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seafood_pasta created a topic Sick Totals 4.26
in MLB Betting
Tampa and Balt (#918) Under 8.5 (-115)
seafood_pasta created a topic Sick Totals 4.25
in MLB Betting
Back tested a systems total I created. Background story, I was falling asleep on the couch watching the local news when the sportscaster started talking about why Golden State would go over the total in the next game, and it clicked in my mind to look for situations that this sportscaster was referring to. My back testing went all the way to 1996. Don't want to make a big deal yet, but the results are "sick." 

$500 Washington / Colorado (#959) Over 10.5 [-105]

Friends and haters are all welcomed. The stock market would not be a true efficient market if everyone was betting on stocks to go up....or go down. All comments welcomed.

Game of the Week on [507] Utah +5.5

O/U Best Bets on:
[969/70] LA/Kansas City Over 9 (-110)
[503/04] Milw/Toronto Over 199
[505/06] SA/Memphis Over 190

Lock of the Year on [970] Kansas City +100

Total of the Year on [79/80] Boston/Ottawa Under 5 (-150)

-1.10 units YTD
Best bet on the CIN Reds
Game of the year on Pittsburgh hockey
Lock of the year on MLB Colorado
I will be documenting my journey. There will be highs and lows.
seafood_pasta created a topic Dime re-up; Dime Utah ML +120
in College Basketball
Get on the there train! Money
seafood_pasta created a topic 2H -All In-
in College Basketball
whole account split up on these two

northwestern -2.5
davidson -2.5 (-115)

let's win 2

I got your text message. I agree 100% brah! Keep banging!
I selected:

Drake Over
BYU Over
Virginia Under
UC Irvine Over

but the team experts consensus are on the opposite.

Fade me and follow the team experts....


make money
I take the entire team consensus list for "team experts."

I pick, before looking, at what I think the team experts consensus will be.

If I pick Over, and the consensus is Under, then you would want to fade me and the Under.

I back tested since Feb 1 and my picks (when opposite) are well below 45%.

You profit 
I profit because I fade my pick
We all make money
I cannot post names because it is against Covers rules, but I will say there are some awful touts on New England. I am talking terrible scam artists....but we all know that dogs with fleas sometimes lose the fleas for a short period of time.
seafood_pasta created a topic Super Bowl tally from multiple sources
in NFL Betting
The consensus at Covers at 12:15 PM today is 869-837 Atl and 957-562 Over.

Tout tally is 37-35 N Eng and 14-10 Under.

Grand total tally:
904 Atlanta
874 New England

967 Over
576 Under
Tonight was Denver Greg's first pick as the #1 contestant. Unfortunately I just noticed this. If he wins, wait for a new #1. If he loses, then follow the next #1's first pick only. Repeat.
Have not had time to research this but this falls under a psychological factor potentially if there was one. Look at the last page of the Monthly Leaderboard and look for brand new contestants with very long names. The psychology angle would be that they do not plan to have that new account long due to the long name. Fade them 1 time, look for a new one tomorrow.
I have done this in the past but have not had time because of other obligations. This actually made good money. Go to page 3 or 4 of the main Streak leaderboard (not the month board) and randomly find a contestant who has a winning overall record. Follow them until they lose. After they lose, do it all over again.
When there is a new #1 leader at the top of the leaderboard, follow them for their next pick. Only the next pick after they have become the new #1 leader. If they win, do not follow again. Wait until they lose and follow the next #1 contestant.
I don't have hard facts and data on this, but it seems like every time I notice this situation, the contestant loses.

Look for a contestant who has not made a pick in over 30 days.

I start with the last page under Monthly Leaderboard and start making my way forward. Fade them for just that pick. Find a new one tomorrow.

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