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Hi All! I'm heading to Vegas for March Madness, and I'm considering using an app to not worry about the hassle of waiting in lines to place bets/collect winnings. I have a few questions and any input would be appreciated...

1 - What is the best app(s) out there?


2 - Related to the above, I like to parlay moneyline favs with a few random totals, spreads, etc. - which app(s) offer the most moneyline bets? For example, would I see a moneyline for a 20 point fav anywhere?


3 - Anyone know of any good deposit bonuses for using the apps out there?


4 - In researching the apps thus far, it seems like you have to make a depsoit in-person; however, is there any app where you can withdraw remotely (while still in Nevada)? I have an evening flight out and would prefer to withdraw right before boarding so I can play all games.



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