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Are you trying to ask what there ALT website is? 

I don't think they have an Atlanta only website but I could be wrong. 

Slowbalt replied to Summer League
in NBA Betting

Cleveland can't beat China.

Slowbalt replied to Nick Ward
in NBA Betting

Quote Originally Posted by moosie00:

you mad brah?

More annoyed than mad. Dude is a B U M! 

Cant wait to see him at Perry's or Eddie V's. Fucking Asshole.

Slowbalt created a topic Nick Ward
in NBA Betting

I hope that fat fucking loser never plays a minute in the league. 

Get's a rebound with 4 seconds left up 18 in a summer league game and dribbles the length of the floor to dunk it with .2 Seconds. 

Tom Izzo would have that fat mother fucker running until he was a super model.


Summer League basketball is worse than the regular season and the regular season is a joke. 

60+ Fouls a game 60+ Free throws then the next game they have 25 fouls its so inconsistent. 

Best way to bet it is bet alt line overs at +1000


Slowbalt replied to Summer League
in NBA Betting

My book shut down 

Slowbalt replied to Cheers to NBA parity
in NBA Betting

Quote Originally Posted by Phillip2002:

NBA league pass number will be up big time  NBA will be so fun and interesting  Betting wise it will be a challenge, first 10 games people likely wont bet but then lots of money can be made if you find the right team ats


Betting on the NBA and their "Spreads" is the biggest crock of shit in betting. 

The League is a fucking farce and a joke. Anyone that thinks betting on the NBA is legit is an idiot.

Slowbalt replied to NBA Free Agency 2019
in NBA Betting

Quote Originally Posted by davemsh:

Great move by the Dubs...They lose KD and were capped out to sign anyone else significant so they they do a sign and trade with Brooklyn.. DRussel get 4 year $117Million, which is basically nothing compared to what other players are getting..Middelton & Tobias Harris.....Losing Iggy is not big deal....Steph and Russell should be able to carry them to a #3-4 seed...Klay comes back in Match....The west will be a beast this year...

I think Golden State did a good job with their trades but jesus your homerism has to chill out. Its like you got Gang Banged by the Entire Golden State team you are on their dicks hard 


Quote Originally Posted by packersbackers:

Kawhi most likely wont give up the extra 5% he will stand to gain on his super max if he waits to sign a long year deal the season after next - its like childrens hour 24/7 on this site...hes not going to lose the 10 yr veterans clause just by one year of not waiting...Raps will sign him for a 1+1option, and after he wins another title for Jurassic Nation, after hes completely branded himself as the global ambassador of New Balance, after hes fully embraced his new Fun Guy superhero character, then he will have the year of free agency all to himself, and the legend of Kawhi will only grow and grow and grow as every single possible team will want in on the action...only then will the boardman get truly paid.

This sounds like shit today but like gold in 2 years. I hope this post ages well! 

Slowbalt replied to NYY/Boston in London...
in MLB Betting

Gonna be another 25 Run + Game jesus 

Slowbalt replied to NYY/Boston in London...
in MLB Betting

This series is ridiculous. 



Lets go MUTS Lets go!


Big insurance run there on the wild pitch. 


You don't bet against a pitcher that last time he faced elimination fanned 19 and didn't give up a hit. 

Just Saying! 


I would never bet against Vandy's pitcher today. 

Last game Vandy faced elimination this Kid went out and threw a No hit shutout 19K game. 


I have rules when betting fav parlays. One rule is never use the same sport on the same day multiple times. 

You would have much better success if you bet 2 or 3 sports the same way. 

Plus Baseball is the WORST. 


Slowbalt replied to Michigan / Vandy
in MLB Betting

Quote Originally Posted by sportswagers:

Good bye Vandy backers. this Vandy starting pitcher is awful to watch. 3 walks and 3 doubles already. Is college pitching level this bad? He wont even qualify as reliever in MLB. Thats saying something given how bad MLB bullpen pitching is. how is he starting on world series match lol

Are you stupid? Betting BASEBALL IS A FUCKING SCAM WHEN WILL YOU "Captains" "all stars" "veterans" learn this. All you covers junkies are dumber than the shit on the bottom of my shit kickers.

Slowbalt replied to Cards or Angels?????
in MLB Betting

Quote Originally Posted by TheSquare:

Quote Originally Posted by Georgeronnie:

Let's see, you bet $5 a game and play free contests.  You are an action junkie.. yet bet $5 a game.  You have no bankroll.  You been on this forum for this long.. if you bet sports, you should have at least a big bankroll by now.  Yet you do not.  What does that say?  You are a failure.  You use to bet 300 to 1000 at one point.. went broke.  Did that felt bad?  Did that hurt?See what i did there?  So now you mock others who have the under when you had the over for a pathetic $5?You already mentioned you are a losing long term sportsbettor already.  You been betting for this long and don't even have a bankroll.  You have a damn sockroll.
You are an action junkie... Yeah, so are like 80% of the other people on this forum. You have no bankroll... Yeah, just like 80% of the other people on this forum. Betting with the rent and electric bill money..  You have been on this forum for this long.. Yeah, like other people too. Went broke. Did that feel bad? Yeah, but I got over it. You grow numb to losing and winning after a while. Sorta like a doctor telling a family that their loved one will die only to then leave the room to go to another room to laugh it up with some other medical staff. You are a failure. Everybody fails at something in life bud..  Any other questions Georgeronnie?  Thanks for interviewing me. I feel like a celebrity..

This forum is a joke. You can't even post tickets and you have all these bums like The Square acting like he's legit. You are a joke The Square. 



Quote Originally Posted by davemsh:

Grand salami has been killing it this season....

Cant bet the Grand Salami with all the weather issues. If I ran a stat I would say that 50% of Grand Salami bets have been CANCELLED this year. 

Cant bet on that shit. You are betting on the fact that your bet is going to even be possible then you bet on a side no thanks. 

Women's World Cup and MMA/Boxing has been extremely profitable and very low stress compared to these bums playing baseball. 

Remember Boxers go 35-0 / Baseball teams hang out around .500. Who would you rather bet on some bums that are 36-39 or someone 35-0. 


I LIVED on the MLB in 2017. Made almost 6K. 

Wont touch it in 2019. Between the rain delays/ Postponed games and there being more runs scored between innings 7-9 than in the first 6 makes the sport literally UN BET ABLE PERIOD! I WILL NEVER DROP ANOTHER DIME ON A MLB GAME!


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