thinking of an air filter design.

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all air indoors and outside has tiny particles.
this dust accumulates naturally at a rate of a quarter
inch a year. I believe this air filter system can be done effectively through simple adaption of already available components.

my goal is to have a component that works and does not need
additional supplies to keep working.

in forced air heating and air conditioning systems has already the ability to move and circulate air. the filter is the component that needs consistent changing thus needing new materials to continue to perform.
this filter design allows cleaning of the filter in an attempt to reutilizes the existing filter and thus eliminating the need for additional costs dealing with maintainable.
my thought to an air filter would be a five layer protection screen. first layer window screen this could pick up larger pet dander size particles, second layer would be linen layers 50 count being the first, then a charcoal layer to neutralize chemical then a 300 thread count micro layer this would be able to be taking apart washed and reinstalled where the existing screen for a hvac system exists.

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