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 sauna suits really work?. How they are helpful for weight loss??
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no you just lose water weight and gain it back as soon as you drink something
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I have a 'near infrared pocket sauna'.  It sits in a corner, down in my basement.  Use it alot, great purchase!  Near Infrared light is the best light.  Do some research; near vs. far.  Weight loss is the biggest benefit I've noticed.  (Going ketogenic & intermittent fasting are also huge.)


Dr Rhonda Patrick (Joe Rogan podcast & YouTube) is a big proponent of actual sauna use; nothing about a sauna suit.  Got mine from Sauna Space.  There is a wealth of information on the Sauna Space website.

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I have no doubt the infrared sauna can help, but as far as a sauna suit, otherwise known as plastics in my day with cause a loss of fluids from the body that is dangerous to our health. I wrestled for a number of years and wore them during practice, on the bike, and jogging. I wrestled at 167 when that was a weight class and really was as strong as I could get at short of 200lbs. 33 pounds was cutting over 15% of my ideal body weight. I was lighter, but slower and weak. That is personal use experience. 

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