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Taking Phil's -113 v KC
KC stinks. Last place at 14-26
Phils 1st place at 22-16
Phils won yesterday 7-0. KC had 4 hits. KC won Friday. 
KC losing record at home 9-12
Phils 8-9 away 
KC hasnt won a series since April 12-14. I don't think Phils want to lose series to these bums 

KC pitcher is not great. 3-3 record which isn't bad for this team but era 5.52. But lately not so good as he has allowed 5 runs or more in 3 of past 5 starts and last start was bad as he allowed 3HR and 9 hits in 5+ innings against Houston (ok they are damn good). But Phils are playing well winning 9 of last 13. 

Phils start their best pitcher in minor leagues. 1st lifetime start 
He was the International League Player of the Year in 2018 and is 16-4 with a 2.51 era since start of last year. 
2-0 this year with a 2.25 era in AAA

-113 is a nice line. 


Damn Ernie putted for sh!t.  -1.62 putting.

Hit 78% greens and finished -1.  Not bad but the weatherman has forecast calm winds Friday morning and high winds (13 mph Friday afternoon) so the afternoon players Thursday have the better draw as conditions all day today are perfect with low wind.

Hopefully Varner continues to play lousy this week

Also played McDowell and Kang 
Baddely has good history here so see your angle there 
Harding has been real good in Europe and was 2-1 in Dell match play. 

Palmer has been good here 
2015-2017 he had 3 top 6 finishes 
I played him v Berger. 
Any thoughts there?

I'm gonna add 
Palmer +110 v Berger
Both guys up and down but Texans have a good history here 

Palmer good here. 

2018 MC +3. 76 on Friday
2017 T6 -7
2016 T4 -9
2015 T6 -2
2014 T56 +5. 82 on Sunday
2013 T15 -4
2012 T32 +2

Meanwhile Berger hasn’t played here last 3 years but last time he did
2015 MC +8


I gotta say that I just heard about the book yesterday and went on Amazon and bought it.  I'll be curious to read it. 

Personally, I wouldn't trust Trump as far as I could throw that obese POS.

How many contractors and banks and decent people has he screwed while filing his many bankruptcies?

My cousin is a trusts and estates attorney and a little old lady who claimed to be his parochial school teacher told my cousin a story about how she would bake cookies for the class at the end of the year and Trump organized the boys to throw the cookies at her when she turned to write on the blackboard.  She said of Trump

"the man has a black heart".  I for one believe the story


Quote Originally Posted by wallstreetcappers:

Quote Originally Posted by AJLightning:

Still your President!
Superb logic!


Forgot to mention line at 5Dimes is -110 (Varner is -120:  wrong guy favored)

My local doesn't have this line up but 5Dimes does 


Blast from the past Ernie Ells has found his form.

Been watching him appear again both on PGA and European Tour.

Last week Ells was T7 -10 at the Maybank.

This season in Europe he has made 5 of 6 cuts with 3 top 15 finishes and a T26.

This season in PGA play he has made 7 of 8 cuts with a T20 at the Honda.

Last year Ernie was T30 at this event.

The best part is that I heard an interview with Ernie last week on the golf channel at the Maybank event and Ernie said he has found his game and it feels real good to be competitive again.

Meanwhile Varner has lost his edge.

Varner last 5 PGA events 3 MC and a T51 & T65

Varner last played here 2017 and was T40 shooting 71,71,74,74

Ells sharp right now and under the radar.

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That was easy
English +7 today. 
He stinks. 
Winner from the 1st shot which English hit into trees and got a penalty. 

Kokrak played good until last 2 holes when he remembered he was 0-196. Now 0-197. Gotta say he did look solid but choked. 

Casey showed me something winning wire to wire today. He has choked in the past but today he got the monkey off his back. 
Last year when he won he was out early and came from behind and posted a number and it held up. Today was pressure 
Pro Golf / Valspar round 4 / View Post

POS English 1st shot on hole 1 is OB 

Kokrak looked good rd3 but he has NEVER won so I don’t think I’d take him to come from behind against DJ and Casey
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We get to bet against Harris English at only -120
Armour -120

English is awful 

Yesterday he was +3.2 putting so he had a good round 
For the week he is +5.3 putting. 
For the week Armour is -1.36 putting
Almost 7 strokes better!

Armour hitting 67% fairways 
English 54%

Armour hitting 67% greens
English 61%

English luck runs out
Great job Papa. 

Pro Golf / Victor Dubuisson / View Post

Bet is unfortunately lost. 

Victor up 1 stroke after RD1 then suddenly WITHDRAWS.


Never heard of anything so weak.

Who withdraws due to allergies?  And why not take some pills and wait till tomorrow morning to see how he is feeling? 

Only a Frenchman could be so weak

I got French fried


Victor Dubuisson -125 v Paisley

Victor is a world class player (former Ryder Cup player who other top players gushed about his talent) who is on his way back. Last year he was injured and played only 1 event. 

I read an article on Victor who said he had lost interest in playing golf and was drinking a lot of the red wine that he loves. I noticed he had gotten chunky looking. 

Anyway Victor said for the he has been regularly running and for the 1st time in his life he is working out with a trainer while eating right and cutting out the red wine. He has lost weight and says he feels so much better. He also said he is re-dedicating himself to playing golf. 

I had him last week when he won his matchup v Waring but lost with him the event before when I had the bad luck to be matched up against Sterne who finished 2nd. 

I think Victor is undervalued and I will continue to bet him. 

The trend is your friend. 
Easy win
St Johns - DePaul over 152.5

DePaul is 10-4 over in last 14 home games v teams with winning Road record
DePaul is 6-2 over last 8 v St Johns
DePaul is 12-2 last 14 Sunday home games 
DePaul is 8-2 over last 10 home games v St Johns

St Johns best player Ponds did not play in earlier home loss to DePaul 
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F Spieth
2 missed 3’ putts
Trails by 1 with 4 left. 
He blows. 
Anyone else would be winning 

Pro Golf / Pebble beach / View Post
How bad is Spieth?
Worst guy on course
What a POS

Trainer sucks but I will lose. 

Remind me NEVER bet a big favorite in 1 round
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One more thing on Spieth RD4 play 
Spieth does have the edge of having played PB rd3 and coming right back to play PB rd4 while Trainor played PB in perfect weather rd1 Thursday 
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