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GSW 132 Clippers 105  $300,000 whatever fake money down the drain

and final line was 9 1/2

hurry up give us your next Guarantee
gamble thanks for the tips but i didnt have funds in jan got $600 now to get the MJ and medicinal MJ thats all i'm going for

OK i got $500 to start with going with ally invest self brokerage

1st off where do i find list of the stock symbols for each state like california right now.

Next i'm thnking of doing differnt ones each week so i get paid weekly instaed of monthly.

Is that how it works?

Like say i buy X amount of shares this week at California stock.

Then Next week go with another stock say Pennsylvania

so that i get my divends each week the following month instaed of all at once.

I can add 1 - 200 $ per week in bank account to trade with or do i just set it up with ally invest and add funds direct through them.

Thats all i need to know.

I found out what stocks to stay away from that are possible frauds or just not enough funds to turn profits.

DUE Dillgence always.

NBA Betting / Nets vs 76 / View Post
NETS might just sweep this over rated 76ers team Embid is not able to produce at all

They cannot halt the NETS fast paced offense etc...

I claened up Game 1 NETS ML wow nets wire wire drained 3's and took the permiter shots

NETS +8.5 ty Vegas

raed to only go with companies listed on the SEC exchange do not fuuuuug around with others like gambleholic found that are just losing money.

probaly going to cost me $1'50 a share right now just opened bank account with $400

laters got research to do.

bottom of 9th two runs scored boston squeaks a 1 run win


but if took them they would not score 2 runs in bottom of 9th

like why the fugg is Evoldi - 200 vs the better starter

the dog line is only +163

Sanchez scheduled to start for Blue Jays at Red Sox Toronto Blue Jays (4-8, fourth in the AL East) vs. Boston Red Sox (3-9, fifth in the AL East) Boston; Thursday, 7 p.m. EDT PITCHING

PROBABLES: Blue Jays: Aaron Sanchez (1-1, 1.64 ERA) Red Sox: Nathan Eovaldi (0-0, 8.10 ERA) LINE: Red Sox favored by 1 1/2 runs; over/under is 9 1/2 runs BOTTOM LINE: The Boston Red Sox face the Toronto Blue Jays on Thursday at Fenway Park. The Red Sox finished 52-24 against AL East Division opponents in 2018. Boston averaged 9.3 hits with 3.7 extra base hits per game and 31 total triples last season. The Blue Jays finished 30-46 against AL East Division opponents in 2018. Toronto pitchers had a WHIP of 1.41 last season while striking out 8.0 hitters per game.

5 units on Blue Jays to win $815

or in my case $50  to win $407.50

ahh ha line dropped boston now only -185

wow that was quick ok B jays +155 damn that suxxxxxxxx a 30 cent line

will see what is later when at casino

$50 wins $77.50
try my system it's very simple NO favorites higher than -155 go full or double on every DOG no matter the price especailly when you get ace vs ace starters the dog bites hard.

ok correction they have two good straters

Nola and Zack Efflin but woe is the rest of rotation

YEah lets go out and GET power hitter and boost our offense but let our starters remain and the weak BP too we be ok!

WOW WOW Phillies on your home field got smeared by your rival Nationals

What was that final score 15-1 how high is that starters ERA now

just found it 9.45 nick Pivetta His whip is in outer space 2.18

I knew this was coming fugggg it was there right in front of the managers eyes and we got shelled at home again

blowing a huge lead 6-1 on tuesday then get waxed from pillar to post 15-1

MY homies since i was widdle kid ...................omg the greats we had Bunning , Short Larry Bowa pete rose Carlton Scmitty Cole Hamels Darren Daulton

I suffered through the 60's and 70's losing game after game

now we are getting there but as one big sports radio guy said Howard Eskin YOU Need PITCHING to WIN Championships

Pitchers with resonable ERA's like eveb 4.10

#1 thru 5 and fugging BP that dosent give up 3 runs in one inning

over n over again

Whats going to happen philles when you meet up with the top teams in this League

Wow this was fast they got exposed again ..... yeah we got Bryce harper ............. wow wash nationals are laughing thier asses off

Trade him off for pitchers

Quote Originally Posted by TheGoldenGoose:

P F Flyers

"Run Faster, Jump Higher"

fukkkkk you even remember their slogan.

I will run faster cause i got me PF Flyers

sniffle now i'm an old married fuuuuuuuuuuuukkkkk

I wanna go back when i was 21  - 30 man i loved it made good money

got a chick every weekend or a street hooker that back in the day were hot.
today wouldnt touch that skunk puddy

funny how vegas does this and the drafts and trades arent done yet

NFL Super Bowl LIV (2020) updated
KC 6/1 LAR, NO, NE 8/1
LAC, Chi, Pit 14/1
Min, GB, Dal 16/1
Phi, Bal, Ind, Cle, Hou 20/1
Sea 30/1
Atl, Jax, NYG 40/1
SF 50/1
Car, Ten, Den 60/1
TB, NYJ 80/1
Wsh, Det, Buf, Cin, Oak, Ari 100/1
Mia 300/1
When i was a kid we bought Chuck Taylors Converse sneakers for $3.95 hi top low top black or white.

Today they are being sold on E bay for $100's of dollars.

That was it either Converse or KEDS

Today cheapest pair of NEW Balance $75
TY GG already filed with also with FTC

Read many complaints that got robbed by progressive.

NO BODY BUT NO ONE is allowed to acess my acount and cahnge rates without my permission.

That is a crime.

yeah than i can hit her with my best shot

post was over 7800 characters ?????

ABC News could not reach Lippi for comment late Monday night, but he told the Miami Herald that the situation "has to do with a commercial dispute."

"It's very complicated and I’d rather not get into it," Lippi told the Herald in a phone interview. "I will say this, that the way it was handled by Key West police and the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department was wonderful. Some of the finest people I’ve ever dealt with who were kind throughout the whole process."

Lippi was arrested on grand theft charges and released the following day. Jail records show he posted no bond for his release. He's scheduled to appear in court for an arraignment on April 18.

NO JOKE another floriduh resident shoplifted @ K mart

A Florida man was arrested on Saturday for shoplifting at a Kmart, just days after he purchased a multi-million-dollar private island off Key West.

Andrew Lippi, 59, was accused of stealing about $300 worth of household goods from a Kmart in Key West, where police said he purchased various items between March 30 and April 4, replaced them with cheaper items and returned them for a refund.

Lippi made headlines last week when he purchased Thompson Island, a private estate formerly owned by the philanthropist and developer Edward B. Knight, for $8 million, according to ABC Miami affiliate WPLG.

Lippi also owns a 12-bedroom resort compound in Key West that MTV used to film a season of "The Real World" in 2006. That property rents for about $1,800 a night on Airbnb, WPLG reported.

Lippi stands accused of stealing multiple items, including LED light bulbs and a $55 Hamilton Beach coffee maker, which he allegedly "replaced with a much older coffee maker" and returned for a full refund, according to the Key West Police Department.

Police said Lippi also bought a $150 Keurig coffee machine on March 30, returned it and received a full refund a day later. Kmart employees notified the store's loss prevention officer after realizing the coffee machine box instead contained a basketball, according to police.

Lippi denied denied stealing the items, according to a police report.

"Lippi stated he did not change out any items prior to returning them," the arresting officer wrote in the report. "I asked Lippi about the Keurig coffee machine being replaced by a basketball, and he stated the clerk should have realized there was no coffee machine by the weight of the box.

"I asked Lippi about the light bulbs, and he stated he returned the light bulbs because he paid too much money for them and did not know how they were switched."

nuggets covered the juiced lines i took portland - 7 got apush
Quote Originally Posted by Force:

Line is now up to Portland -7.0..... 

weell it clearly shows denver is resting starters and with no bench to step up i'm laying the 7 points

wrong name i posted of nuggets player thats been out causing them not being able to score
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