunt down my crap game

two tables were jammed shooters making passes

3rd table i find they are only 6 players on it and stacks are ok each had cuouple hunny in racks

pick my spot and place $1000 cash in $15 table with my players card.

I do not make a move for 1st 5 mins

1st player makes point 10 next point was 9 he 7 out in few seconds

rest of players all 7 out now i got table karma as all negative in ice box

player comes out with 5 naturals .thnk gawd i'm not betting don't pass line

Point was 10 i go lay $41 to win 20 well on the hop a fat juicy 5-2 comes they rake in like $300 in wagers pay me my $20 and they are fricking happy

shoert up story the players got angry at me fir betting aginst them

really i had to almost call security.

any way they calmed down table boss explained he is just betting the edge NOT perrsonally aginst YOU we are the bank here we pay him not YOU!

They lasted 1 hr until almost all busted to last chip some left with like $200 last two shooters 7 out 1 last time and i'm looking at rack full of black n green chips then reds n whites in other racks

i said color me up guys

$5678.00  won $4678 all profit.

YES a couple made thier points so i laid off them until dice passed but that was it maybe 4 made thier passes holding dice 5 mins hitting place bets which i just said more cash for me to win.

I kept up same method when playing in PA casinos all 3 i go to

and just enjoy watching players glare at me.


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So heres how to do it yes i'm still working slowly will build my gaming bank to $25,000 then i deposit $1000 in each casino after i'm done playing.

AC casinos i like is cesars and ballys and wild west
resorts borgta golden nugget and harrahs

Pa casinos only Parx and harrahs that 9 casinos i can have chips in cage held for me and cash out winnings.

$1000 is way enough for $15 mini tables.

Any way it takes about 4 mins per shooter pass the dice pick his set and throw them till number established then other players make thier wagers come bets place bets etc... every throw they all get paid or make another wager.

MOst time they 7 out after 5 throws this takes about 1 - 2 mins and total time from player to player is averaging 4 mins by my stop watch on my phone.

SO this means YOU will $20 very 4 mins and 15 times per hr = $300.

Now 2nd hour you go for doubel odds to win $40 each time and that 2nd hour YOU win $600 and that might be about it for that night unless you move to another table or casino if in ac BUT that late at night your action isnt going to be available.

I played early many time tables always choppy not one way tough to make a go of it.

It took me 3 hrs or more to win $300 sometimes playing with a shooter.

Good advice have note book with you tio record your action per play.

Then add it up money risked plus money one you hout get 100 tier points for 2 hours added to your players card or ask how much in action adds one tier point.

Slots i find out as i'm playing on slot machines harras resorts shows you food and tier points eraned...

NOT sure of golden nugget ..

Hey i ask pit bosses how it works so i know from my records what i should get in rewards.

Belive me they really want you back often when your winning.

Unless your Big whale loser who drops $1000's per day ffug they come pick u up in limo with two hot babes in back to take care of your woody   

ME i dunno if they comp me free rooms to stay over like sunday till mon night I always get free rooms at any caesars entertainment casino the rush rewards cards.

I'm setting goal to be done working my mierable job after 6 months go full time craps.

Have to get easy pass save on tolls ac expressway and Walt whitman brige total with parking is $17.50 am not drining cheap route all the lights and cops in every town

no thnks rather pay the ac tolls 3.75 each way and drive 75 MPH each way BE IN AC from where i live in 1 hr 10 mins.

Thats all i'll try to get videos up but better when i get the mini spy cam looks like a pen clip on shirt collar and it's good for 2 hrs record time.

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GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR IN Pa casinos YOUR Not allwoed to bet both lines .....well thanks guys i now know how strong my edge really is

two ways now i can wait for point to be esatblished and lay $25 $31 or $41 to win $20 or just bet $4 on any 7 and $2 on eleven rremoves risk of naturals and 12 on a come out ummmmmmmm hardly can rember it

Most times only one natural is thrown on come outs then they set thier point.

OK heres a FREE money maker for you even if your on pass line and place bets and come bets

whenever any shooter throws a 3 craps in mid roll a 7 will fal within 5 throws of the dice.

I told new friend this fri naight but he wasnt focused on it.

I was i double up my lays how many 7 out on hop after the 3 showed was amazing really.

one guy said hey you get phone calls or something you havent lost yet when you double lay.

I quietly walk over to him and told yes. Said watch what happens when 3 craps pops up.

IF they do not seven out in 5 throws or throw another 3 I remove my lay bets saving me $100's over 5 hours time.

I should place the point because most times  they make the point any way BUT why risk losing.

I mean 95% of thetime they make that point BUT next throw they will 7 out all thye time.

ONE guy i lost on new table he throws 3 craps i lay $31 on no 5

motderrr fuuoker makes the 5 guess what he come out with yup 7 natural so my past experince taught me he aint making this next point it was 8 ....

I'm trying to stick to my sytem not allowing same player to burn me twice BUT I lay it 3 throws later helloo pretty 7 out New friend next to me we high 5 quietly or low 5 under table.

Tables werent that smooth mostly choppy but final table we find and other s with us on right side of stick are all winning .....

New friend Rob was yelling boom shack alacka lacka calling for Charles barkley number 43 LOL

OR Joe Montan's Number 16 LOL

I use mickey mantles number which was 7 BUT i do it quietly YOU dont want to alert the pass line guys that they should start going dark side.

Funny they keep playing pass line , field bets, place bets hardways come bets horn bets all the gambling bets and the fire bets too which i;m like ok fug it keep it simple basic pass mline if they are making points plaus place bets DONT Pass or lay it when they are consistently 7 ing out.

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well no action for a week too many bils to pay right now $278 car payment today.

Water bill down payment by wed $90

car oil change way over due ............

plus the fuggging windshield washer needs new ends on the squiters in hood they keep coming off

wish it was the one inside wiper blades they are better

aah simple easy fix.

any way MY new craps method is far better

alwys every come out say i have $30 DP so i need $8 on any 7 amd $3 any 11 this leaves me with $19 to win on the flat DP bet

NOw i lay the odds 30 to win whatever aginst any number

ok aginst 4 or 10 i win 15 + 19 = $34 against 5 or 9 i win $20 ='s $39 won aginst 6 or 8 I win $25 = $44 won

ok now we have gone around the table 7 players every point was missed  average time is 15 mins two 6's missed = $88 won one 10 missed = 's $34 one 4 missed = $34 one 9 missed = $39 two 5's missed = $78 won

total won in 15 minutes as i have timed 7 players when they are not making passes the grand total is $88 +$34= $122 +34$ = $156 + $39 = $195 + $78 = $273 won in 15 mins in perfect situation per hr thats 4 x you win $273 = $1092

BUT we know it dosent always go that way because the table your on they are almost broke maybe most any one player has is $100

Now worst result i have experienced is 3 times a player made a pass ok say the number was 9 I lost the any 7 and 11 Plus MY $30 flat bet plus the $30 odds $11 + 60 = $71 lost

3 x in the hour = $213 lost so now profit is still juicy at $879

Now these players are stoked because the 3 winners held dice for 5 - 10 mins hitting all place bets come bets hardways etc...


now they all go down the tubes 100% for an hour I win the $1092 plus the $879 = $1971 won in 2 hours time doubling my bank no wait more I started with $500 ahhh sorry still foggy

its just shy of 4 times my bank 3.942 so wtf i quadrupled my starting bank.

This table is going empty now only 3 shooters left ah now i have to wager accordingly they only have $50 to $100 in chippies

I can now put that table in negative for next 15 - 30 mins

SO my bets have to under thier total to make sure that table stays in profit ........but wtf these are losers they over stayed thier welcome and lost all profits ......

ME again ...

SO i triple lay it now $45 still me no throw dice lol happened once i buried myself playimg dont pass.

still any 7 n 11 bought $12 any 7 $4 any 11

Thank lord i do this 1st player comes out with this really it happened last staurday when i was at Parx casino but couldnt get in on any game.

7-7-7 -3 -11 - 7 -7 OMG id be busted on just flat bets 6 times i lose $45 $270 only won the 3 ok negative $225 if i did not buy any 7 and 11 BUT Me smiling because of decades of Xperience 

I won the 5 7's the 11 and the 3 minus the 7 n 11 bets

Point is 6 yeah they all think that all 7's are off the dice now .

quick result baby i know dice aint got no memory only we do

on the hop 7 out 3 secs after point was esatblished they all have place bets field bets come bets which won $15 but all dropped odds behind and the rest of thier bets

I'm stacking and racking again .quetly sipping my club soda that goddes waitress brought to me with a twist of lemon ....

I never drink when gambling nor do any drugs

don't do it guys your 100% loser and i'll be on other side collecting from the house.
So now next shooter comes out with 12 urghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

one time in all these hours only 3 players this foooook throws a 12

ok push my $45 lose the 7 n 11

point come out was 10 i'm edgy now i feel this JO might make the 10 so i pick up the dont pass and voila my instncts was right the fook makes the ten 6 -4 ....ME again

Remember 39 years playing in casinos i seen every possible situtaion.

So they all happy whopping it up win nice amount place bets etc...

Me again.

Point he come out with is 8 ................for sure he can make 8 he just made the 10 only has three combos right ...

I'm down hard again i have 3 X wagers so now i can lay even more

$45 the orginal DP bet now i ask dealer what max i can lay here

HE says 5 x your DP bet which is $225 i get paid back 37.5 $5 chips = $188 or rather just lay $220 ahhhh fugg still not even thats 36.666666

oo hell with it they will even it up for me

so he throw3s dice 4 times hits 4 place bets then hi baby NUMBER 7 out comes i'm still racking and stacking but one player leaves with few chips in hand ok two players left now and i'm happy time to color up and leave

either take a break get bite to eat n go back n find another table or just go home

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again above situtaion is not real i'm not sure if can lay 5 X odds in that casino

not a fairy tale i have real time results to back me up.

no mater day of week time of night it's always the same players DO NOT KNOW How to Quit.

YA that Saying they say That Winners Never Quit and Quiters never win  is so BS i laugh.

IF your UP $500 and YOU Quit YOUR a Winner IF Lose $100 and Quit you still go home with Cash$$$.

WE used to say this years ago; Those who walk away live to play another day.

Thats MY MOTTO i live it by it.

If i won 100% of start bank i had a great day

IF I won half of my bank i had good day if i was up after 5 hours then lost back all proifts to be even thats good day

If i was up and wind up losing $200 of bank not that bad is it; because i still earned comps and rewards.

Just be smart play your best game whatever it is in casinos play within your means do not play when life is dealing you stress.

As in bills due and you aint got all the money..or friend or family is in hospitial or fallen ill and needs your help to get stuff.

YOU know what i maen just don't gamble on any thing when your under stress your going to lose 100% and I guarantee it.

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Will be staying over in ac at harrahs in the marina basically free room we only pay resort fee $37 and have $100 held on credit card

MON the 14th we leave tuesday night SO i'm just banking cash right now i have $280 socked away plus gave wife $150 and will have another $200 - $300 for moi plus what i give wife this week last night will be sunday SO she will give me half what i gave her plus the $200 from bank account we split.

Then  i have two days to shoot craps two full days maybe find a table where they making passes OMFG 5 times odds allowed and IN AC they have $10 mini tables

BUT on mons and tuesdays not many players as in weekends still way more than Pa casinos and delaware i live tweener towns in subbies of philly .....

Just be patient i say toi self play smart do not stay on switchy tables we will survive over pass line bettors but when you lose every other wager and they make points fast or 7 out fast it's small wins

Maybe looking at $150 after 3 hours thats tough grind for me standing there for 3 hours BUT look at long run here

Say in one casino i play 3 differnt tables with breaks

3 hours each and WIN $100 - $200 in each

OK low amount is $300 for that day

next day same thing  9 hours win another $300

pssst wife dont know this she be sleeping up in room either won money or broke

I take winnings go stash in car she never looks any way

Such a sneak we have to be but hey i give her plenty every month from work maybe get to sock away $500 for my self ....

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Wish i could change one word in thread title SYSTEM

to Method.

Maybe get red hot in ac for both days WIN $2500 total then build the BR through sept and just tell boss i'm leaving.

Then without telling theeeeeeeeeeee beech go one month f/t 5 days a week then tell her what i did.

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what PA casino wouldn't let you bet both lines?

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Quote Originally Posted by stef11:

what PA casino wouldn't let you bet both lines?

Parx and guess what it's better to just bet one way

when you have 15 on DP you can bet any 7 for $5 leaving you with $10 to win or go 2$ each on HOP 7's each one pays 15-1 so you get back $26 for only $1 more

Think about it your betting 15 each way pass line and dont pass only to hege off the naturals 7-11 but a 12 losses pass line and pushes on DP which rarely comes out on come outs

I thnk NO casinos allow both way bets unless you bet more on one way ..

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So late last night i went To Harras in Chester

had $235 to try craps there 1st time

one table going with 5 players

after 2 1/2 hours going through swisngs I won $75

every casino i go to tables are choppy but i have caught streaks of 7 outs 10 in a row

THE thing is when new shooter comes in table changes for those next few mins because the rhythm is broken

So now having this info you know what to do back off bets until your sure tabloe goes one way

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This is tough now i know what to do either get off table after winning $100 or more and new players come in because the game changes with new players

this is causing rhythmic changes to the game I have to adjust and focus without making bets.

Other Night i decide to throw the dice and wow what a dope i buried myself i made 5 points i lost back all my profits

seven out on 6th one so i'm back at the $120 i strated with

so i kept playing while the beeech was glaring at me she wanted to leave grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr this is why i hate playing craps when she is with me ok if she keeps winning everything is peachy ......

so i played 1 more hour and the table came my way most 7 outs every player 8 of them maybe 1 or 2 made a pass but they 7 out next shot

I was laying odds min bet was $10 i could lay 5 X odds

i went 3 X ........ any way wind up winning $250 a very good night

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I have to buld a bank roll it will take consecuive wins large at craps table like 5 hours or more and just staying focused on players

maybe catch one hot player or two and have all place bets up and he makes 5 or passes and holds dice for 20 mins

omg press each bet 1 units until i won enough then take em down to 1 unit bets

ok say it's a $15 table

point is 6 i bet 15 15 18 on 8 why i dont know 15 and 15

press each 1 unit for a 5 min roll say each hit 3 X 

so now i ahve $60 $60 $54 $60 $60

next point is 6 again

each number got hit 3 X again now i have

$105 $105 $108 $105 $105
man i'm already up $1000's

ahhhhhh nice to think about BUT catching that one player is tough when table is going 7 out for an hour
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OK update last night took trip to prx casino started with $155 plyed my free play money on slots 1st eraly at around 5 pm up n down finally huge win $95 got me to $225

off to craps table caught ahot shooter made 5 passes after tha i took down all place bets wind up winning after 3 hurs $150

i had more almost $500 had $497 but dropped back

OK off i go to eat then back to slots up n down again back to $175

Boom hit huge win on a slot $95 off to crap table was only me and one other guy so i started betting dont pass well after 1 hour i won $240 went home with $440 

BUT as i was coloring up some fugging pos black dudes asking me for a chip ????

this was second this happened really comon man know that fergie song Glamourous life ..............YOU aint got No money take your broke a s s  HOME

fugging dopes table was cold late night and you keep placing bets and on the hop they 7 out

well funny one dont pass i made the 10 so i lost that laying $20 to win $10 next point was 8 i'm laughing my hammer off

laid $30 to win $25  with 10$ dp lol 7 out 2nd toss of dice

so far crap game is winning past two months

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The Pa casinos are fools not to allow you to bet both lines. both lines equal double juice.  fools.   1.41% edge on Pass line and 1.40 on DP...  you are better betting either. both is a fools game. and they dont allow it. shmucks

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no casinos allow it poo and it's better when playing DP to just lay any 7 or hop the 7's they pay 15-1 so on 10$ games you bet only 3$ on hop 7's and collect $13 if come out with a 7

what i'm finding is now a lot of 11's come out so i might have to be them also but not on 15$ limit it only pays 15-1 so i would lose the hop 7's 6$ win $15 and only get $9 win which aint good just cuts the anount of losses

WTF i'd have to bet $2 on 11 $6 on hop 7's leaving me with $7 on my DP bet when they 7 out but i do win more that way

if i played both lines I do not have to wager any 11's or hop 7's thats covered the only bet not covered is the 12 which pays 30-1

whaytever it's a grind sstanding and going through new players coming in plyers leaving
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I'm giving up craps for a living the games or rather tables are constaly in flux unles playing late nights after 12 am then it's only those players

very few new players come in

dayum it was so easy years ago in ac i cauht every ice cold table late nights they couldnt make a point to save thier lives wtf happened?

ONLY times i won was in 2 hour shifts and players reamined the same no new players came in and funny thing Eraly eve they 7 out

8 players shooting maybe 2 made one pass or two per 1/2 hr

I never touched the dice i pass them all the time and won ....when i touch the dice twice i screwd my self making 5 passes

one night i was able to play alone wow i said really yes they said go ahed bet don't pass never played any 7 or 7 hops because i set dice to make a number from the flat full length of table i wnt to throw dice

set dice with 5 4 on top and 4 2 facing me alost always brings a number

then to 7 out 12 on top with 4 -3 facing me or 1-1 top with 6-6 facing me etc .... hard throw to wall on the fly brings 7 out fast but thats only me it works

dayummmmmmmmm still can play craps and just add to my bank roll also with horses i'm very good at

BUT when with wife cant play craps late she hates sitting around watching me for 2 hours she wants to go home ...

but when shes winning at slots no problem

Thats why i have to sneak off some nights say i'm working leave for casino at 7 pm so no traiffic jams on 95 north

last  trip mon i went alone left for casino after 6:30 pm

played horses 1st at Prx was done at 11 PM won 95$  that gave me $345 to play craps at $10 table

table was mostly cold but two players made 2 - 3 passes every time soi switched it up

3 hours time in made 250 tier points and got food comps for $30

then stopped got bite to eat 45 mins went to slots lost 1st 3 slots - $50 4th slot machine with 5 X bet $1.25 caught a bonus board on Cash man where you pick until you match two picks got 20 free spins with 2 X multipliers bam it took off huge wins $80 --- $25 ---$90 $100 won me $350 total and went home with $1275 starting with $250

thats the way it goeswith me playing all 3 casino games very conseratively on slot only play with $10 bills no matter how much i have mostly penny slots ..then i go for quater slots when i'm up like $150 10 lines cost me $2.50 per spin thats the 1 X bet and thats fine because i win huge with any bonus or a black out of any charcter

any one win can be over the handpay of $1200

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well had a lil win steak two days in row not much only about $250 won ...

took the beech out tues no good s/u loss for 4 1/2 hours sucks never having a profit

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still have not lost playing craps for this year no huge wins at all most was $575 after 6 hrs two 3 hour sessions loses were minimal $150 - $350

adjusting in game is key there aint no more long streaks of 2 hours 100% 7 out's the table changes every hour players come and leave

1 thing i notice 100% when any player causes problems at any crap table like a bet was placed that he dint bet as in pay o9ut was plced on the field and player didnt pick it up he lost and scrteams i didnt have action

run away the whole table gets screwed up

or players that aint p0laying causing problems deelaying the game run away

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Went last night at 11 PM to harrahs in Chester Pa only had $85 cash played slots after dropping $40 nice win $150

so with $190 i go to craps tables figure tables are @ $10 NOPE $15 min and MY bank aint enough to play $15 plus odds

SO now i say ok back at slots

KABOOM POW bash all gone after 2 hours couldnt hit a decnt win on any machine like maybe win $10 - $15 then i keep going and Machine goes cold

OK laters
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craps is now going with shooters pick your spots every table every where no matter time of day is hit n miss catch 3 in a row 7 out next two shooters make 2 -3 passes then 7 out

tables change when players leave and new players come in you have to adjust constantly because rhythm changes.

Some players are quick to throw dice others will set them a certain way then toss them.

i play 2 -3 hours sets then take a break i need minmum $300 to start on a $10 table minimu table even if you bet pass line your going $10 then at laest $10 odds in back thats $20 per shooter and they aint throwing dice for 5 - 10 mins per point average time 1 min 30 secs either made point or 7 out.

SO if your not shooting dice and you have 6 players your cash in action in half an hour is $400  now if you have $300 to strat you see your betting way over the 5% rule so you can be wiped out if you lose all 6 players no mattter which you bet pass or dont pass

u can go 100% losses and be busted out in 1/2 an hour

slot machines no way unless your betting max bets each spin

10$ even losing all of it takes me 5 to 10 mins minmum bet .25 cents

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finally got to casino late night $160 bank this was MONDAY night

fugging Parx had tables up at $15 minium so i need $300 to start

no mater what betting wrong or right your betting $30 every play.

SO i srat on slots slow playing droped $60

then bam pow kaboom win $57  Win $35 Win $75 Win $175

so i'm up now $442 took a break it's :1 15  am ate small snack and a drink off to craps tables 3 in action

so i'm scouting them for 15 mins found one in the ice box others were making and misisng out

i jump in ..

6 shooters couldnt make a point for 1/2 hour thats long time when they average holding dice 2 - 3 mins each sometimes seconds

just laid the $15 plus odds

always bet the hop 7's for $6  pays me 13-1 too many times over the years 7 7 7 7 number 7 out twice i got hit with 3 7's on come out so anyway that 1st half hour was perfect i'm up another $300

Players left players came in and now i have to back off wait to see if table changes

BOOM it sure did didnt make bet until dice went around

then i'm betting with new players 6 was 1st point i lay 3 X odds in back he made the 6 10 secs later  next point he had was 10 

so now i did same he took longer i was getting edgy but he made the 10 then he 7's out on 3rd shot point was 9

the other did almost same the new players made 1st two points then 7 out some made 3 points so i now got ryhthm of table and i made all place bets with these guys.

and I never touch the dice because i do not want to break the rhythm

lasted about 1 hr so now holy garbage i got green checks and reds and whites

and i'm tired 3:30 am colored up total was $1675 total profit $1515

for 4 hours time thats huge $379 per hour won

yippee gonna have merry Christmas

wife dont know how much i won total only gave her $515 rest somehow i'll say i won on footbal games probably go new years day

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any update in the new year

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yup new u tube videos work read new thread vancity
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