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Forced vaccinations could very well be on the way. The following headline is from  Nothing like using the small measles outbreak caused by immigrants from foreign lands to force Americans to have their body poisoned by Big Pharma. Start stockpiling activated charcoal in order to minimize the possible deadly affects of the forced vaccinations. Medical tyranny at it's finest.FDA Threatens to Enforce Mandatory Vaccination Laws CountrywideFederal government set to override state laws, force vaccines amid MSM-fueled measles hype

You get your information... Excuse me... "Information" from InfoWars?


Cotton Bowl Playoff semifinal in Arlington, Texas spread has been released

No. 1 Seed: Alabama Crimson Tide vs. No. 4 Seed: Oklahoma Sooners 

Line: Alabama Crimson Tide -14 

Total: 79 points


Complete List of and as they are released from Vegas


Happy Holidays all~

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