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MrFutures created a topic NHL Awards Odds
in NHL Betting

Trying to find a couple sportsbooks to place these on all the awards.

Art Ross
Hart Memorial
James Norris
Rocket Richard

Anyone found these anywhere?

Just want some action during the season :)

Go Hawks!!!

MrFutures replied to Aaron Rodgers
in NFL Betting
Quote Originally Posted by Doubleadownon12:

I don't understand GB's thought process here. Rodgers is already 33 and still has 2 more years on his deal. Why not make him play out those 2 years and franchise him 2 more years? They could have saved 20 + million going this route. Now they are paying a QB getting older top notch money and will have to restructure the rest of their team around this deal. Unless they draft like gangbusters they will not have a pleasant experience in Joe Flaccoland. There's a reason Brady has 5 rings and 8 SB appearances, he was willing to take a pay cut for the good of the team and wasn't concerned with being the highest paid player.

He is 34 and turns 35 during the season, I checked out of your statement straight after this!!! As for what he is worth, like the next guy said the deal is structured to suit both player and the team down the it to much? If you had to start a franchise right now I reckon you might want to start with A.R 12 or maybe you would say Flacco ;(
MrFutures created a topic PGA Tee Times - Advantage
in Pro Golf


I only watched about an hour yesterday as was in and out doing life shit. Any ideas if early tee times had an advantage over the afternoon guys or vice versa?

Was thinking of backing some of the early guys who went low yesterday afternoon if the course is getting tougher as the day goes


Mr F

MrFutures created a topic MLB Help - Stats
in MLB Betting

To the Great Men of Covers ( and women ),


Trying to find a stat site that provides how any Cubs home games have home runs hit when the total is specifically U/O 7.5 or lower.

Got a bet with my friend that he reckons if total is that low or lower then he said at least 25% do NOT have dingers in them.


Anyone know of a stats site to find this?


Mr F

MrFutures created a topic College Game Totals
in College Football


Anyone know when Week 1 totals will open? Just crunching some numbers so want to see what they will be and bet early lines.



Mr F

MrFutures replied to D'Backs Cubbies TOTAL
in MLB Betting

Quote Originally Posted by MrFutures:

Over 8.5 -110 Carlson behind the plate tonight, 11-5 on Overs and looking for Farrell to give up at least 4 runs today.   BOOK IT!!!!!

Should of started Will Ferrell :)


MrFutures created a topic D'Backs Cubbies TOTAL
in MLB Betting

Over 8.5 -110

Carlson behind the plate tonight, 11-5 on Overs and looking for Farrell to give up at least 4 runs today.


BOOK IT!!!!!

MrFutures created a topic Lakers Season Wins
in NBA Betting

Under/Over 52.5?


Lakers to get #1 seed in West +700


They'd need to get 60+ wins to get 1 seed




MrFutures replied to Superbowl Picks
in NFL Betting



I backed mine at couple UK site and on Betfair ( always better on the exchange but pay a commision ).


Pinnacle are $16.25 on the Pack btw

MrFutures replied to William Hill Players
in Las Vegas

Been working in the Odds compiling business for 15 years, it's part and parcel that clients get shutdown/limited. Occasionally accounts do get wrongly closed but in majority it is due to not being profitable for the business.

With the new US legislations of gaming becoming legal you won't have any issues soon, they'll be exchanges that gladly take your business...main lines ONLY.


Companies live and die by the multis they take these days, very hard to turn a profit betting 104% on ML, spreads and totals especially with the new'll be betting -115 lines very soon at all mainstream books


MrFutures created a topic Good Apartments to Rent
in Las Vegas
Looking for good area in LV, 1 bed appt for 6/12 month rental.

Up to $1200 a month no problem but be good to be around 5/10kms from the Strip
Kylie Minogue
MrFutures replied to Shenanigans
in Soccer
Great bar in Darwin, NT, Australia called Shenanigans!!!

Fancy England or a draw heavily tonight, Belgium looking at resting players and if you look at thew draw now, they probably want to come 2nd in the group.

Colombia -115, I'm aboard with you, too much talent vs. the last African team left.

Japs vs Poland, give me a draw here, Japs just need a point to guarantee qualification and Poland surely don't want to go home pointless

Tunisia Panama - This could be anything, absolutely ANYTHING!!! Will probably have a couple throwaway $10 bets on 3-1 and 4-1 Tunisia

Looking forward to the last 16, some great matches already locked in
MrFutures created a topic Superbowl Picks
in NFL Betting

Chargers +3400 and AFC +1500

Packers +1600

G-Men +5000


Chargers are my main bet, hoping the Pats finally drop off and love them as value now. Rivers by far best QB in AFC West


Packers just need some home field advantage. Any team with number 12 have to be included, clock is ticking to bring another Vince Lombardi home


Giants, expect big things from OBJ this year....injury free I have him top 2/3 WR and Eli can win the big games, just need to come back to form and at 50-1, why not?





MrFutures created a topic 2018/19 Rookie of the Year
in NBA Betting

Anyone see any odds for this yet? Who do we like and why?

Bored of the whole LBJ situation....I understand $$$ is $$$$ but he should be doing discount deals now and get the best players to play with him, instead of $35m a year he should take $25m a year, give the team cap space and hunt Championships. Not sure these players understand that Championships = $$$ due to improved/more endorsements

MrFutures replied to Capitals Series +120
in NHL Betting

I backed the Caps at +1600 before the playoffs too, Polar Bear.....sitting pretty :)


Do think Vegas take Game 5 though, just means Ovi's crew raises the Cup at home. Just taken some +500 on LV to cover my original bet. I also backed the Blackhawks at start of season ( never got a run ) and Penguins so not just a one team bet.



MrFutures replied to 25:1 parlay
in Tennis
PackersBackers, follow you quite a bit and also a Packers fan. The Caps weren't +275 last night though, they were -250ish. Whatever your price I hope you cash though, bro :)

Quote Originally Posted by packersbackers:

you're going to laugh, but here's my $25 lotto ticket to win 25k placed last night before the NBA game:


Warriors -11.5 (last night) (-110) win

Capitals to win series (+275) puck

Sloane Stephens to win French open (+1000) tennisball

Djoker to win French open (+700) tennisball


this is what's truly called a shiits and giggles parlay


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