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portable cabin design

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cost formaterials under 500

this design makes a 7 foot long 7'8" wide by 8' tall shelter.

the design consist of sections, that can be stacked taken to the
destination and deployed easily to have a base camp ,ice shack ect
in a matter of minutes.

16 sections to build and they are fastened together by carriage bolts.

the base floor is twosections 3' 9 wide by 84 inches long by 12 inches high.
 the base is 2 2 by ten upright with slots cut 1 1/2 inches by 2 and half inches every 16inches. in the slots place a 3f 6 inch 2 X 3 in each slot fasten down with 3inch decking screws to runners,
place a 81 inch 2X3 at ends of rafters fastening down with 2.5 in decking screws. add another 3 ft 9 in 2X3 to both sides and repeat for other floor section.
wall in front are 2 4' by 7 ' solid sections and a 2 by 7 door section.
the sides 81"by 42" sections 2 bottom is solid 2 top have 2' by 3 ' windows embbeded . these eight sections complete the walls,
the roof is comprised of four 3ft 1 in sections with metal panel roofing and set up on top of walls fastening to a ridge rail.
the two triangles on front and back above the main wall and below the roof dealing with a four feet to peak of 4 feet and tapering back.

the floor sections runners should off set allowing one two stack evenly on the other while collapsing to reduce space. the walls front and top 6 sections stack next, the roofs four sections stack  first the rigeline then the smallestpanels. the entire collapsed cabin

should measure 7' X 4 ' X 40" using the 11/2 inch side for depth of each panel . the weight of this structure if using 1/4 in plywood for sides and 5/8 for floor sections, metal roofing panels , 90 lbs easily for two to carry doors and windows need to be made of lt weight material plexi glass , carriage bolts holes need to drilled so carriage bolts go together easily.

so for about the cost of a tent onthe ground you can build your own shelter that can be far sturdier for an instant potable shelter.

list of supplies, 35 carriage bolts 6inches with nuts and washers.
100 self tapping exterior roofing skrews
5 lbs of 3 in deck screws
5 lbs of 2.5 in deck screws.
2 sheets of 5/8 florring 4 X8 plywwod
4 2 X 10 flooring joists.
10 shhets of 1/4 in plywood
60 2x3 by 8
10 in coragated ridge roll

cordless screw gun
skil saw
tape measure square pencil hammer tool belt
ratchet set
drill with bit equal to diameter of carriage bolts.

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Sent a prototype nodel and rough scetch to norfolk va it arrived so sent a finer nodel today.
noticed little houses on a cbs report....
hoping it could be adapted by alkies within the un to orivide tempory housing to the displaced, whether man induced or natural disasters.....

Looking forward to the rhetoric within those chambers come to sime fruitratiin as gumans shiuld not fear of want of basic neccassities or dignaties....
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Come to some fruitration that HUMANS do not fear of basic nessacities or dignities.
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