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Been working in the Odds compiling business for 15 years, it's part and parcel that clients get shutdown/limited. Occasionally accounts do get wrongly closed but in majority it is due to not being profitable for the business.

With the new US legislations of gaming becoming legal you won't have any issues soon, they'll be exchanges that gladly take your business...main lines ONLY.


Companies live and die by the multis they take these days, very hard to turn a profit betting 104% on ML, spreads and totals especially with the new taxes...you'll be betting -115 lines very soon at all mainstream books


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One of my regular customers at my sports bar who lives in both Nevada and Moreno Valley CA told me the same thing

that William Hill cut him off cause he won 23k

I didnt believe him 

Shame on me

He was telling the truth

Sad Day when a Vegas book cuts you off

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Hard to believe indeed! even harder to digest...

"Sad Day when a Vegas book cuts you off"

a first; never heard of anyone getting cut-off (Billy Walters included), something just isn't right here...times are a changin' hopefully, this is a 'rare' instance involving WilliamHill only, excluding the majority of NV Sportbooks, this is 'not good' for the serious sports bettor using LV books. To say the least

take care my friend

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Lots of people get the Nevada Gaming Comission involved in disputes

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