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I just finished going through Lindy's and Athlon Sports' annuals. Tons of money-making nuggets in those two. I made copious notes. Next up is Marc Lawrence's Playbook annual.
I want to add Suuma's team write-ups to the mix here. I've read the first several - from Arizona to Carolina - and it's really fantastic stuff. Way better than what he used to post here, and the stuff he posted here was excellent.
I'm leaning somewhat to Carolina, also. Need to see Superman in the preseason first. No telling how he'll play after shoulder surgery.
Quote Originally Posted by JerryWrasse:

The Logic of Sports Betting is the best handicapping book I've read

Thanks for the tip!
Going through my copy of Lindy's ProFootball Annual and I noticed a couple of games worth circling: the Falcons play five division games in a row Nov. 10 to Dec. 8. On December 15, they have a road game at Frisco. Big advantage 49ers.

The Saints play four division games in a row from Nov. 10 to Nov. 28. On December 8, they have a home game vs. Frisco. Big advantage 49ers.
Quote Originally Posted by defqon24:

Wouldn't it cost a lot more than $50 if you bought every teams preview for Lindy's or Athlon's? Or is there a version that has all teams?

Each magazine covers all 32 pro teams.
DoctorSuccess replied to Saturday Divisional Round
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Quote Originally Posted by EastsideBangers:


If your goal was to be a Jack*ss when you bumped an older thread just to insult the OP, then congratulations.

Otherwise, your post is pointless 

I second that.
Quote Originally Posted by omb1:

The Marc Lawrence Playbook is an absolute requirement.  Been using it for 15+ years.

Now on sale! Baker Mayfield on the cover.
DoctorSuccess replied to Browns make the playoffs
in NFL Betting
Just don't go hog wild with your betting. 
DoctorSuccess replied to 2019 playbook annual is out
in NFL Betting
Baker Mayfield on the cover. Does that mean the Browns are doomed?

Perusing the issue. It's fantastic.
Well, you want a pass-happy OC, and maybe a team that will be playing behind a lot ... Kyler Murray???
DoctorSuccess replied to Week 1 early pick
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I like it.
Quote Originally Posted by StumpTownStu:

Phil Steele College Football Preview. I don't even use it as much as I use to but I gotten it every year since l believe my senior year in high school. I just turned 36. It's tradition.

That's really cool, Stu. I think a lot of this is tradition. With the world turning upside down before our eyes, it feels good to go back to our childhood and high school days when life was less compicated.

Every fall, when football rolls around, I'm reminded of a more carefree time; when the girls were pretty, and the music was good, and all you needed were your buddies, a field, and a football.
[Quote: Originally Posted by ILoveCover88]

Take a look at the methods discussed at the "how to win at sports betting" at and as well as their money management spreadsheet. Their methods works/strategy does magic with nfl/cfb/mlb.

Now the truth comes out, you're a shill!! 

Quote Originally Posted by ILoveCover88:

These books are not way to be profitable better. They have some interesting trend and the usual stuff that may look amazing but when it comes to consistently beating bookmakers edge in daily matchups they don't mean anythings. Bettors who follow any of those things discussed in those books will lose long term until they learn to handicap the game in hand with present match up situations on a weekly basis. 

If you're not making money off those publications, you're doing something wrong.
1) Marc Lawrence's Playbook Football Preview Guide - usually out the last week of June. Great team write-ups and articles, along with tons of trends. A must-read.

2) Lindy's Pro Football Annual - Bought my copy today at the newsstand! Lots of good player info and a coaching roster for every team.

3) Athlon Sports Pro Football Annual - Bought my copy of this today too! Also has good player info, along with great info on all the different coordinator changes.

4) Week One NFL Winners - 2019 version on sale at Amazon now. Over 100 pages of analysis for this year's 16 Week One games. Tons of coaching history info. Must-read.

5) How to Beat the Pro Football Pointspread by Bobby Smith. A really good book with some great handicapping advice.

There are other good ones, but they are out of print and difficult to find. The ones listed above are all available and on sale now.

If you bought them all, the cost would be between $25 and $50, depending on whether you got the Kindle or paperback versions.

A splendid investment for anyone betting $50 or more per game. If you can only get one, I would go with Marc Lawrence.
Thanks for the excellent input, guys.

I would post more, but this website is not user-friendly at all.
Thanks, Double Up.
Great info, Professor.

Double Up is going to love this.
DoctorSuccess created a topic BUFFALO BILLS in WEEKS ONE and TWO
in NFL Betting
The Buffalo Bills are in a unique situation to start the year. They open on the road at New York to play the Jets. Yes, it's a road game, but traveling from Buffalo to New York isn't quite the same as flying across multiple time zones.

The Bills are 3-2 SU on the road at New York over the last five years, including 1-1 SUATS under head coach Sean McDermott. McDermott is also 3-1 SUATS vs. Adam Gase, who is New York's new head coach. 

On top of that, New York is 9-23 SU over the last two years, including 6-10 SU at home. During that same time Buffalo is 15-14 SU, including 5-11 SU on the road. So how much is New York's home field worth? I'd say about 1 point, but the opening line has New York favored by 3 points.

In Week Two, Buffalo returns to New York to play the Giants in the exact same stadium. That is extremely unusual and it seems to mitigate the home field advantage as the Bills will be familiar with the setting, using the same locker room, and facing almost the same crowd. And it's another short travel game.

The Giants are 8-24 SU over the last two years, including 4-12 SU at home. I'd rate their home field advantage in this game about 1 point also. Yet the opening line is New York -3.

Now I'm not saying that Buffalo is going to win both of these games. However, I am saying that the opening lines for both games are creating slight overlays in the Bills' favor. They have very close to a 50% chance to win either game SU, yet they are getting 3 points in each one, and the money line will likely be close to +120 or +125.

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