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Non live betting games

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So last night I had a 6 teamer and a 4 teamer to be wrapped up by det -150 one would of paid $10 to win $180 and the other $25 to win $275

So right before det tied it 3-3 they were down 3-2 somewhere around the eighth I decided its hedge time right  Well I was wrong 

I was hoping to find an in game line for Houston somewhere in the hood of -150< and lay about 300 to win $200 to guarantee myself a $$$ night . 

But out of all the games on the board last night that was the only one without a live game line scheduled.

I looked into this and tonight they list all games but the oak (gray) vs the fish ! 

Guess where I'm going with this I see about 75% going w the A's and the juice I'm gonna be smart and lay $200 ( bigger bet for me ) on the fish in the "upset" I think I'm on to something stay tuned !

Using sportsbook . Ag btw 

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Might wanna try that theory on another team. Just saying

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If anything makes logical sense here it would be that the favorite would win. Why would any book want to turn away public bettors chasing their losses vs a team that the public hates if they see a decisive advantage to the dog as you believe? 
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