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Quote Originally Posted by Philly0:

And I am going tell you guys again ,this year super bowl will be Eagles vesus Kansas City. 

best hustle on over to systems and startegies read my thread the curse of tampa bay buccners

KC has rookie QB no rookie qb ever led his team to a superbowl they all lost in playoffs

maybe he was on team last year but this is his 1st full starter year

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dude plaese i told every dope here that patriots D was ranked 29th in leaguse eagles d was ranked 15th

and after the Eagles wonb as i said i gave every pats backer the ppflftttttttttt and got boxed for it

i'm going larger .....falcons get all players back  tomorrow they gonna smoke that giants team

i tried fuuuuug dueal and d i ck kings years ago funny that players were taken out of game or got lil bruises

i'd win the bets on every game but lost every match up because of stupid coches not taking advatge of other teams weak ness
go for it falcons get everyone back tomorrow night giants are going to be sub 500 again beacuse hc dont kinow how to draft players

weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee we got a rb .but wait we aint got no tight ends or o line to make holes for him.

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if bengals played a lil better this game would have sailed overs.

10 points vs the 32nd ranked defense in the league lmao

Quote Originally Posted by smacksmiter:

Wait...the OVER was for 49.5...and the score was 24-23....and he missed an extra point...

How was that extra point getting you to 50 points?

it would go into ot smacsmitter

fer sure it goes overs then.

#1 scoring defesne vs the #1 scoring offense

BIG fan of brrees and thier season went upo in smoke 1st game of year losing to
rival buccaneers along with eagles they will not win the sb.

NOW TB is garbage beacuse sure as sun comes up band aid QB Fitzoatrick feell apart so bad that he got the hook mid game and in came jameis winston

venture over to systems and startegies look at the curse of tamp bay thread all results of teams who lost to aTB in season that did not win the superbowl

including the huge chalk Rams -13 1/2 lost to the Patriots

THE Falcons blowing a 25 point lead also.

dunno why you take colts with int luck throing into a very good bills defense

Anderson will get lots of ground action using Mc Coy playbook will be simple for him

take the points it's too much for colts to cover

Quote Originally Posted by JumpinJeremy55:

just bet tom brady n em and youll be laughing on sunday new_heart_eyes2

so says the dude with Brady as his avatar
Quote Originally Posted by JumpinJeremy55:

under baby 

nmfw do i go unders with patsies 24th ranked defense
just beacuse he schemed againt them dosent make him superior.

he was with Patriots and Bill B and if you remeber when patriots went down to miami they got beat many times.

am soory but i like dolphins to win this s/u.

and what was emotioonal about thier win vs the bears. 

I can see if was against patriots or div rival who beat them earlier

Bears are an NFC team Miami plays in AFC

The NFC north is a joke right now Vikings Packers and Lions

Bears are solid this year and are taking that div as top seed

just take what i gave dont come into my thread and question me with ot games some teams suck bad after ot time games others are just over 500 past 10 years

theres about 19 teams after ot games are really putrid win or lose fade them next week

THE OT games in NFL sometimes dont work because of opponent they face week after

Ravens smoked the titans bad because they are putrid sacked Marriota 11 times

Forget saints @ ravens they only one way team zero defense

MY plays are Bears +2.5

JETS +3.5   If you havent seen Vikings play in open air stadiums yet your misisng something

Dolphins +3  Lions get cooked in Miami heat

Ravens - 2.5 OMG poor saints get smoked by theeeeeeeee #1 scoring Defense in the league

Panthers getting 5 love it Eagles beat no body last week

This is a winning team with a good defense 5 points take it.

I was wrong thinking Redskins beat cowboys

Take Cowboys thier offense is back.

Redskins got gifted by panthers turnovers

worst offense ever redskins pedstrain

wow LC i'm on all those games

Bears are perfect at home Patriots winless on the road

Pats took puddy cat win last game a FG in the redzone they were scared to go for it

Dolphins i love also

Bengals +6 at Chiefs yup

Panthrers +6 at my boids YUP

got it as 3 point margin

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Baers Maimi and Jets me too .also old timer who hammers the NFL every year

Baers are 2-0 at home Patriots are winless on the road

Forget bears losing in miami oven every team suffers from that hot box

Baers have a very strong defense and a qb that knows his game

FUGGGGGGG bardy he's going down again all seem to forget that the super bowl losers never get back year folliwng.

Thier defense stinks Bellicheat knows it a rookie qb put up 100's of yrads and scored 40 fugginbg points against him

They took the puddy win moving to middle of hash marks to make a chippie FG shot

TRY that BS in windy chicago

Watch Bears Defense knowck out gimpy gronk

ONLY one thing counts to me in NFL it's what goes up on the score board that counts

Look at colts for example as a pck em vs Bills

they are - 28 points total which equals minus 4.6 PPG round it up to -5 PPG

Bills are 2-4 they are negative 62 points total and minus 10.3 ppg we round down to - 10

10 - 5 = 5 points

as a pckem

add the spread in you got problems Colts are now negative -12.5 points vs the spread  Bills are -2.5

YOUR home fav is now -10 points ats and they havent played a down yet do u see the differnce now the pickem differnce is 5 points

the spread differnce is double that yes peterman is bad but is luck going to be better after tossing 3 picks last game

I think bills go ground and pound keepping it simple for peter man using safe short passes and hang in there @ Colts after all they did bury the vikings as a 17 point pup

in Minnesota

I took buffalo that week because i simply said who the fug are the vikings to give 17 points to anybody?

my local cried i banged him with 100 reverse Bills and Colts +7 @ eagles wop woppp casino bound fri night with $400 wife only thought i won $200 he he he he hey wtf i give her money from work plus all my SSI  income every month it's over $2000 a month.

girl best be sucking my woody more jking she aint that type

total physical mess and 12 years younger than me

thats it will give out sides in my 6 pack that i posted other day late sat night after midnite when i get home

ok now i can continue here with other teams that seem like they turned it around but really didnt and are exposed next week

sure every one looks great after hammering San Fran , Or Cardinals,

OR Titans or Raiders ya know what i mean teams that are  huge negative points with pedestrian offenses.

Cardinals have scored only 92 points and allowed double that 184

like ya think after beating 49ers in SF they were going to be something next couple weeks but how soon they get exposed after covering as 10 point dog then come home to team thats 2-4 on the year with a joke QB and wr crew that couldnt make no 2' on other top teams in NFL and get demolished at home because thier primo RB only rushed for 34 yards top wr fitz got 49 yrads and Cardinals just coughed up the ball all night long

in other words do not look at Broncos huge win last night as like wow they are good now.

week 8 denver plays away @ cheifs betcha that D gets whooped

then after getting hammered by KC like 35 to 10  home to the pathetic Texans ..........

Now we have Colts favored huge vs the bills and guess what yup the colts really have an offense

Bills are as bad as cards they only scored 76 points but gave up 138

Colts really have an offense they scored 152 but wooooooooooooooa the defense gave up 180 as bad as bills are i still take em getting 7 points even with peterman as qb because that colts defense just aint there

in other words folks it's not that a team won a game it's who they beat.

Like say we get donkeys vs Giants Cards Falcons 3 weeks in a row

they hammer all 3 subbies bad like 35 - 6   42- 7 28-3

they are home now facing the rival Chargers who really are light years ahaed of who the broncos drilled Denver tiny weeny lil favorite of 2 1/2   Chargers lost @ KC by 7 we say just for a possible sceneario

Ka Boom Phillp rivers puts on a clinic Von miller gets beaten every play looking as an old washed up defender over rated POS that he really is and Chargers show Denver what a real offense can do

winning the game from wire to wire 35- 10 keenum plays his normal bad self throwing 3 picks and gets sacked 5 times and fumbled

this is what you need to consider who they beat last

YAAAAA EAGLES are back hammered the putrid NY Giants

wait a min the Panthers are coming in Eagles -5 points HUH?

panthers are 3-2 and just about over thier defense by 7 points because last game they lost @ redskins

I handicapped this game and spread is way off by 2.5 points should be only 2 - 3

wtach panthers wake up @ Philly Cam gets a profile correction plays his A game clean no turnovers at all

They rush and harras Wentz all day keeping him off balance and MY Boids get beat because they now got that target on thier backs

they are going to be maybe just above 500 this year beating redskins split with cowboys and take giants both games 9-7 i see a down year then rebuild through draft and get some trades from other teams needing to unload to get under salary cap

The pathetic teams that cover as a dog away then come home as a dog or flip to chalks get smoked by the visitor those with weak pedestrian offenses and defenses

Lets review these matchups and how they went

week 4 Texans beat the the COLTS @ Indy huge win for them beings they hardly ever won when colts had a team week 5 home -3.5 or -4 vs the cowboys

KABOOM blown cover win by 3 in ot 19-16

Week 3 steelers beat the now fake buccaners @ TB as a 1 point dog by 3 points but alloowed ooodles of yards and [points to TB and went out losing the whole second half by not scoring a point after puuting up 30 in 1st half

showing that the steel curtain of years past with troy superman and woodley and the other is gone

come home as a dog to rival ravens Kaboom they get hammered

26-14 again no points scored in second half ..........

ok yeah balty lost next game at browns due to finally beating BIG Ben in Pitts that happens so excuse them for being human