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My record after the season

307 291

Playoffs 41 41

Bomb play playoffs 19 18

Sorry for being cold in the middle of playoffs, got really hot early in the playoffs but cant keep it up all through out, great last 2 games wins in nba and im thankful for that.

Thanks for all who got my back and makes me keep my head up.

Thanks fellas.

See you all next season. 

Thanks fellas.

Got the over win, still a good season. 

Thanks wiseman 

Mcwestie what is up man thanks man 
Appetizer lets get some money before nba.

Wnba my record 1 0


Dal @ ind

Fh 74.5 over.

Computation is at 83 pts. 

Good luck to my play fellas.
First half

Dallas indiana 74.5 over. 

Good luck to my play. 
Miracling2 created a topic WNBA Thursday Dallas Indiana first half
record 1 0 

Lets make it 2 in a row.

Nba thursday play

Golden state warriors @ tor

Fh 104 over bombing it. 

I will wager in second half on teams,  it all depends on golden state warriors 2nd quarter performance fellas.

Good luck to my play. 

Hope i get 3 in a row posting a play.

Won gsw in game 5.

Won wnba yesterday. 

Today bombing the first half.

Golden state warriors after resting exactly 2 days this playoffs

First half over 6 out of 7 times.

Bombing the over in this one.

Fh 104 Over. 

My record

306 291

Playoffs 40 41

Bomb play playoffs 18 18

Wnba record 1 0.

If i spot something good will post it again fellas.

Thanks for the win. 
First half computation is very close yah 

Got it 
Hope No o.t in first half and we got this.  
start now good luck man.    
What i will do is if first half goes 42 

I will add some units on 2nd q on the under again. 
No doubling on the second half.

No play on the second half.

Adding 78.5 fh Under.

Good luck to my play. 
No play on second half if the first half cover.

First half under computation at 65 pts.

Lets see and hope for the best fellas. 
Min @ nyk

Fh 78 Under 

Good luck on my play.
Wnba  min @ nyk

First half under is strong

Full game is doable but i like the first half more.

Fh under

First post on wnba

Goal is to make some money from time to time in wnba 

Quote Originally Posted by Mananddogs:

Miracling,  I've watched your roller coaster... even ridden a few times with you, probably lost on your bombs more than I won..

But I'm glad you hit tonite.. you've kept a good attitude when lots of ppl are giving you grief for taking the time and making the effort to post your picks ~ you kept your cool among the jerks.  Well Done.

While I'm pulling for the Raptors to win in 5, 6, or 7 games, I played a little parlay today w/+2.5 and Under 216.5... left 1 open

So while I didn't win my Series bet tonite, I think I will.. and in the meantime, I'll bring in some other winners..
Bottom Line... are u collecting $$?  or paying $$ out??

Don't spend all your winnings in 1 place :)

continued good luck!

Thanks for that complement man. 

How i wish you rode along with me when im hot but i must admit you are right a roller coaster ride and this playoffs is not beautiful at all as far as my wager is concern, but i was able to climb a little and with this big win helps a lot. 

You got it lock in 5 6 and 7, thats a good strategy if the price is right man and i think you will be able to maneuver that thing in the end to profit and i hope you profit. 

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