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I'm with ya on the Rockheads -1.5...peace_5

Qwan61 replied to Dodgers @ Redsox
in MLB Betting

The BLUNDER that the Sox made in the 10 or 11th inning was inexcusable.

Guy on 2nd for outs and guy who is a good bunter Hernandez(IIRC) is swinging away.

The bunt would have got the guy to 3rd and the next play was a deep sac fly....GAME OVER BOSTON WINS!





Qwan61 replied to 401K Pounder
in MLB Betting

Quote Originally Posted by WISEGUY36:

Good Luck too!!! moneybag

Qwan61 created a topic 401K Pounder
in MLB Betting

Houston -2.5(+105)




Qwan61 replied to I love LA
in MLB Betting

I'm not interested in this game but seeing how LAD fares against Boston as a strength comparison.


If Boston beats up on LAD....this is not going to be good for a Yankee-LAD WS final(if it goes that way).

NYY has owned Boston & Houston & Tampa & Minny.


LAD is 0-2 against LAA and split one with Tampa this year. So...LAD is not really matching up against AL(so far) and we shall see if that holds again in the Boston series.



Qwan61 replied to NL PITCHERS CHART
in MLB Betting

Quote Originally Posted by Comm_Capper:

This chart will help when trying to figure out if the pitcher has a strong probability of having a quality start or not.


What is the hitter to do when he used to blame strike 3 on the ump?


Now, he will have to kick dirt on the lens I guess?


I feel comforted in knowing there are people even weirder than me out there.  cool


Quote Originally Posted by KeyElement:

"The earthquakes on July 4th were not natural, they were part of the plan and critical to paving, blah blah blah"How do you start an earthquake?


Fat people jumping along the fault line...bigsmile

Qwan61 replied to Stealing First Base?
in MLB Betting

It would change the whole game towards speed for sure.


You might not be able to hit but if you are rocket down 1st base start.


First base would have to be empty or you force the guy at first to steal 2nd and that guy might be slow and the throw would go to second.


Lots of complications..confused

Qwan61 created a topic Stealing First Base?
in MLB Betting

They will be trying it maybe in MLB if it pans out:

Qwan61 replied to The Bottom Line
in MLB Betting

Quote Originally Posted by jnemeh:

Horrible game if you were cheering for NL. 16ks for NL 6 looking and 10 swinging7ks for AL 0 looking!!Makes you wonder that in an All Star game why are you looking at a third strike if your in an exhibition!Unless scripted that way for AL and their boy Shane Bienber who really didn’t deserve MVP


I can't imagine being invited to an ASG and not getting some good cuts in. confused

I'm not looking for a walk when there are two strikes on me unless the guy is working the 55 foot special or mid-opposite side batters box.

Qwan61 replied to 39-15
in MLB Betting

Quote Originally Posted by smacksmiter:

These are legitimate questions...If he is having a once in a lifetime year it would be good to know as with a 74.2% record there is a HUGE probability he will regress hard in the 2H...It's just math...But if he does this all the time...then problem...


Percentages will ALWAYS go down with increasing the number of bets.

But it really is the net diff between wins and losses that show up in your pocket not %'s.


Assuming 1:1 payout to simplify things:


70 w - 30 losses = 70% with a net of +40


200W - 100 losses = 66% but the net is now +100





Quote Originally Posted by Qwan61:

Chappie coming in to pitch and as a rule:   he never makes it easy...


Oh well..Chappie shut me up but still cashed NL +1.5




Quote Originally Posted by Cdvwolves:

Hand was awful and they just kept him in there for 30 pitches wtf


I've had that same comment on opening starters when it isn't their day.....get them out early.


It is just like the corner men of a boxer just let them get pounded and don't throw in the white towel..


Chappie coming in to pitch and as a rule:


he never makes it easy...


Quote Originally Posted by Qwan61:

2 runs coming in for NL...gareeenteed.




2 runs coming in for NL...gareeenteed.


I expect lots of bunting in this game...an_roll_laugh


Quote Originally Posted by aaironworks:

to finals


Alonso is the only one who has a swing like I did.


It makes me think Alonso was viewing some hieroglyphics of my playing days....an_roll_laugh

Qwan61 replied to 10.000$ for NL
in MLB Betting

I like the NL +1.5(-180) better...




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