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Thanks in advance handicappers,

Was just wondering is this is the place to go for horse racing futures (Twin Spires) as well as the horse racing betting scene in general?peace




Quote Originally Posted by fengriffin2002:

How can you not admit that Brady is not the Greatest of all time??? Who else have done what he has achieved???

He is and no deny it and if you do your simply a Brady hater and just jealous and wish he was on your team.

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Quote Originally Posted by The Hawk:

Santana Abraxus was pretty groovy in its day... Sgt. Pepper backstory. If you notice the fancy uniforms, there is a patch on Sir Pauls arm that says, OPD. That's because it was for the Ontario Police Department. But there was a "Paul is Dead" theory going on then, and that cult thought it meant Officially Pronounced Dead....


Yes! One of my favs of all timethumbs_up

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Yes Sir!win


Yep! That's why the Patriots won because Brady and Belichick are good friends with Donald Trump and decided why not go and break some bread with Donald in the white house and have the gals Giselle and Melania shoot the $hit about how Giselle's G.O.A.T. Tom defeated all odds after the mid season and won his sixth Superbowl ring like Donald Trump Defeated all odds against Hillary to earn the White house.


Not the greatest of handicapping this year for this forty year Veteran but it I have to tell you that it sure does feel good to have won my biggest play of the year and for deciding to take the one, the only, the G.O.A.T.

Thanks Tom....A legend you most certainly are!an_2drinks

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Brady & Jordan in a class of their own.  

True that PusterBoseyan_cheers

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Quote Originally Posted by CanadaCup:

Quote Originally Posted by NinjaNight:

Quote Originally Posted by CanadaCup:

Why do you hate Brady so much? 
Great question. All I ever see this guy do is go around and talk about how much Brady sucks. He's obsessed with it.
Ninja my favorite team are the Buffalo Bills (Don't ) been a fan since 1973 if there is anyone that should hate Tom Brady it's a Bills fan with a 29-3 record but you cannot deny Tom Brady's greatness and his complete dominance of the AFC Conference and the NFL in general for 19 years, Brady is the G.O.A.T. and anybody that disagrees is not just a hater but an uneducated buffoon.

Ha well said....Take That!an_punch you Brady haters

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Quote Originally Posted by Silverstones:

Why would this phony ever get hurt ?  he throws 0-10 yards ,  primarily from a shot gun and  he cowers to the ground if anyone comes within 5 feet of him . Why do you think  this Stiff lasted till 41?  he's not standing in a pocket throwing downfield taking hits


Everything you are saying is true thumbs_upYet! The man has five super bowl rings win....Go figurean_timeout


Regardless short or long Belichick and Brady play the game that beats you and if short passes continue to net you first downs and eventually brings you above and beyond the red zone and ultimately into the end zone......The Long ball is irrelevant in any case that's NOT deemed necessary to throw it deep downfield.


You can all try and be Rodger Goodell and try to defend the No call all you want but the fact of the matter is the Saints got robbed and after seeing it live and again and again after that.....Every Damn Zebra was looking right at the play and NOT ONE made the call! and for anyone to say that wasn't the worse call in playoff history.....Have you done gone goofy!?

But It's too bad for him and his Son that they have to witness the rams get......Mopped!!

Patriots -2.5 (5 units and is the Biggest play of the year for me)

Agree with Ninja and for better or for worse for the NFL with it's outcome this game WILL be scrutinized to the fullest from the millions of fans/gamblers that are watching and make noooo mistake about it because in the end the winner will be legitimately the winner as I see it because the shadiness that usually occurs by these refs in these types of games will be minimal to none.

Quote Originally Posted by Achilles1629:

did someone forget:2018 Rams: at the super bowl because of a blown call.There ya go. Nuf said. Alllllll better.

The gift from the NFL that stops giving after this Sunday when the BEST quarterback to EVER play the game opens up another round of fingers for his sixth Superbowl Championship Ring.....In the meantime Brady haters...Were still herean_razz...were still herean_razz...were still herean_razz

Quote Originally Posted by ActionMagnet:

Sounds like you’re in denial and trying to convince yourself that Pats is the play because of your own hate for the Rams.

Nope! NOT at all true

If the team that should be there were there (The Saints) I then think it's game on! Because Brees would of made an exciting super bowl but because of the way the rams were gifted the game....They don't deserve to be there and that's why I can't be rooting for them because they were NOT the team that should be representing the AFC because I seen the game from start to finish and I had the over which went south and that's gambling and so I move on but as far as the team that should be representing The AFC and would of and should of given us the true AFC Champs representation in the Super Bowl playing these NFC Champions Patriots.....Yeah the Saints whom were indeed Robbed!

Because it's won't be!

The world for the most part hates/dislikes the patriots and most would like to see them fail  (At least I believe that to be true from what I see and hear from general conversations about Tom Brady Back in the Superbowl) lots of action will be thrown down on the rams because of the hate for the greatest team ever to play the game and their repetitious achievements and come super bowl Sunday if no tricks, refs or players are involved in any nonsense and the players are allowed to play their game....Who going to beat Tom Brady and the Coach Belichick Patriots? The Rams? Really? Nope! aint gonna your girly and pass with your goof all you want and take as much time as you need to score your rushing/passing touchdown because next offensive possession by the Patriots in an instant trouble rises again. Oh it won't? You haven't seen it? Your NOT convinced yet? Patriots roll this Houdini scab ass rams team whom made the playoffs with it's give me courtesy of the National Fixed League in the first place

Count me as one that's awake Lancerpeace_5 I'm one of those whom 110% believes that the NFL and ALL of it's affiliates are 110% Bull$hit!!

You can NOT tell the less knowledgable this though Lancer because though I myself put up what I believe is the "Truth" and Do NOT go name calling if I believe differently like most that can not come to grip with the obvious truth.

Sometimes the truth hurts you fantasy world up and up believers who believe sports are NOT Ever manipulated such as the Blatant No call outcome of the Rams/Saints Game......Are you really being serious?.....Really? Yeah okay! thumbs_upSMFHan_timeout


You do need to have your head examined if you think that THE NFL is on the up and up and that they do NOT manipulate certain games in any way shape or form for the benifits of the affiliated world wide gambling businesses.

I don't know how they are going to have these Refs at the superbowl playing it out for all sport venues to profit from it because Vegas got exposed really bad and okay non-believers I know, I know, I know, no one saw it (The blatant pass interfearance) from any viewing outlet yet alone line judges within feet of the actual play. Really? are you that Nieve? Really? It wasn't just the worst blow call in NFL history it was a disgrace to the NFL and believe me they know It!.

Remember business here and the league wasn't and did'nt want the saints to represent the AFC

They wanted the powerhouse market that the Californians would bring to the table just a 45 minute plane flight from Yep you guessed it California and it's six and a half hour Road Trip! (Oh Yeah Rams Baby...Let's ride) Money coming into vegas from the East coast to the West coast and some heavy hitters will be coming from the largest city in the world California and NOT the number one poverty state of louisiana (No disrespect...It is what it is)

For what it's worth I'm not crying foul because I bet the saints which I didn't I bet the Over which sure smelled foul in itself with that lame ass game that just didn't feel like it was two professional teams playing their game.

I know that all of my whining about fix is after the fact but really in the end it all seamed to materialize into the truth....They wanted the Rams and NOT the New Orleans Saints to represent the AFC!

Las Vegas revenue has been down 24% this past year with lots of off shore and localized gambling/casinos being built that is really taking a toll on vegas as is the Bull$hit resort fees and games that have little or NO cahnce of winning even iof you play the game 100% as you should play it and I DO!.....And I still only have a 50-50 chance of winning at any given session.

Go ahead I can take the name calling from the likes of "You clown" "Idiot" "Loser" "another wasted post" and much worse than that believe me but you know what? I give two $hits if you believe me (The astute Gamblers Do) or maybe NOT but all I'm trying to say is that NOT always and NOT prematurely do they play games (The NFL) but when it's a "MEGA" business with a chance to really capilize such as the Prime Time Games (Ha! did you catch a few of those games this year?) and now the big Nut The Big Show "The Super bowl" in which Year after Year....They WILL and DO decide who represents the AFC and who WILL represent the NFC so place your bets on February 3rd and if your lucky....You'll be on the right side of the Fix!

It's a business for entertainment purposes only so don't try to sue and don't try to get your New Orleans play back because it's etched in stone and they can legally call or legally entertain you in anyway they seem fitting for the benefit of their business and all of their affiliates.peace


Stats are Stats! What counts most is the score at the end of the game:


Quote: from "Terry Bradshaw" that I WILL never forget in a pre-game or was it a post game interview (I'm not sure) an_timeoutbut a witnessed and heard comment in his own words back in his playing days (When games were played righteously) and to this day that quote sticks in my head when handicapping.

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Keep these stats coming bro They are appreciated by most I'm sure

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