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Oh, Mark Sanford, the guy who pretended to be a Republican to get elected but votes Dem on everything. Of course he's weighing a primary run, good luck with that.

"I’m a Republican. I think the Republican Party has lost its way on debt, spending and financial matters" he says. Record high stock markets and record low unemployment suggest otherwise and what kind of Republican goes aroung trashing his own party anyway? He's never been Republican in any authentic way. It gets better....

Last year, Trump-endorsed Katie Arrington beat Mark Sanford in the Republican primary for South Carolina’s 1st congressional district, but went on to lose the general election against her Democrat rival Rep. Joe Cunningham (D-SC).

Sanford infamously disappeared in 2009 and later admitted he had an extra-marital affair with Argentine journalist María Belén Chapur(so much for your Trump lie theory, Mark admitted it). As a result of the scandal, he was censured by the South Carolina General Assembly and resigned as chair of the Republican Governors Association"

Now tell me, why would you have faith that this guy can run the country better than Trump? I think you just want people to hate Trump because you do, regardless of actual performance record. That's unamerican.



Mark who? lol.

You realize that just because you say a thing about Trump it doesn't make it true, right? Name the mistress, show me proof....


Yeah, didn't think so. I think what you can't wait to see is what's creepy, why would you want that?


So you being cracked up means that GUN FREE Chicago didn't see dozens of people shot by criminals last weekend? and every weekend? Those gun free laws only keep guns out of law abiding citizen hands, criminals know it and have no fear of shooting at people.

Chicago is a gun free city that, every week, sees the highest rates of gun crime in the country.

In contrast, Texas has the most guns per capita and sees among the lowest rates of gun crime in the country.

Nobody wants to rob granny with a gun in Texas, they might not survive.


I agree, the banks are shameful.

Look at how the feds handled the rates during Obama, they didn't raise it once until Obama's 8 years were nearly done. Then when Trump took over they raise the rate to try and stall the economy every other week. Investors know that so it's not working, they know Trump is working for American interests and they know where they want their money because of that, US stock markets.

Record highs.

The "American way" is to look out for American workers, force companies to hire locally, and ignore them a bit when they demand cheaper foreign labor. What the left proposes is not the American way. Trump's got this, you can tell by how much the left poo-poos the best jobs performance of any president in US history.


Good job at repeating the liberal spin on things. Wrong, but you sound just like liberal media wants you to.

By your reasoning you can't credit Obama for what happened under Obama either because he would have inherited it from Bush...


There is no debate, Trump brought the country to record(and I mean extreme record, for every demographic, regardless of race and ethnicity) low unemployment rate and his policies have made the stock markets reach ALL TIME highs. Literally, the dow has never been higher, he broke the all time levels last week in fact.

Look to the north, it didn't happen in liberal Canada. Look east, it didn't happen in liberal UK. Don't worry, son, you;'re in good hands for 2020 and can safely step away from the liberal mainstream media's take on things. Hint: they are owned by the left

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in MLB Betting

Besides, the Rays bullpen is a bigger joke. Up 3-2 in the bottom of the 8th, NY unloads for 6. Goodnight.

VigPro replied to Rockies
in MLB Betting

San Fran took a big dump on their spirit, the Rockies are still wiping it off. Scoring runs will return, eventually.


Sen Ilhan Omar in Minnesota

- Immigration fraud

- tax fraud

- marriage fraud(married her brother)

- campaign fraud

- Rages against Americans but is pro al-queda and won't denounce ANTIFA violence

- Is harcore anti-Israel and pro palestine

- Has a history of clearly supporting violence against American interests

I think she's trying to be as corrupt as Hillary. Thing is, because she's leftist, it's all ignored? That's not American.


Most of the murders happen in GUN FREE zones. Wherever they ban guns all that happens is good law abiding citizens stop being able to defend themselves, no law applies to criminals so they all keep their guns.

Last weekend in gun free Chicago - 41 shooting injuries, 13 deaths, in 18 different crimes. ONE WEEKEND FFS.

Citizens need to keep their right to own a gun, their life may one day depend on it. The criminals sure aren't going to give theirs up and guns are easy to get when you have defacto open borders.

It's not law abiding citizens doing all the killing despite what the left claims.

VigPro replied to Free stuff
in Politics

He's even money as a heavy favorite.

He's a heavy favorite against ALL the Dem candidates combined.

Today they say Biden has the best chance, he's 8 to 1 vs Biden. He's 10 to 1 fav over Kamala and Warren. There's nobody else close.

Yes, it will be the easiest money you can wager. Why do you think the left is crying for impeachment so much? They know he's going to win otherwise, they have no leader among them on the left, just destructive upstarts who can't run their own districts let alone the country. Most of these come from broken countries and are wanting the US to be broken too ffs...

Might want to short the NYTimes stock while you're at it, they are on the way down to CNN level readership, which is down 95% since Trump and "russia collusion" bs.


Lol, for those who didn't know, before Obama made Obamacare mandatory on everyone under penalty of yearly fines if you refused, he said "If you like your current healthcare provider you can keep them".

Turns out he lied to get the vote, and so did Biden just now.


Illhan Omar is a senator in Minnesota now, her father Nur Omar Mohammed is a former Somali warlord in the country illegally, and she married her brother to get here illegaly as well judging by the long trail of evidence. You'd think Biden would be concerned about that more than who gives you a yearly prostate exam, no?


She comes from a family that owned slaves.

She lies needlessly, like when she said she was in the first desegregated class at her school. Yearbooks show differently. It's kinda like Hillary saying she stepped off a plane under sniper fire but the video shows her surrounded by kids, accepting cookies and such. Lying is a no-no in 2020.

She got into politics by having an affair with a married guy for political gain.

Her being one of the best options for the left show just how bad the left is now, leaderless. As bad as everyone says Trump is you can't deny that he has managed to get the absolute best ever unemployment record(for all ethnicities) and stock market results of any president, ever, with the entire left on his back.

2020 is a done deal, the left will tear apart America and make it a socialist country under globalist rule starting in 2024. The problem with the rest of the republican party is that it's full of liberals.



It's Trump 2020 no matter what Dems do to try to steal the election. Enough Americans know what socialism brings and they have no interest in 75% tax rates, massive unemployment and food shortages that always acompany socialism(see Venezuela).

More than that, they have NO desire to hand the country to a foreign elite asshole to rule which is what you get when globalist shills get their way.

Not in America, not in 2020. Deal with it.


I had $100 on the Red Sox to win ML tonight. A couple of late homeruns tied it up and as it was entering the bottom of the 8th I used the cash-out option to get my $100 back. I didn't like my odds with the Red Sox bullpen vs the Dodger bullpen and the odds had returned to what they were at the start of the game so I pulled the plug losing nothing.

Top of the 10th, nobody out, I went back in with $50 on the Red Sox @ 1.90. Bottom of the 10th with nobody out I cashed out for $70 @1.45. Top of the 11th and nobody out, back in with $50. Bottom of the 11th with nobody out, cash out another $70. I'm up $40 at this point and the top of the dodger order is due up so I skip the 12th. The Dodgers score 3 in the 12th and the Red Sox don't bounce back. Game over.

Had I left my initial $100 in I'd be down $100.

Had I left my extra inning $50 in I'd be down $50.

By taunting the dodgers to beat me, which I could have lived with if they did, I finished up $40 and only bet the eventual losing team. I call it the extra inning shuffle. Sometimes you can increase the winnings further by going in with nobody out at the top of an inning if you wait for the 1st batter to get on base, the odds jump quickly, but don't wait until there is 1 out, the odds tank hard after that 1st out.



oh and drop the anti-migrant BS. Nobody is against immigration, they are against ILLEGAL immigration, there is a difference.

hint: walking across the border between ports of entry in the middle of the night and avoiding guards is not legal. Drugs, guns and disease get in that way too.


Trump = pro American

Democrats = Socialism

Ask Venezuela how socialism, 75% tax rates and massive unemployment work out.

VigPro replied to Rockies and Red Sox
in MLB Betting

Red Sox lineup announced - chance to win fell to 54% with minor tinkering.


Bookies went the other way, they see the Red Sox as the favorite now and are offering less for a Red Sox win.

There is no value in the game, you either get a slightly underpaying line with the Red Sox or you get a really underpaying line if you go with the Dodgers.


VigPro replied to Rockies and Red Sox
in MLB Betting

60% of the bets are going in on Col vs CIN, only 34% on Boston vs LAD. Col's lineup is announced, 54% win chance is with Blackmon out. The Dodgers are still pulling in the majority of bets despite being above their true odds by a good margin, there's going to be value in fading them down the stretch, especially on the road.

Last minute things to check out, always, but I'm just saying the bookies have left value on the table on these two. The rest of the game they're only paying 90% or less of true winning chance vs implied.



VigPro created a topic Rockies and Red Sox
in MLB Betting

Rockies (54.2% chance of winning) and Red Sox (57.8% chance of winning) are available at even money today.

Value bets.

VigPro created a topic Tyler Flowers
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Atlanta's Tyler Flowers has that other heavy spitter beat I think(all MLB players spit FAR too much) but...


*breath*   *spit*   *breath*  *spit* ....

Mr Flowers would make more money if they paid him by the spray...


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