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Quote Originally Posted by StumpTownStu:

In the meantime.....An average of 10-20 Black men are murdered by other black men every week IN CHICAGO ALONE.....But, Kaepernick taking a knee for .0000000000000000000000000001 of the Black population "unjustly" killed by the police in all of America since, like 1960.....Top 2 "Breaking News" headlines on the MainBrainWashMedia - - Trump May/May Not have said the "N" word 15 years ago.....Will the NFL players "Take A Knee" during the National Anthem.....Good to see everything's in order of priorityFAIL.....

Is that all you've got, Gimme? I know you've been away but you're coming weak. Where in this thread were we talking about Chicago, police killings, or .00000000001% of NFL players taking knees. Frankly, the whole "taking a knee story would be an after thought if Trump hadn't revived it as a political game piece. Kaep, and just about every player who knelt 2 years ago are out of the league. Going into last season, Trump, always looking for something to distract from real issues, started tweeting about players kneeling. So in response, players knelt. Self-fulfilling prophecy.

Now you come into this thread, about the possibility of the president being a racist, the possibility of there being a tape of him using racial slurs, and somehow awkwardly segue that into talking about Chicago and kneeling for the national anthem. You're my boy but that was weak.

Just simply pointing out the hypocrisy of our "news" outlets now, that's all. Shouldn't the nightly "Breaking News" and "Top Story" be about how many men of color were murdered that day? I guess since it's not at the hands of "Evil Whitey", then who cares, right?

Right. Instead let's go with a racial slur the credible source known as Omarosa may or may not have heard Trump say 15 years ago, and run it every hour on the hour.....

This is "Grab 'em by the P###Y" 2.0 - - and who cares.....
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Quote Originally Posted by Mark_The_Narc:

From the original question. No I could care less. OMG he said the N-word. A 73 year old man has never said the n word before. Get real. C'mon folks. Life goes on. Pocketbook issues win the day when it's all said and done. 

In the meantime.....

An average of 10-20 Black men are murdered by other black men every week IN CHICAGO ALONE.....

But, Kaepernick taking a knee for .0000000000000000000000000001 of the Black population "unjustly" killed by the police in all of America since, like 1960.....

Top 2 "Breaking News" headlines on the MainBrainWashMedia - - 

Trump May/May Not have said the "N" word 15 years ago.....
Will the NFL players "Take A Knee" during the National Anthem.....

Good to see everything's in order of priority


Quote Originally Posted by Doubleadownon12:

Not if both Trump and Pence are impeached next year. Then it would be up to President Pelosi to exact her revenge.

"President Pelosi"?!?!?!

Only someone who is dumb enough to double down on 12 would put money on that happening!!!!
Quote Originally Posted by SarasotaSlim:

Rep. Maxine Waters  has canceled a pair of public events after she received a “very serious death threat”

She said there was "one very serious death threat" made against her on Monday from a person in Texas, "which is why my planned speaking engagements in Texas and Alabama were cancelled this weekend."

"This is just one in several very serious threats the United States Capitol Police are investigating in which individuals threatened to shoot, lynch, or cause me serious bodily harm," Waters said.

Maxine playing the "Sympathy Card" after her unashamed call to incite violence on she's trying to transform herself into the victim....  Don't worry Maxine,, they can’t kill James Brown twice....

The only death threats "Mad" Maxine is getting is from the Syphilis that is obviously slowly eating her brain.....
Quote Originally Posted by SarasotaSlim:

When you copied & pasted this little diatribe from the Daily Koz website should have,,, at least include what they had at the end of the rant ...

Help stop another Trump Supreme Court nominee. Please give $3 today and help take back the Senate this fall.

You'd be better off doubling down on 12 with that money than to give it to the Democraps.....

Quote Originally Posted by Midnight1:

You are so freaking stupid.

That's like me blaming Bush for a date in September.

I guess if W. had ORDERED the planes to hit the WTC & Pentagon, then you might have a case.....

If I was Slick Willie or Janet Reno, I wouldn't be able to live with myself knowing I was responsible for all those innocent deaths.
[Politics] Topic: It's sure starting to look like a Civil War

Yep - you got it right S.S. - - but instead of "slavery" and which side do you want to be on, it's - - are you an "American", or are you a whiny, P.O.S. crybaby that wants Bernie Sanders or Billary to be in charge so you can continue to get free S#!T from the "government", not have to worry about working, and keep FU##ING over hard working people.....

Quote Originally Posted by nature1970:

Waco “ what a cook out” hospital generator explodes outside of ft McAllen it’s a freaking mystery huh???? You all stole these humans children took them across the country can’t explain it to Congress and shat happens,.. it only getting worse. We banned all Somalians from entering the country yet we have 1000’s here in Maine    INCOMING... sucks being is.

Why do I know this city?
Oh yeah...…
A bunch of innocent AMERICAN women and children slaughtered.....

Who was in charge then?

I forget.....
I wonder if it would have worked if he'd used a Bible.....

Quote Originally Posted by darkhorse12:

Who cares if he says"according to" Look it up and check to see if its true.Are you righties that lazy you won't do it ? You all seem to be afraid of the truth.Why is that? 

According to my sources, all the whiny, bleeding-heart Liberal crybabies are what is wrong with America today. Fortunately, there's a man in charge now who basically threw his career and reputation away to try to Make America Great Again.

Remember, that is true and a fact, because I prefaced it with "According To My Sources" - go ahead and look it up if you don't believe me.


I had a buddy of mine who would get "sponsors" and enter poker tournaments on the weekends. I always thought where's the fun in that? Just hand somebody some money and let him go gamble with it? Not for me.....

I feel the same way about watching the games. Would I sit through a meaningless June Diamondbacks/Pirates baseball game just to "watch it"? Hell NO!!!!

It's an adrenaline rush! Especially a close game, or it's the final leg of a parlay. Almost as good as sex! Almost.....

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Quote Originally Posted by moneym8:


No, Canada is not a POS country. They treat humans as humans when they arrive at the border.


(mic drop)

Just curious, can you point me to your post about praising murdering DICKtators and insulting U.S. military by saluting a murdering general of said DICKtator?


First off, when you "Drop The Mic", that's it. You don't run back out on stage, pick it up off the floor, and go:
"OH! OH! By the way! Here's some more non-sensical Liberal Left Crap!!!!!


You're spot on about Canada, but if we were to flip positions, and Mexico was Canada's southern border, you'd be living in "Los Canadastan" with guerilla warfare, Drug cartels ruling the country, Muslim terrorists, etc., etc., - it would be Thunderdome......

So, go ahead an sleep easy, Canada - once again, as usual, America will pay for and handle everything for you.

We're Michael Jordan scoring 60, and you're Craig Hodges throwing up 3's in garbage time. Yes, we both get to the freedom "ring", but isn't someone doing a bit more to get us there?!?!?!


Quote Originally Posted by wallstreetcappers:

Yeah only liberals do the things that the above referenced has nothing to do with human nature or the flaws of men in general right?

Oh and we cant make lists of Repubs who are just as disgusting, but if you are it probably would include Trump...just saying.

Threads like this are dividing this country and the replies inside this thread are cut right down the stupid political party lines. Nothing like politics to bring out the worst in people.

I agree with what you said, but you kind of missed my point.
Yes, both political parties have members who are guilty of "harassment", but Hollywood & the MSM (read:Liberal Left) seem to pick and choose who gets crucified and who is lauded as a hero. I mean, how much crap did Trump take for just SAYING "Grab 'em by the P----" in a private conversation - yet Slick Willie is making the rounds on a book tour?

James Franco is now "persona non grata" for some "inappropriate comments & touching" yet Kobe Bryant gets applauded for winning an Oscar?!?!

I could keep going, but just where's the consistency? That's all.....

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Quote Originally Posted by Doubleadownon12:

The only difference btw what Trump is doing to undocumented immigrants and what the Nazis did to the person is that the Nazis had to go from house to house to round up their victims, while all Trump's Border Patrol has to do is wait for their victims to walk or swim across the border. 

That's it. Practically everything else is the same. What Trump's Border Patrol agents are doing has nothing to do with law enforcement. Neither did the Nazis when they separated Jewish children from their parents at Buchenwald and Dachau. Trump's agents are carrying out a policy promulgated by this administration. Nazi SS stormtroopers were carrying out a policy of rounding up political opponents, "undesirables", and person and incinerating them in concentration camps. These camps were entirely extra - legal. You didn't have to be convicted of a crime to be incinerated in a concentration camp. Nor have the immigrants and their children being held in these hastily constructed cages been convicted of crimes.

This is a scary look into the mind of the modern day bleeding heart Libtard. But, like I told you before, what else could we expect from someone insane enough to double down on 12.....
The comparison to jeews rounded up in Nazi Germany is a huge insult to anyone who suffered through that nightmare and their families.
Secondly, these aren't "victims" any more than the parent arrested for DUI, or possession of marijuana are "victims". You're knowingly entering this country illegally, suffer the consequences.....
Thirdly, we don't need a border along Canada, because Canada is not a corrupt P.O.S. country run by terrorists who exploit their people. What would you say if our South border "neighbor" was Afghanistan? Would you feel the same? Now, how about France or Japan? Exactly.....

Finally, since you hate Trump so much, but love your Clintons - and Bill or Hillary would have NEVER done something so deplorable like this to these "innocent dreamers" - let me leave you with these 2 words:

"Elian Gonzalez"

*(mic drop)
But Clinton, Any Kennedy, Kobe, Letterman, Woody Allen, Roman Polanski, etc., etc.,  - - These are "GOOD"?

Morgan Freeman? Is he "GOOD"?

Al Franken? Do we #MeToo him?

I'm so confused!!!

Can you please send me your "Holier Than Thou" cheat sheet so I know who to wag  my finger at in disgust, and who to praise  for being an iconic pure legend.....

Also, I'm pretty sure the current POTUS has done NOTHING EVEN CLOSE to your beloved "Heroes" I mentioned earlier.....

Thank you, I'm awaiting your response on who to hate and who to worship.....
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Quote Originally Posted by Doubleadownon12:

The Taliban were a Islamist political movement in Afghanistan. Al Qaeda is a terrorist organization operating in numerous countries. How many of the hijackers were from Afganistan? I'll give you a guess, zero. Where were these terrorists from? Saudi Arabia. That is the true enemy of the U.S. and you foolishly are herded like sheep into overlooking this fact.

Wasn't the Taliban at one point our allies against the evil Soviet empire? It's all in that historical documentary titled "Rambo 3".....
Quote Originally Posted by searchwarrant:


cleaning house

any kind of shopping

rude people.


American know it all self entitled women






Wta tennis





fake dooshbags

fat chics with attitude



As Joker says in Dark Knight. "I try to show the schemers how pathetic their attempt to control things really are."


Dude, you just described California in a nutshell! You might need to move.....
Also, I'm with you on the joows & beaners, but how DARE you speak ill about the good people warming up in the bullpens!!!! Haven't they suffered enough by being segregated to the deep right field corner next to the drunken fans?!?!?

For God's sake, my father was a bullpen warm up coach! And if I was to meet you face to face I'd knock your teeth out you anti-bullpenite b@stard!!!!!
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Quote Originally Posted by packersbackers:

sleep deprivation eh? go buy and read my book eh? roger Clemens maybe really did misremember all those buttocks injections eh?

great video link Slim peace_5

every single American, as well as non-American should be thanking the grace of god for making sure she didn't win the election vs Trump...the world would be in total chaos right now with her taking multiple daily naps and falling down repeatedly.

but yeah, lets get back to more pressing issues like what Stormy Daniels latest queef smelled like

Just look at what happened right after she lost the election. Ran off into the woods like "Fragile" Frankie Merman from Seinfeld! Wouldn't even talk to anybody until she started peddling her stupid book.

Can you imagine that running the leader of the Free world?!?!?!

I can't. Thank God she lost.
So, I guess you're not going to get that breath of fresh air then?
Dude, I'm sure it's a lovely late Spring day wherever you are. Take one  day off, find your local park, and take a stroll around it. Listen to the birds chirping in the trees, get some fresh air, and clear your head of any thoughts of DJT.....
Don't worry, Covers won't delete your thread again, this will all still be here. Just one day. Since you've already posted for 6/12, let's try for 6/13. Nothing would make me happier about your mental state than to not see a "6/13" in the posting timeline.....

Good Luck!

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