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Out shopping for some new running shoes good luck all
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what happens when one game you picked gets cancelled?
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I thought picking 1 game from each sport was a rule to follow unless only 2-3 Leagues on the card. Notice some are "playing" system and waiting till a game starts to avoid a league then choosing 2/3 of same League?
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That has always been the rule.
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Hey Covers team 
Detroit at Carlina canclled because of ice conditions to be played at later date. When game is played do winners get credits?
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Since the games were all played the next day, they should grade the picks.  It's not like baseball where there's a different starting pitcher.  I'm surprised someone at Covers doesn't step up and just make this right.  Games played in Hawaii often get played the next day.  Should they count?  If a game that's on the menu isn't going to count, then it shouldn't be on the menu and you should replace it.   Otherwise it should count if it's finished within the next day.  The easiest way to be fair is to honor the picks with the original spreads.  You think there's strategy in researching every game in order to determine whether cold weather might cancel an indoor sport?  In trying to make uniform rules, Covers arbitrarily gives some players unnecessary advantages over others not based on merit.  Nice work, Covers.
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u want some cheese with that whine?
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