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StumpTownStu replied to Serena wave over
in General Discussion

Quote Originally Posted by bohemen_mahren:

I did stump, I knew serena is done, however sadly I took Roger to beat Novak but he did not have enough for that long marathon of a game, which lived up to the hype, so I dont really mind I lost on a 5th set tie break.

Hey, she made it to the final, which kind of surprised me, but it speaks for itself. She's gotta be near 40 because I remember her being a little older than me when she came on the scene and even i've now started the descent portion of 30's. Father time is undefeated and athletes get old right before your very eyes..

StumpTownStu replied to Detox's political thread
in Politics

Quote Originally Posted by VigPro:

Most of the murders happen in GUN FREE zones. Wherever they ban guns all that happens is good law abiding citizens stop being able to defend themselves, no law applies to criminals so they all keep their guns. Last weekend in gun free Chicago - 41 shooting injuries, 13 deaths, in 18 different crimes. ONE WEEKEND FFS. Citizens need to keep their right to own a gun, their life may one day depend on it. The criminals sure aren't going to give theirs up and guns are easy to get when you have defacto open borders. It's not law abiding citizens doing all the killing despite what the left claims.

It cracks me up whenever people say, "Last weekend in Chicago...." to make a point.

StumpTownStu replied to Serena wave over
in General Discussion

Sure you did.


Quote Originally Posted by SarasotaSlim:

Quote Originally Posted by thirdperson:

Trump foolishly abandons Iran nuclear deal the most important peace achievement in the last decade.  Despite Iran's full compliance as confirmed by allies and United nations inspectors, he turns a working agreement into a volatile situation.  Now Trump is threatening to take US into another diasterous war in the middle east. However most americans  are opposed to first strike by US according to Reuters/Ipsos poll.  Also republicans join democrats in majority votes in senate and house of representatives to limit Trump authority to start a war without congress approval.  Congress must assert its constitutional rights.
I see where you are coming from now 3rd ...You spell Iran with  a capital "I"  and Americans with a small "a"..The country you give a capital letter to Iran remains the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism a distinction the country has held for many years....and the country that is rocking in the free world a small letter. I think some of you will never get over your defeat in the Revolutionary War...

Slim, "Iran" is a proper noun, the name of a country, and therefore is supposed be capitalized. The word "american" isn't. If he were to write "America" then he would use a capital "A".

StumpTownStu replied to Just Who Is Donald J Trump?
in Politics

Quote Originally Posted by wallstreetcappers:

Well gee wiz I wonder why women would be offended from the big loser? He only has a multi decade history of abusing, belittling and demeaning women so who would be bothered by that? Its amazing that anyone would want to waste time visiting that little ego, big mouth clown. How about you hold yourself and the position to a high standard and give people a reason to want to visit after a big accomplishment? Trump is a phony, loud mouth embarrassment to this country. I suppose this is a win-win because this frees up more time for his cheating golf resort trips he is so famous for.


Quote Originally Posted by Phillip2002:

To everyone saying Trump, please reply to me on why. Everytime I hear it the reason is he is a racist or an asshole, which are true but dont make him a bad president. Overall, his time so far in office hasnt been anything bad, taxes and some prices have gone up, but in general the economy has been doing well. And he has done a good job of holding peace with other strong nations so far...

People like who they like for their own reasons and they dislike the other guy. I think very little of it has to do with political accomplishment. Just naming recent Presidents, I would put both Obama and Trump over G.H.W, Clinton, and G.W. I was too young to fairly judge Reagan but based on historical reference there are many I can put both Obama and Trump over. If you pick either, I would posit that you are extremely biased and your bias has nothing to do with politics.


Quote Originally Posted by Europa:

Trump Administration lost the fight on the 2020 Census, it is as simple as that. Supreme Court has made the decision against Trump Administration and Federal Judge Jesse Furman enforces the Law. There is NO way around, Bill Bar. Supreme Court rules this land NOT you, Bill Bar!

It was a stupid fight to begin with. The Census works on the honor system. They don't fact check that stuff. Most illegals just don't participate. If they would've put those same illegals on, those same illegals would just do the same they've been doing and not participate.


Quote Originally Posted by budwiser:

like i said, imo he was never going to stay in toronto. of course he couldn't say that that's just my guess....and i could be wrong about that.  nobody knows except his circle and few others. in the end imo he made the right move.  he's not there to save lebron, he's not there to support toronto or the country of Canada, he's a quiet guy that wants to play good basketball in his home town.  these days when there are so many loudmouths out there, in a way it's refreshing to have a guy who doesn't feel the need to tell everyone who they should vote for, or what they should be thinking about.

I am a product of Oakland Public Schools, which isn't saying much, so I may be wrong but I was always taught that it is gauche to end a sentence with a preposition.

StumpTownStu replied to silly question..
in MLB Betting

I'm a Rear Admiral in the penalty box.


Who's pitching? The .500 team could win. That's the beauty of baseball. Only major team sport that you could say that about. If this was the NBA, the all-star team wins by 100. It'd be like 174-70 but in baseball, even the best hitters can go 0'fer. The best pitchers can serve on up. With todays juice ball the all-star team probably kills the .500 team but with a traditional ball, the .500 team could win.

StumpTownStu replied to Congrats AL backers
in MLB Betting

You guys really are degenerates. I don't even watch all-star games, let alone wager on them. And how does LA stand for "loser"?

StumpTownStu replied to this one was scarey..
in General Discussion

Quote Originally Posted by THEMUGG:

We had the infamous "Nisqually Quake" up here about 20 years ago........same thing......rolling for about 30-40 seconds. I was working alone at a remote VZ site at the time, about 100 miles from the epicenter.......thought I was trippin.
Earth quakes are a reality in the NW. Not to mention volcanic eruptions.


Quote Originally Posted by ILoveCover88:

Toronto kissed so much a$$ hoping that kawhi would return. The toronto mayor basically got on his knees and begged him to return when he talked kahwi up and handed the city's key to kawhi....that was a slap in the face for lowry who did a lot for Toronto. Lowry should have gotten the key even though kahwi was the mvp.

With the money they pay him, he can buy a locksmith.


To the people who say Trump, and the people who say Obama, i'm curious as to how so?


Quote Originally Posted by StumpTownStu:

You're the only person, both in person and on the internet, that i've ever seen try to defend pharmaceutical companies. Either you work for a pharmaceutical company or you are just as biased, if not more so, than any Trump defender on this site.

I swear, midnight gives me a hard time about not picking a side but you people make it hard to. The republicans push a lof of agendas that I just can't get behind (they push some I definitely can and do) but the democratic party, and it's constituents, are all batsheet crazy. The drug companies are fleecing Americans all while flooding the streets with opioids and pushing us right into a crisis. They are comparable to the cartels. And here you are talking about their "free speech". You have democratic candidates who say, "We're not gonna campaign to the middle-class, nor even lower-class Americans. We're not gonna campaign to the forgotten Americans. Those is middle America, in the rust belt. Flyover country. We're not gonna canpaign to the veterans. We're not even gonna follow our old playbook and campaign to African Americans. Nope! We're gonna campaign directly to illegals!" To the point where you have candidates dusting off their high school Spanish and sounding like idiots.


You're the only person, both in person and on the internet, that i've ever seen try to defend pharmaceutical companies. Either you work for a pharmaceutical company or you are just as biased, if not more so, than any Trump defender on this site.


Quote Originally Posted by thirdperson:

A federal judge blocks Trump's new rule requiring drug companies to disclose drug prices in ads.  His order lacks legal authority, confuses consumers and violates free speech rights of drug companies under US constitution.  Besides, Trump's rule might drive prices higher and not lower.  Meanwhile, Trump's sabotage of obamacare is increasing healthcare costs.  According to Congress budget office, obamacare has proven successful in slowing the rise of costs and increasing number of insured americans by subsidizing their insurance.  Without individual mandate, fewer healthy people are paying for the sick.  Insurers are left with more sick people and higher costs.  Resulting in fewer people getting preventive care.  More uninsured people using expensive emergency care is a substitute that increases costs for everyone.

So you hate Trump so much that you're defending big pharma? Ha. I swear, there are many nutjobs, "...on both sides", that will say, defend, and/or overlook anything to bolster their side. Obamacare is a great concept, yet no without flaws. Repeal and replace is a scam and that's why it has yet to go over. The skyrocketing cost of perscription drugs is a huge issue and Obamacare didn't do anything to address this. Trump campaigned on bringing prices down. Trump, though often misguided, atleast feigns addressing his campaign promises. Democrats talk a lot and say nothing. It's no surprise that Hillary didn't campaign on any kind of platform. You can't break a promise you don't make. Everything Trump has done, some I agree with, a lot of it I do not, but everything he's done are things he said he would do, ir attempt to do, on the campaign trail.

StumpTownStu replied to Patrick Mahomes is cursed
in NFL Betting

That' isn't really a thing just like this isn't really a thread.

StumpTownStu replied to Over 486.5 feet
in MLB Betting

Quote Originally Posted by ScoooobyDoooo:

Key, not sure why you fight it when its what is winning winning winning.Not always agood to be a contrarian

Key hates it. Hey, I used to be an unders guy too. I'm still able to nail some nice F5 unders but I sure lose more than I used to. I now try to be disciplined and just stay away from totals. I can't bring myself to play overs at the rate the current trend would dictate and yet no undee is ever safe. I used to think the guys who hollered juiced balls were like the guys who holler "script" after every loss. I would say, "It's just launch swings, blah, blah, blah." That's definitely a big part of it but now I feel like there isn't a question if the ball is juiced.


...because he has a porn name.


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