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Quote Originally Posted by billyh:

Quote Originally Posted by suuma:

24-15 ytd2014: 83-51 (62%)Finally on the track. We always have to question/challenge the status quo. I noticed that I am losing my bets by 7.6 PPG. I have lost 7 of the 15 games by six or less points, 3 by one point. So I decided to add 6pt-teasers to my weekly card instead of only straight picks.Locked in: 6-pt-teaser Seattle Seahawks pk & New York Jets +15.5 -110St. Louis Rams -4.5 -109I
like the Seahawks to win and cover but they really shouldn't be -6 or
-7 favorites by now. Monitoring injuries for the rest of the card.
you like seahawks to win and cover but you have st louis -4.5 as a pick??????????

Stop being an idiot. St Louis is a straight pick. He's taking Seattle to win the game in a teaser bc he doesn't want to lay 7 on the road w/ that Seattle team right now.
Will have a huge play on the Jets as well for the same reasons. Also, Slater is out & Edelman's finger affected him vs Indy. Jets also have a very good secondary AND a pass rush. 24-20 game.
Love your threads. Seattle has played three undefeated teams. All in which they held a 4th quarter lead. Panthers, Bengals, Packers. Their schedule has been brutal. The Niners are not a good team. The Seahawks will bounce back here & the X-factor is they get LB Bobby Wagner back. Also, Boldin & Hyde are both banged up. I like Seattle 24-13 & expect a couple big defense plays by the Legion of Boom. Kapernick isn't going to sleep well knowing he's playing a defense who's owned his soul in his life. Not the same D, but they have a point to prove here in a must win. Statement game for Pete Carroll.
You're dead wrong here. Maybe you should look at who Seattle as played on the road instead of just assuming the bum a$$ Niner's are going to perform the same offensive output as the undefeated Bengals & Packers? The Seahawks have played 3 undefeated teams. All games in which they had a lead in the 4th quarter. This team is pi$$ed off & getting their defensive piece back it was missing vs Carolina, Bobby Wagner, he is a huge piece to this D & maybe the most underrated LB in the NFL. The Seattle Seahawks will not lose four in a row. This team has a way better QB, a better coach, better secondary, better special teams. Kapernick has been owned in his life against Seattle & will again tomorrow.
Quote Originally Posted by mws:

East Carolina has played @ Florida, @ BYU, & Virginia Tech. Temple was losing last week in the 4th quarter to a 0-7 UCF team.

But there's a reason for that -- Temple was *really* taking UCF lightly.  What happened in that game means very little for purposes of handicapping future games.

That's why I gave you 10 other lines of info on why East Carolina is the play. Good luck w/ your Temple bet.
Speaking of mediocre Temple was 2-10 two years ago, & 6-6 last year. Temple better enjoy their week in the rankings because it won't last long. Notre Dame on Halloween night on deck might be a little more important to them.....
East Carolina has played @ Florida, @ BYU, & Virginia Tech. Temple was losing last week in the 4th quarter to a 0-7 UCF team. Cincy gained over 500 yards of offense on Temple, not sure why you think East Carolina won't move the ball via the pass. ECU outgained Temple by 300 last year in a game in the rain in Philly where they fumbled 8 times (5 lost), & committed 12 penalties for 116 yards. This is a revenge game for ECU. Temple also has Notre Dame at home on deck & could be looking ahead. Why is Temple a 3 point dog? They're undefeated vs a 3 loss team? East Carolina will be fired up in a must win game. This isn't a good spot for Temple. Their QB has a tendency to turn the ball over a lot. East Carolina will get pressure, stack the box, & make Walker beat him with his arm. East Carolina's rush defense looks bad because they gave up 405 on the ground to a good Navy team in a bad spot for them after losing at Florida, going back on the road. They only surrendered 4.5 YPC on the ground to Florida & less than 4 YPC on the ground to BYU. They've faced tougher competition than Temple. Temple hasn't been tested on the road at all. There's a reason a 3 loss team is favored over an undefeated team here. East Carolina wins 29-23.
DegenCurtis21 replied to Week [[8]]
in College Football
Like East Carolina a lot & Tulsa (spot). East Carolina out gained Temple by almost 300 yards last year in a loss. They committed 12 penalties for 116 yards & fumbled the ball 5 times in the rain on the road. Temple is undefeated vs a 3-loss team getting 3 here. This is a revenge game for East Carolina & really a must win. Temple has Notre Dame on deck....

Tulsa is getting two scores in a game at home vs a Memphis team who just won their biggest game in school history. Huge let down spot here. Close game.
DegenCurtis21 replied to NCAA Football - Week 8
in College Football
On Miami & East Carolina as well. Good stuff & good luck.
Very nice
DegenCurtis21 replied to My pick of the week 4-3-1
in College Football
Seattle owns Kapernick & will do it again. This line is low because the Seahawks struggles (mainly in the 4th Quarter). They've been outscored 48-6 in the 4th Quarter the last five games.

The Seahawks lost to an undefeated Packers team on the road (blew 4th quarter lead), the undefeated Bengals on the road (blew 17 point lead), & the undefeated Panthers at home (blew 9 point lead in 4th). The Niners are complete garbage. Hyde is banged up, so is Boldin. Wagner was out last game, that was huge loss for Seattle. If he plays, they win the game, probably don't blow the coverage on Olsen. He'll be back. This game will be a nightmare for Kapernick. He's not facing a sh1tty Ravens D. He's facing a pi$$ed off Seattle Seahawks who are desperate for a win or their season is toast.
Agree with you, Double. They haven't done anything special at all this year. To be honest with you, it was the same way last year until the Wisconsin game (which I still believe was fixed). They were a 4-point dog & won by 55. Shutout Wisky. This was the ONLY way they could've made the playoff. And EVEN AT THAT, Ohio State lost to a 6-loss Virginia Tech team AT HOME. TCU's lone loss was at Baylor by 3 points in a game they had a 17 point lead. TCU had the way better resume & was the better team through out the regular season. But as you know, politics, & the bigger name school got there.

TCU smashed a good Ole Miss team in the Bowl Game. Ohio State turned up their last 3 games, but the season as a whole, TCU was better. I'm glad Ohio State made it because I unloaded on them ML +180 in the NC & won. Start to a great year, but I still don't think it was right. An 8-team playoff would settle this.

My top 4: Baylor, Bama, Stanford, LSU.

Ohio State & Clemson are close. LSU, Bama, & Stanford have far better wins.
DegenCurtis21 replied to Pro Football Week Seven
in NFL Betting
Love that play. And damn that's low. This game will see the 20s.
LOL at all the bashing in this thread. Boom, do you like Tulsa in a potential let down spot for Memphis?
DegenCurtis21 replied to IN vs MSU
in College Football
I could see like 38-28 here. May even be more of a shootout. Certainly wouldn't lay 16 in this spot.
I had the Cuse/UVA under 61 in a teaser last week. Safe to say I was pretty pi$$ed the way the game finished. I do see this one being a shootout. Can see like 37-31. Cuse secondary is bad. If that idiot corner turns around on that long pass in OT, Cuse probably wins. They got a huge advantage bc UVA had to start at the 40.
Quote Originally Posted by Ih8coldweather:

I'm a Cowboys fan, but I am and always have been on the Pats bandwagon because they are always $$$. I even bet the pats this year against my boys and they came through. I was planning on riding them to the bank all year, but I am concerned about everything that you mentioned. Some concerns you mentioned are:

1. injuries have really mounted against them at O-line
2. Edleman's finger is a factor, it caused a pick 6 last week as he was catching the ball with his body after the injury
3. Inexperience and lack of depth in the secondary
4. the matchup between the Pats O-line vs Jets D-line

if it's one thing that I have learned over the years in watching the pats, it's that the one way to beat them is with a solid pass rush and good secondary (a la NYG and BAL Ravens). When you line up and play them straight up, cover their receivers the way the NYG did in the super bowel and BAL did throughout the years, and get pressure on Brady, the offense struggles. I think the Jets D-line will be HUGE in this game and will get to Brady all day long. Only difference here is that if Brady gets the ball out quickly like he usually does, the secondary will be able to neutralize the receivers. I still do think that the pats manage to pull this game out at home, but I don't think it will be a blowout (although, I still, for some reason, could see it being a blowout if Fitz forces the issue and the Pats come out firing on all cylinders at home)

I think this is a particularly difficult game to cap, and my book has the line at 9, but if I were to take a bet just based on observation, I would have to agree and go w/ NYJ +9. BOL

Ditto. Great post. And I would still take the Jets at 9. I think anything over a TD is good here. The Pats can still cover if Fitzpatrick throws careless interceptions like he has in the past. But I think this is the game the Pats new secondary takes some lumps. Second year player, Malcolm Butler, will be guarding Brandon Marshall, his toughest matchup all year. I think Ivory will have some success with the loss of Wilfork in the middle. The Pats D is giving up 4.84 yards per run this year. The Pats also will be without Matthew Slater, their special teams specialist who seems to make every tackle. Buster Skrine is one of the most underrated corners in the league & I think he has what it takes to contain these short crossing routes by the Pats & keep the gains to a minimum. Brady will get sacked in this game a few times. The Pats will potentially be starting a third stringer at LT. Tough task.

Quote Originally Posted by choiOi:

I think it's nuts to bet against the pats in their backyard. I don't care if it's +20 points. Why? Because the books wouldn't chalked that many points if they didn't know Brady can't cover that #. But good luck.

The books can make the line huge because they know people will bet the undefeated Pats no matter what. They were laying 12-13 vs the Jags & are laying 10 here vs a good Jets team. I see a lot of value. Honestly I think the line moves down to 7 before game time. The Jets are the most physical team the Pats will see all year. The Pats running game will stall & they still don't have a viable deep threat to stretch the field. Gronk will have a good game but I think Edelman's finger will affect him being the sure-handed guy he was. It cost Brady a pick-6 vs the Colts. I hope squares do lay 10 here & keep the line that big.

Suuma, thanks. Know you're a Jets fan too. Looking forward to your thread this week. 

I can't even really laugh. I feel bad for Michigan fans. That's the most brutal thing I've ever seen. I had Michigan -1 & the UNDER 48 in a teaser. Michigan unders have been money all year, esp in teasers. That last play was 1050 swing for me. Maybe he had something similar. I still can't believe that $hit happened man. 

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