2013 NFL FUTURES - FA winding down, Draft upcoming!

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I'm looking for 2-5 teams to bet on. Last year I had SF at 19 to 1 that I hedged against and made a decent chunk still off Ravens winning.

Wondering what everyone would say for these:

Faves: This is a team that I would put $200-300 on (tell me how much you think)

Sleepers: $50-100 on for value

Don't wanna put much more than $500 out there to lock up (thinking 2 faves at 200 each and 2 sleepers at 50 each)

Wondering some thoughts and why.

Thanks all
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No thoughts?
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New England - weak division, best red-zone differential. At the very least, you should be able to hedge bets come playoff time and make some money. 

Additionally ...

... assuming Kaepernick continues to thrive, SF & SEA should make the playoffs. NFC East & South are wide open, so there is a risk picking any teams in those division. In the AFC, DEN & NE are shoe-ins.

Cincinnati - Baltimore & Pittsburgh moving in the wrong direction; have had solid drafts over the last couple years. Dalton might not be flashy, but he is pretty dependable this early in his career.

Detroit - Aside from giving up big plays, this team is one of the best defensive units in the red-zone; Stafford had an off-year and Reggie Bush adds another dimension to the offense. Underachieved in 2012, but their Pythagorean numbers suggested they should have been a 6-7 win team. Chicago has a rookie head coach and lost their leader on defense (plus, there is no way that defense scores that many TDs in 2013); in Minnesota, the odds are stacked against Adrian Peterson repeating his performance and they lost Percy Harvin. Additionally, Detroit finished 4th in their division, so they should have a favourable schedule. 

Good luck on your picks
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