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I have an old operating system on my laptop and Microsoft Security Essentials sent me a notice that in 12 days it will no longer support Windows XP.  What other free protection can I use that will support Windows XP?  Or how can I update my windows without having to buy it.


Thank you

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maybe this will help
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So, am I protected for the next year or not?
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If you are using Windows XP, you are not protected regardless of whatever antivirus/antimalware solution so you are using. XP is old and has reached end-of-life, and isn't getting anymore patches. There are already some exploits in the wild that will never be patched -- bite the bullet and upgrade. Windows 7 is quite nice Spend $200 and add a Solid State Harddrive and some extra memory and it will run like a champ. 
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Windows XP?  really?

lol okay.... I have no advice for anybody that plays on a 10+ year old pc
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meanwhile... my 1966 dodge dart 6-banger will not run on unleaded gas... 

should I use a lead additive? or maybe do the upgrade to accept unleaded gas?

you guys crack me up
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Sir, if I were you, there are a lots of free operating system scattered on the web. Anytime you can change the OS that you're using. No offense sir but I haven't heard anyone still using Windows XP until today.
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