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Another system when to get out.

Say your starting bank is $300 you lose $200 in 1st hour then bam get it all back plus $100 profit

this equals $500 wagered in action and if you played for 5 hours take it and go home or change games or go to another casino

I have done this mistake 100 times at laest losing almost all get back to a profit wind up losing it all back n go home with zero

Some days it's like bam bam bam winning hundred i cant lose for 5 hours way up $800 to $1000 but i knew after losing back $300

that was it .............went to craps tables 10$ minimum nad won like $500 or more in 2-3 hours wife was pissed having to sit near by while watching me play she went broke after being up $350 betting stupidly.

HEY old timer here learned how to win knew when it was time to quit.

some times go in with $200 broke busted out after 2.5 hours hardly ever got a decent win on any machine $10 each time in win $7 or 10$
1st off most PA casinos are $15 minimum which requires at Laest $300 to start because any way you wager right or wrong thats $30 or more per player a full table with 10 players your wagering $300 in half an hour just the one bet and odds.

IN atlantic city and other casinos i get a $10 minimum or even a $5 minimum in atalantic city.

Any when layers leave and newer ones come in you have to readjust what was bad before now turns good.

Get to feell the player read his facial emotions.

And just because they did it once dsent mean they cant do it again.

Last year 2018 i was on a fairly cold table 6 out of 9 players couldnt make a pass.

ONE lady made her 1st point i was off next bet good thing wam wam makes two more holding dice for 15 mins

on forth throw she 7's out.

SO she still there dice get back to her and i dive in...every number placed except 6 her point full press the $15 or $18 on the 8

7 mins or more she makes the 6 ............

I said hmmmmmmm will she reapeat it again...yup next point 10

5 minute roll now i got hundreds on each place bet and $100 pass $500 in back im racking and stacking 3rd point was 9 bammo took her 6 mins to make the 9

so now i take off all place bets and no wager on her 4th pass she 7's out on the 6

some JO's cried. LMao idiots

so dice get back to her 3rd time and voila things do come in 3's she did it again points were 8  5 and 4  seven's out on 10

I won so much money and so did she i told boss to rate and clock me out colored up all chips and walked away with $12,707 only stared with $400 3.5 hours i earned 850 rewrad points and they gave me $40 food comps

but i was alone so i only spent $15 of that $40 and had $25 left for next time.

Even if i lost like only $100 it was 3 1/2 hours time betting at least $30 and the most shooters last making or 7 out is 2 mins or less

8 players X $30 = $240 in 16 mins wagered

dunno why slot play is small reward penny slots it takes $20 won n lost to earn one point but higher price slots quarters it shoter $1 slots only depending on lines bet some have $20 lines so you earn 1 point every few seconds.

This is at Parx casino other casinos vary way differntly.

However i see people not using rewrads cards and win huge cash.

I asked one lady why not she says i dont want them to know who i 'am

Guess what shes 100% right once you enter your card every one in state is notfied even the police if your a felon they will come to casino and aresst you if u have warrants.

They ahve eyes every wheer even on highways your tracked from check point to check point if your doing 75 mph they will be at next spot before you and bam u get hit with spedding ticket

they have radar checking now they see each vehicle on large screen.

DUNNO how long it has been but i got stopped by surprise several times.

of course in New jersey.

any way thats it you need to adjust your play at craps table pick your spots and u will never lose for the year.

will never ever sit at any BJ table havent played it  since 1st casino opened in AC N. J.

I cant even stand and watch players lose playing perfectly the whole table Dealear has up card 3 under the 3 is a 7 next card a 2 for 12 next card a 4 for 16 next card a 5 for an improable 21 and 4 players sat on 20 the others had 18 and 19 i just smh and smiled and went to a very hot craps table $15 minimum and won $2500 in 3 hours

this was in 2018 in May
NFL for me only easier to lock in on 32 teams couple days a week

thursday games and MNF is just one game or 3 total

Trust me it took 10 mins to searching the full map or whatever they call it to find this

took me 2 1/2 years to reach Captain thats only 5000 threads

also only threads in reg forums none posted in jail house count

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TY GG will get to celbrate with son on MON cause i have to work sunday yeah it will be casino i should have $300 to share with wife plus MY $100 - $200 of my own son will give $100 I want eraly srta to play ponies from 1 - 7 pm then hope i win about $200 and skip the slots hit the $10 mini crpas tables for 3 hours earn tons of points.

Hope to catch some hot shooters because i hate betting wrong. Because when players leave and new ones come in it changes the table rhythm .

Quote Originally Posted by OldGreg808:

How do I get my rank up from Prospect?!?!
forget where to find rankings but i know what it takes up to where i'm at Captain

to get to next level you only need 500 new threads BUT NONE in the jail house forum or whatever it's called then after that level you get to veteran with 1000 new threads then 5000 and your captain this took me 2 1/2 years to reach next level is at 10,000 for me which is all star i think

mucho thanks for past years in here LC I'm more nfl now than other pro sports because too much time needed to cap daily sports like omg i loved doing NBA on fridays with a full 10 - 16 game card

alwys found those 4 games that stood out.

BOL in the new career if you get paid just $50.000 a year it's well worth it.

YUP hAMMERED Raptors to win knowing that warriors faced the worst defenses in all playoff games GOT +230 fugging 70 cent line why i don't know why books do this you cant win money betting both sides

should be no higher than a 25 cent line - 300 fav +275 dog

whatever we just take what they give us

Took raotors in game 6 +145 Monely line

bye bye GSW see next year lil crying babies saying we were without our best players............well up yours get players on bench that can play instead of the jokes you have

WELL fuggg the op and all u doubters RAPTORS WORLD CHAMPS Champs crushed the Warriros in thier own house


Hillary Clinton To Give Keynote Speech At Cyber Security Summit

Chuck Ross | Investigative Reporter

Hillary Clinton, who used a private email server as secretary of state, will speak at a cyber defense summit later in 2019, it was announced Thursday.

FireEye, a cybersecurity company based in California, announced Clinton will give the keynote speech at its annual summit in Washington, D.C., in October.

“Cyber security is not any one defender’s responsibility, but a global effort — a cause championed by many for the good of all. By coming together as a community to innovate, build strategies and share knowledge on today’s threats and tomorrow’s risks, we empower ourselves as defenders with the collective wisdom to protect our way of life and the technologies that have become central to it,” FireEye said in a press release, [link from unapproved source].

We are pleased to announce that Former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton will be a featured keynote at our [link from unapproved source] in October! Secretary Clinton will engage in an intimate Q&A keynote discussion with Kevin Mandia.

Clinton will have plenty to talk about at the summit.

The private email server that Clinton used while at the State Department contained thousands of emails that contained classified information, including some at the top-secret level.

[link from unapproved source] during the campaign when she was asked whether she deleted any of the emails from her server.

“Like, with a cloth or something?” she asked in response to the question.

The FBI investigated Clinton for mishandling classified information, but she was not charged in the probe.

James Comey, who served as FBI director during the investigation, called Clinton’s use of the server “extremely careless.” He said it made more vulnerable to cyber attack by foreign powers, though investigators did not find evidence that the server was hacked. [link from unapproved source]

[link from unapproved source] the hacks of her campaign chairman’s emails and that of the Democratic National Committee led to her defeat at the hands of Donald Trump in the 2016 election.

The Russian government allegedly hacked into the DNC’s computer systems and released nearly 20,000 emails through WikiLeaks. The same Russian intelligence operation also stole John Podesta’s emails through an unsophisticated spear-phishing attack.

NFL Betting / Giants +8500 / View Post
for $1 bet all  the longshots ..

go to and they give you a bonus $250 match play

who's on the cover any nfl player ?  100% jinx even if get to superbowl they lose when Patriots got whipped by eagles Brady was on the cover plus the madden cover i unloadaed on my eagles on the ML and overs reverse action bet $500 won over $2000


Patrick Mahomes +350
Matt Ryan +350
Andrew Luck +350
Aaron Rodgers +625
Ben Roethlisberger +700
Baker Mayfield +1,200

Drew Brees +1,200 my choice

Jameis Winston +1,400
Philip Rivers +2,000
Tom Brady +2,000
Jared Goff +2,200
Carson Wentz +2,800
Kirk Cousins +3,000
Deshaun Watson +4,000
Kyler Murray +4,000
Jimmy Garoppolo +5,000
Matthew Stafford +5,000
Russell Wilson +6,600
Cam Newton +6,600
Nick Foles +10,000
Dak Prescott +10,000
Andy Dalton +10,000
Sam Darnold +10,000
Eli Manning +15,000
Quote Originally Posted by omb1:

The Marc Lawrence Playbook is an absolute requirement.  Been using it for 15+ years.
Ditto!!! It's  great source to create systems as in worst team going dog to fav worst game number worst when playing in east or west

etc etc...

TIP 100%  kiss of death whoever nfl player he puts on cover mostly the QB s 100% that year even if they get to superbowl Brady was on when facing Eagles , Wilson was on it when facing Patriots , Big Ben failed in [playoffs Eli manning failed in playoffs ..

IT;s worst than the Madden jinx
Nicole Arbour

Jenna Dewan Tatum

loserforeverz  noted user name of scripted rigged fixed games

dayummmmmmmmm she could double for drew barrymore
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