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I have about 7-8 more NJ sportsbook reviews. But if these aren't helping anybody, I won't bother posting.
Would also like to hear what others think about each NJ sportsbook.
Draftkings NJ......ridiculous juice, LONG waits for payouts and limited payout options. Probably the squarest of the NJ Books. I have not been limited, but a few of my buddies have. they are like the legal version of Bovada.
Convenient deposits, although unlike FanDuel, they charge a cash transaction fee for cc deposits.
GREAT bonus....$500 free bet.
A good book to just take advantage of the sign-up bonus, then quit. Their promos after that just aren't worth it. Fine if you live in NJ and want to wager from your cash and make a fee extra bonus bucks from random promos, but not worth driving more than 5 miles to NJ to wager with them after the initial sign-up bonus.
Can only deposit into SPORTSBOOK while IN NJ (otherwise, they put it in to Fantasy, and they WON'T transfer the money over for you...ridiculous.) Can't even look at the lines unless you're in NJ.
Mobile app is good.
Haven't been to their B&M yet in AC.
Overall rating: B
I was going to do my next write-up about Draftkings NJ. Their checks take about  two full weeks. You will get paid, but this is unacceptable in 2019 legalized gambling. 
This was the ONLY withdrawal option they offered me to, too, which is sketchy. 
FanDuel and at The Meaowlands.

Love their online mobile app, the ease of deposits, and the very fast payouts. Very flexible and they don't charge cash advance fees on my cc like other NJ online books do.
Lines aren't the greatest, but they certainly not the worst. Very big fan of their live-betting options and speed.

The actual sportsbook at The Meadowlands? Nah.
First problem, you cannot read the odds boards. They are miscrscopics and on small t.v. screens. They switch too quickly. Been there a few times, most recently last Saturday when there was nearly 100 basketball games offered. What lines did display in their "upstairs" book? Tennis. Not a joke.
I had to actually log into my FanDuel account WHILE INSIDE of FANDUEL to get lines on major sporting events. They didn't even know what I meant at the counter when I asked about MLB regular season win totals over/under. They had to text a manager.
Thug crowd, lots of arguments, ghetto atmosphere.
The funny thing is that The Meadowlands simulcasts racing daily, and hosts racing on both Friday and Saturday nights.....what a difference in the "make-up" of the crowd! You can spot the horse gambler 100 yards away, and the sports gambler 200 yards away.And neither gives a damn about each other. They might as well be on two different planets. Not a fan of the brick and mortar, although it is just eight miles from Manhattan, which makes it the closest book for me.
Oh, back to the app, LOVE the risk-free $500 sign up bet when you deposit $500. No rollover, if I recall correctly (I signed up in early December) No hassles. 

Overall brick and mortar rating: C-
Mobile app rating: A- (the high juice is the only ding here)

More to come in the next few days.....
I'll start with "BetAmerica."
I would BetAmerica NJ sportsbook a real Mickey Mouse operation, but that would be an insult to Mickey Mouse.

They are making up rules as they go. Trying to get a withdrawal from them is RIDICULOUS. I called the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement because BA has the balls to request an uploaded social security CARD. Not a social security number, but they require all people withdrawing money to submit the actual CARD.
Just last month I got a generic letter from Social Security saying "NEVER share your card with anybody." In fact, to protect seniors (which I am not) SS no longer issues cards with numbers on it anymore. 
So I called the Gaming Board and they got right on top of it. BA CLOSED MY ACCOUNT for contacting the Gaming Enforcement Agency and asked them if I really have to upload them my social security card. They paid me by check (something they refused to do initially) but made me forfeit my $500 sign up bonus because I RIGHTFULLY questioned their shady tactics.
Speaking of their bonus, it's a MESS compared to other NJ online sportsbooks. It's a 6X rollover, meaning if you make a deposit of $500 deposit, you need to make SIX THOUSAND DOLLARS! (Max bonus is $500 on a $500 deposit. 6 x $1,000 =$6,000)
The agents- both in live chat and on the phone- are clueless. Ir's like talking to a bunch of 15-year olds.
They have no mobile app, even though there website says they do. They delete winning wagers (happened to me three times...they say "we can see your winning ticket, but our system will not let us manually go grade it." Are you kidding me? I couldn't wait to get my money out of BetAmerica.
I would call it "growing pains," but it is so much more than that. LEGAL gambling should be easy. The hoops these guys make you jump through to get paid (and even place a bet) are just not worth it. It's online only, by the way, and you must use a compuer, not a mobile phone...even though they advertise "Get a free $20 mobile bet!" You can't make this up.
There are way too many better options in New Jersey right now to give BetAmerica a try.

My final grade: D+

More later on a different book. I'll do one review at a time.

I just don't want anybody else to go through what I went through with BetAmerica.
Hi everyone-

I'd like to share my experiences with all the New Jersey online (and some brick and mortar) sportsbooks, and would love to hear tyour feedback and stories, too.

I'll post later in the day.
I've only signed been on one gambling forum before, and I didn't like it. It was M A D J A C K S. They were mostly guys who just troll, like this guy YYZ. (That's why I created this handle) Guy doesn't even bet, just trolls people.

Anyway, like I said, I can give a complete rundown (no BS!) of the books in NJ I use. Some are great, some are awful, some are in-between.

I'm looking forward to some serious conversation, so we can help each other.


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