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Thanks to Dan for once again running this great system. 

That second system loss ocurred when the series had to cross over the NHL All-star break. Crazy things always seem to happen around all-star breaks in every league. Its probably worth adding a filter to avoid situation.

The next series is probably the last one for the season.
Quote Originally Posted by Danrules24:

Yeah, I'm not too thrilled with the idea of betting against a first place team at home (NYI). We'll see.

Islanders haven't played for 10 days. They will be rusty. Lightning played 2 days ago. They are ready to go.
My experience over the years playing this system: When its a toss up between 2 teams as the second leg of the parlay its the team in the first leg that lets us down. So colorado loses tonight. 
Hope im wrong
Just a heads up that Saturdays parlay will likely involve both 1pm eastern games. 
No need to sweat game 8 guys. Win or lose tomorrow, take confort in knowing this system will finish in the positive by the end of the season.
Note the Edmonton / New Jersey game is being played in Sweden.
Its not a normal home game for the Devils

Any idea why they ask you to confirm that you received their email with picks?

I'm trying to understand how their scam works. Sent you a friend request.


Is Dan the man?


Is DAN the MAN!!!!!

This is another great DanRules24 system.

For those looking for a few more plays along the lines of the parameters of this system, take a close look at the Winnepg Jets. 

They barely missed the cut for qualifying under this system. Their pre-all star break schedule consisted of playing on the road 58% of the time. Post break they will be mostly playing at home, where they have recorded only 4 home losses all year.

They start a 10 game home stand tonight and have a 6 game home stand in March.

I think we can scoop up a few more units with the Jets.

NHL teams get a point in the standings when they lose a game that goes to overtime. The winner gets 2 points.


Quote Originally Posted by BuckeyeKaptn:

I stopped following "Fade the Public" cause of an adjustment I made to my spreadsheet screwed up the plays for a week so.....

I also stopped following Fade Bottom 3 in points because the website I pulled it from changed formats.  I don't know hockey other than from video games so I don't know how the powers that be determine if you get a point or not (a team can get a point even if they don't win the game? My Cleveland Browns should play in the NHL then. At least my Buckeyes don't disappoint.)

Updated to December 30th stats coming.
chaser15, you are up sir!
Let's hit another one

its the right thing to do.
all about money management.

you'll get it back.
60% win rate betting every game.
this is the holy grail!!!
Quote Originally Posted by SUPEREAGLE43:

Can you imagine the investment firms that will open up when this becomes legalized. When done systematically like what DansRules does, wagering is a FAR better investment than the stock market. In stock market terms I can stop this thread right here and have outperformed in 2 weeks what an investor would HOPE to reach in a year investing in the stock market percentage wise. What would you rather invest in, Coca Cola and let it sit 20 years or the New England Patriots where it matures in 3 hours?!haha

100% Agreed
Great picks. Keep it going 
Can I have some cookies too???


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