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Im spitting facts out here. GSW is a scam team. Just like the Lakers and Celtics this year. Look all the dirt they pull off, look at how their games play out while knowing what the spreads are, look their shit ATS record. Look how they pick which games to show up. Look how they don't give a shit how they give up in many games and try to get ejected on purpose w/ their shit attitude. F these Warriors.


GSW will lay down and die just like game 1. You'll see:

-Crap defense from GSW that will allow some funny guy like VanVleet or Powell to make their shots and go off for 20+ 

-Curry with his lackadaisical turnovers fcking up the game.

-Thompson bricking and struggling to get good looks from catch and shoot and then forcing up trying to get shot off dribble.

-Dray and Iggy missing wide open 3's.

-Dray Green making a layup while getting fouled screaming and1. Then proceeding to miss free throw.

-Coach Kerr looking like he don't give a shit out there and probably trying to get tossed when game is out of hand.  

-A Jeremy Lin sighting which means this game will be a damn blowout and over half way into 4th qtr.


Toronto/Toronto FH/FG

Toronto -0.5 FH

Toronto -2 FG

Toronto to win 13-16 pts @10/1

Toronto to win 17-20 pts @15/1

Toronto to win 21 pts or more @14/1



Quote Originally Posted by packersbackers:

Thanks for exposing yourself as a donkey so quickly...not even 2 months before this account turned into a joke...get lost you donkey SAF, stick to the sandbox with all your pullup playdate friends  Good luck with your next username

yo mama is the donkey you bitch ass kid. I'd smack the shit outta you


These Golden Dirt Warriors are scammers. Too many people in cringey millennial America and the world are bandwagoners and support them and keep betting them. That is why these cucks often rig games on the spread and take dives. Game 2 they will lay down and die. I promise you that.


What the hell kind of team leads by 30 but then loses at home? And so many other pathetic games where they never showed up and lost to shit teams at home.

This whole season by the Warriors has been a big JOKE. They have it in them to perform these dirty rig jobs and only got to this point so they can take a huge shit on everyone, pulling off their biggest rig by selling out and losing to Drake's Raps.


 I already see how this series is rigged. Toronto is gonna win 4-1. Mark my words. This is how the dirty NBA is gonna rig you.


Game 2 Toronto wins and covers. GS plays like shit and takes a L.

Game 3 spread will be something like -6.5, -7.5 which will lure public to take Toronto. Golden Dirt wins and covers easily.

Game 4 After GS blowout game 3, public will take GS again but here is where they will dirt it up and pull off the scam. Toronto comes back from a big lead and wins and leads 3-1.

Game 5 Toronto leading 3-1, people will think if there's any team that can come back from 3-1, it's Warriors, and GS will be heavily bet. Ofcourse, they lose again.


The only game GS will cover is game 3. People who are chasing Warriors, you guys are falling for the scam job and are suckers.


Canadians are pretty cool and they deserve this title more than these dirty Warriors. So I'm cheering Raps even though Drake is fckin lame.


looking good


+1.5. Raptors will win game 4. This series going to game 7.  


Bucks looked  better in first 2 games that it got people saying series will be over in 4 or 5. And Bucks lost a close one in 2OT despite bad game from Giannis in game 3. Public will expect Giannis to have more points and bounce back with a good game in game 4. This means public might lean with Bucks. That means Raptors is the correct play.


Toronto are a choke team but also Milwaukee isn't some super team either and have chokers of their own too as well as players that go missing during the game. i.e. Bledsoe, Ilyasova.


Milwaukee might be favored because they have slightly better role players and a bit more useful guys - Lopez, Brogdon, Mirotic, Hill better than Toronto supporting cast. But Kawhi is better than Giannis, and Raps have a pretty strong defense that keeps them in games/wins them games despite their offense faltering many times. Which makes me think both teams are very equal and that it'll be a long series. Plus you got the Drake interference factor distracting Bucks players on the sideline which will help too.




Quote Originally Posted by supermanbets:

And I’m not saying you’re on the wrong side.. it’s going to be I imagine a close game down to final possession type thing. I honestly just don’t believe in Texas tech players, students, etc.. maybe because I’m biased and a homer spending a lot of time in Lubbock haha


honestly you're just a shitty negative sad person. this program and coach Beard doing amazing things and representing and here's you sounding like a biatch saying 'oh i don't believe in players, students'. you ain't no damn homer f outta here. #fake


Quote Originally Posted by supermanbets:

I feel so damn stupid listening to your biased logic and opinions .. not backed up by any stats or facts ... yawn yawn.. how does uva have less offensive threats.. also throw in tech 125th in rebounding.. uva 18th.. also throw in Texas tech is 1-5 ats last 6 vs acc teams. Also throw in tech goes on droughts as well they had a 13 point lead cut to 1 against MSU. 5 minutes not a point.. also guy/Jerome great leadership .. who is a leader on tech ? Culver.. that must be a joke. You’re already counting your chicken with tech double digit win. Lmao

Take UVA then see what happens.


Forgot to add.

Another important factor is that Texas Tech makes impact plays on defense, in key moments which creates shift in momentum. Which helped them win vs Gonzaga, MSU. Deflected passes, blocked shots, taking charges. While UVA defense is also excellent, they do less of this. They make you take difficult shots and brick and miss more than as compared to how Texas Tech gets their stops.

The tendency that UVA will alow you to be in a close game with them is going to spell trouble. You don't want to let Texas Tech hang around in this game, because when they get you by the neck it's over. You'll just stop scoring and they'll slowly but surely keep adding pts and be the only team scoring for a extended period.  




Whoever bought Texas Tech outright before tournament give yourselves a pat on the back. You done good.


IMPOSSIBLE UVA scores 50 here. Not joking here. Their offense is too garbage! 


People will think this will be a close down to wire game. No they are absolutely wrong. This will be a fairly easy win for Texas Tech.

Game will be a copy of the MSU win. Close game for most part but then Tech makes a run and creates a 8-12 pt lead and then Virginia never comes back. Live bets will be as high Tech -6.5,-7.5 in game and bettors will jump on UVA live, but then they'll lose all those bets because Tech will win by a pretty big margin in the end.


These bad tendencies for UVA and reasons are why:


1. UVA naturally bricks hard and goes on droughts EVERY GAME. Even against weaker defenses. It's inevitable. You will see graphics pop up on the screen like '0 FG in last 6 mins' or '2pts in last 8 mins' for UVA when they play. That's what they do. Their offense/execution needs to be perfect here vs TT and that's not going to happen. Tech doesn't allow you to execute and for your offense to flow. They've shut down much more explosive offenses than UVA, their defense is consistent and shows up every game.


2. UVA does NOT put away teams. Last 3 games all down to wire. Don't confuse this UVA team as that team that was winning by big margins and grinding down teams in the ACC. Many of those wins was against absolutely SUCK teams like ND, BC, Wake, etc.. ACC had no depth. If UVA is really THAT good and dominant as people say they should have atleast won one of those last 3 games by a comfortable margin really.

UVA will never lead big and then win big. They might make a run and then lead by 7 or 9 but then their offense will sputter and allow the opponent back in the game. They invite themselves in for unnecessary close games and that's a very bad tendency to have coming into this game vs a dangerous Tech team.

 Classic example last game UVA take a 10 pt lead late vs Auburn, you would think they would hold on but instead they don't score in the last 5 mins and allow Auburn to almost steal the game. While with Tech, it's the opposite when they lead big and have control, they just more disciplined and don't allow you to come back on them. 


3. UVA has less offensive threats. And nobody else steps up and does anything to help w/ scoring apart from Guy/Jerome. Hunter hasn't done much, their bigs can't really score in low post. Role guys Kihei Clark, Braxton Key they are zero threat on offense also. Tech also not so great offense, but they've had different guys step up and come up with big performances. IMPOSSIBLE a Virginia role player comes up huge w/ a 18 or 20 pt game or hits consecutive big shots like how Tech players have been doing last few games. UVA just don't have that. Against Gonzaga it was Moretti, against MSU it was Mooney.     


In conclusion, Virginia is too unbalanced. You are solely relying on 2 guys - Ty and Kyle to carry them.


Tech just been playing the better ball on both sides and I would take a team that plays better collectively as a team and that has Culver/Owens over UVA's team. Owens is probably the most valuable player of this whole damn tournament. He's been outstanding. Just his presence in the paint, shot blocking and ability to alter shots is going to give UVA nothing inside. 


I don't buy this UVA team of destiny BS. Take Texas Tech here. Not a public underdog. Reputation of ACC being the best league makes public take betting favorite UVA with a small spread more likely.  






Very misleading stats and metrics on UVA offense and their efficiency. Also reputation of ACC is also reason why books make UVA favorite, but those are also misleading.

ACC was actually weak this year, apart from the top 3. FSU and VA Tech weren't that good. So all those conference wins UVA had where they dominated against most of the ACC shitters like BC, Wake, Pitt, Cuse don't really impress. You almost have to ignore those because it's almost like Gonzaga having their great numbers against weak WCC opponents. 


Bennett ball is kind of like D'Antoni ball in nba. It will never win a championship. UVA offense is too horrendous it goes cold too often.

You often see those graphics like '0 FG in last 6 mins' or '2 pts in last 8 mins' come up on the screen for UVA when they play. Their offense will fail them here and they'll fall behind against Tech and once Tech has the lead and control, you don't recover from that.


Wrong team favored again. Should be TT -3.5 or -4.5 honestly. This defense will be remembered and talked about for years as one of the toughest after they complete the job and dismantle UVA.

UVA is nothing really special and is NOT a team of destiny. A combination of easy draw, luck, referees and other teams choking is why they fluked themselves here. They should have been out 2 rounds ago and are NOT deserving of champions like TT. Who have been soundly BEATING higher seeds without any help not like pathetic Virginia who been scraping by.



Have a hard time seeing how UVA will even score 50 here. Even against weak defenses, UVA struggles to score, it can get really ugly here against Texas Tech. Tech too physical, too disruptive and UVA simply won't get enough offense or pts from players other than Kyle Guy. Their bigs Salt, Diakite don't score jackshit. Ty Jerome and Hunter will probably give them no more than 15pts MAX. It's basically Guy coming off pin downs and flare screens catching and shooting in their wheel offense. Won't be enough to hurt Tech.


Texas Tech has better players, frontcourt is not as tall as UVA, but are stronger. UVA has never pulled away in any of their games. When their defense plays well and helps them go on a run, their offense messes it up and goes cold and allows all their opponents back in the game or to stay within the number.


I saw how these UVA fools looked soft and got owned against Florida State with their length and toughness. Texas Tech has all those same attributes, but is on another level to FSU.


Really, with that reliable defense that will be too tough for UVA, all Texas Tech needs to do here is reach 50. Can they? Yes.


Texas Tech 55-47 Virginia


Saw this coming I knew Michigan State was a bit overrated. They win the Big10 title and tournament and if everyone who says big10 is so good, then why didn't they get a number 1 seed? Those accomplishments including sweeping Michigan 3-0 should have been enough to get a number 1.

Well, this is why...Committee knew they wasn't that good.


Take the pts in both games.


The way both teams play will allow Auburn to most likely be in this game the whole way and have a chance to steal it. Even w/ out star player Auburn doesn't change anything, she still shoots 3's at a high volume and runs and hunts for 3's in transition. Even on opponent made baskets. Virginia turnovers can hurt them badly here because it won't be 2 pts they lose in transition, it can be potentially be 3 pt daggers that can cause big swings in score/momentum. And I think they'll be a couple here which will help Auburn atleast stay close or make a run if they down.


Virginia slow paced offense and full usage of shot clock also shortens the game, this basically means less time for Virginia to put Auburn away and win on the spread. Virginia almost lost to Purdue, their highly ranked defense wasn't able to really put away a team or gain seperation on the scoreboard against a team that was efficient in scoring. Auburn can score pts on anybody. Packline defense can be scored on with NBA 3's and Auburn is relentless and will keep firing away. 


Virginia backcourt is legit, Guy is the best catch and shoot player in the nation. They'll do some damage here, but Auburn backcourt Brown/Harper are no scrubs either and have it in them to also do some good things here. Auburn pg Harper I think is the best pg out of the final 4 teams. Fast explosive guard that can control pace can use speed to drive by to the hoop and can either finish himself and is excellent at drawing defenders on his drives/very crafty at making passes to open shooters, and he has a good feel of where his shooters are and where to find Bryce Brown for those 3's. These 2 backcourt guards play together better than any other backcourt duo and have a such a great connection w/ each other. I think this stays close till the end.    


so IMO this game 3 outcomes

1. Auburn stays close most of the game, then Virginia grinds them down and pulls away and wins ATS.

2. Auburn stays close most of the game but Virginia barely wins but don't cover.

3. Virginia in control but then Auburn steals it at the end like Kentucky game.

Betting +pts here gives a chance for more possible outcomes. GL


Quote Originally Posted by wmi799:

I like Tech, but you are wrong about MSU. I have watched this team many times this year. They are a really good basketball team.

I'll be wrong about them if they beat Tech and make the final. Then I'll gladly admit I was wrong and was a fool to doubt them and take it on the chin. 

Izzo is the best in the game. I rate him that high. HE makes them good. But personnel wise, Tech got players who are tough matchups for MSU. MSU team can be kept in check, I've seen a team like Indiana own them (some similarities w/ TT, scrappy solid defense with a star player and go to scorer Langford like Culver for TT)

Tech defense is something they never faced, will be too disruptive and will not MSU offense to flow. They only good when their offense flows. 


Quote Originally Posted by OlDirtyBaztid:

Quote Originally Posted by dirty_bron:

Wrong team favored. TT beating them. Big10 is OVERRATED as hell. Wiscy, Indiana, Iowa, Nebraska, Maryland, etc - all shyte teams. Michigan Michigan St ain't THAT good that's why nobody bought them during the season. That's also why committee refused to give them a number 1, because they know this. If Texas Tech hammered Michigan, they'll do the same here against Sparty who really isn't that much better than Michigan. They also took care of a Gonzaga team that would hammer MSU if they played.    Sparty also had an easy road here and haven't faced a real team like TT. This is who they beat - Bradley, Minnesota (trash), LSU w/ no coach, a one man Duke team w/ busts RJ and Cam.  
not saying msu is right side, but your analysis is entirely based off your opinion. not one statement here includes any factual evidence of a ttu victory. this provides as much value as your duke prediction. no offense, but i really hope people don't listen to you. i could very well lie a bunch of exceptions for ttu as wellnorthern kentcuky( THEY JUST SUCK. YUUUUCK)buffalo - they're just a mac team. no one good plays int he macmichigan - well, i think you've already clearly explained the opinion of michigan gonzaga - gonzaga doesn't play anyone the entire season which pads their stats. gonzaga is sooooo overrated!


My Duke prediction was that they win by 1 or 2 and not cover and I wasn't far off really. Did MSU blow them away? No. Duke was in a position to win a 1 score game, just Rj who I mentioned was a bust choked free throws at the end.

You sir are an idiot. Nobody can give factual evidence of a victory on any side. Anything can happen. I only giving opinions and predictions based on what I see like everyone else here. 'I hope people don't listen to you' - You sound like biatch. No offense. You don't like what you're reading and disagree, go ahead and fade. 

And lastly yes, Texas Tech also had an easy road, but you so wrong about Gonzaga. Saying they never played anyone...They played UNC, Duke, Tennessee....I guess you're saying those teams are nobodies? and calling Gonzaga overrated? shows you have no bball knowledge. That's an elite team TT beat, a team much better than MSU, a team that would beat MSU. (Bookies would make Zags favorites if they played MSU) If TT could handle those talented athletic forwards Clarke Rui Tillie (all NBA 1st rd prospects) and keep them in check, they'll do the same against MSU (who have no projected 1st rounders)    



Wrong team favored. TT beating them.

Big10 is OVERRATED as hell. Wiscy, Indiana, Iowa, Nebraska, Maryland, etc - all shyte teams.

Michigan Michigan St ain't THAT good that's why nobody bought them during the season. That's also why committee refused to give them a number 1, because they know this.

If Texas Tech hammered Michigan, they'll do the same here against Sparty who really isn't that much better than Michigan. They also took care of a Gonzaga team that would hammer MSU if they played. 


Sparty also had an easy road here and haven't faced a real team like TT. This is who they beat - Bradley, Minnesota (trash), LSU w/ no coach, a one man Duke team w/ busts RJ and Cam.



Dont worry MSU backers. +2.5 is still gonna be winner.

Even if Duke leads big they will allow a comeback and will only win by 1 or 2 pts!  


Quote Originally Posted by smacksmiter:

Is a game time decision...If he is NOT playing or limited by that very sore knee...It reduces the 3 point shooting capability of Duke even further...


Cam kind of got a broken shot. They are better w/ out him honestly.

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