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Failure in most situations is not allowing the turkey to dethaw long enough. If you don't have 4 days to allow a bird to chill in the fridge just by a fresh turkey.
Second most likely failure is not to remove the wrapping paper from the birds cavity. The inside of a turkey should be clean. No stuffing ect.
By the time the bird fully cooks it is dry like 4 glasses of water per serving dry.
Best way I have found deep fat fryer for 25 minutes.
However traditional oven method is 325 for 30min per pound a 10 pound bird needs to cook for 5 hours..... if you place the bird in the oven at 9 am it can be served by 2. Pm.
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Nature- Good information.  

Turkey is also a great source of protein. Stick to the breast, and don't eat the skin which can be so tasty when crispy.

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Turkey is a very useful meat product that contains a lot of proteins. Turkey meat is assimilated faster by the human body than, for example, pork. I can cook turkey dishes, but I often buy chicken.

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Turkey is very tasty, although not very budget price. I buy a chicken. Also useful meat, but at a price more profitable.

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