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Sportsfan123456 created a topic Favorite NFL week 1 picks.
in NFL Betting
These are my favorite picks of week 1 of the NFL season.

New Orleans Saints +1 1/2
I just don't think that the Falcons had a good enough off season to impact their season that much and I think the Saints did well in the draft getting Brandin Cooks who will make that already crazy offense even better long story short Brees and the Saints and getting points seems to good to pass on.

Pittsburgh Steelers -5 1/2
The Steelers finished their season very good last year and had an awesome off season from the draft to free agency adding Blount to the backfield with Bell seems like a hell of duo and with Shazier already impressing and the defense looking more spry with as good of a QB Ben Roethlisbeger is the Steelers are Super Bowl contenders and the Browns will probably be the Browns one more year as Brian Hoyer looks to be the starter for opening day which seems to make the this bet look even better.

San Francisco 49ers -4 1/2
The Niners also had a great off season even though Aldon Smith will most likely be out and Bowman will be out the Niners still have MORE than enough talent to win this game and cover the spread easy.

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