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Hi guys, I'm new to the WNBA Forum but I'd like to post my plays here this Season. I'm not expecting any sort of following nor looking for one, I simply love the interface of the Covers Forums and it's easy to track your own plays here. Also, now with Covers Mobile App, it's very easy for me to post here when I'm on the road.

Jeffrey Rake, who writes some articles for Covers here, has turned me onto the sport as a great money-making opportunity. I've done some homework and I plan on doing a lot more on the WNBA. If you're willing to put in the work and know your product, it's a lot easier to make the money.

With that being said, I knew absolutely nothing about the WNBA teams or players 24 hours ago, but I just watched my first game with the Mercury/Storm. I actually enjoyed it, and the ending was pretty interesting as Phoenix ended up crushing some Storm backers with that improbable late cover (depending on the line you had).

I will be playing very conservative until I get more comfortable with my information and notes on these teams. All Unit numbers are 'To Win' on Favs and 'Risked' on Dogs..

Saturday, June 4th

Washington/Connecticut Under 147.5 (-108)  'To Win' 1 Unit
Indiana Fever -6.5 (-109) 'To Win' 0.5 Units
Tulsa Shock +8.5 (-101)  'To Win' 1 Unit

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Fun game. I was certain there would be some funny calls at the end to make this game look closer than it actually was... but there were none. The Taurasi three shot 'attempt' was balanced out by the foul called on Taurasi herself a few minutes earlier on L.Jackson who could barely keep her balance on a running layup attempt - even without Taurasi's 5th personal foul.

Looked like a clean game. My In play +15 obviously looked golden but only after a couple of pretty sick semi-contested treys by Diana. She is a monster. If she ever joins Seattle, she and Jackson will win every season until retiring.

This season is going to be fun
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Not the best start going 1-2, let's see if today fares any better.

Record: 1-2
Units: -1.59

Sunday, June 5th

Atlanta Dream -7.5 (-101)  2 units
Minnesota Lynx -4.5 (-104)  0.5 units
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At the very worst, maybe I'll be a good fade guy..


Record: 2-3
Units: -3.11

Monday, June 7th

Tulsa/Minnesota Under 167.5 (-105)  1.5 units
Minnesota Lynx -14
(-105)  1 unit
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Been a couple good nights in WNBA but I didn't post on here, just on my Twitter, so can't count it here. I started this hoping to be able to post from the road with Covers Mobile new site, but it still sucks and, of course, doesn't link to the WNBA Forum.

Let's get these nice lines posted for tonight.. lines seem like they're just based on early results so far, an not how these teams really are. If this was the Season Opener what would the Dream be favored by.. -5, -6?

Record: 3-4
Units: -2.66

Saturday, June 11th

Atlanta Dream -1 (-102) 5 units (I grabbed this last night as +109 ML, but will post what line is now)

Chicago Sky +5.5 (-102) 1.5 units
Chicago Sky ML (+221) 0.5 units

Indiana Fever +2.5 (-102) 1.5 units
Indiana Fever ML (+134) 0.5 units

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