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theKINGdanny created a topic Pascal didn't even deserve to win
in Boxing
Judges must have been watching another fight, no way Bute lost by 6+ points. I could have understood by 1 or 2 but the judge's decisions were a joke. A case could have been made that Bute could have even won.
Quote Originally Posted by gribbs44:

Y'all bash me for what. Looked cashed after a 38 point 3rd. My bad never thought in million years they put up 90 in 4th and neither did anyone else 

Karma bro, karma. You called it after the 3rd quarter, that's what your dumb behind gets. Maybe you learn a lesson today
In a blow-out the 4th quarter is usually much lower scoring than the rest cuz subs are playing, bad luck but I've been on the same side of this sort of thing.
theKINGdanny replied to Johnson's NBA Sunday 1/5
in NBA Betting
You missed out by 2 points on the heat and it was never even close to covering as Toronto led the whole game until the end
Hmmm looks like I need to get a ps4 and this game, might end up paying for itself
Either you're very rich or very stupid, possibly both
Quote Originally Posted by roofdog03:

big intelligent write up followed by a loss

If you've followed this guy on all his write-ups this year you still made money. Don't be a donkey, that's why people stop posting on this site, cause of losers like you.
theKINGdanny replied to THUNDERS @ WOLVES!!!!!!!!!!
in NBA Betting
You don't need westbrook in this game, Reggie Jackson will abuse the nba's worst defender, Ricky Rubio
Quote Originally Posted by rod_steel:

Why didn't Hayward just dribble it out? 

Ty corbin probably told them to keep playing it out, an equally good question is why were the Jazz fouling down 8 or 9 with 15 seconds left.
theKINGdanny replied to nop@bos
in NBA Betting
That feel when you can't tell which way the line is gonna move, cmon tsiken why the fuk would u bet it at +2.

Obviously people weren't gonna be on boston after they had fuked over everyone their last 2 games by blowing huge leads.
Quote Originally Posted by HoopWatchdog:

Like I said, they needed to score 110 points to get some kind of a free/low-priced taco deal for everyone. Same garbage in Nuggets game

No they had the tacos already, the promotion is they need to hold their opponent under 100 while scoring 100 themselves. Even the announcers said he should have held it. But it was Kendall marshall, he's probably not as savvy to those kinds of situations so he just layed it up like 'idgaf, I'm ballin in my first game beetches'.

I wasn't on a side 2h, just the over but that's what happened.
Quote Originally Posted by trying2makeabuk:

what if that ref refs that game too

Eric Lewis, that would be legendary
Tomorrow Phi @ Portland is 225, will this be the highest ever? 
theKINGdanny replied to Nuggets Blow It!!
in NBA Betting
Yep, I was on them as soon as it opened at 3.5 but luckily bought it down to 3 so ended with a push. But jesus, this team is just not very good
I feel bad for you guys
theKINGdanny replied to Note to self
in NBA Betting
When I bet on them they lose to Philly *
theKINGdanny replied to Note to self
in NBA Betting
When I bet against the kings they beat miami, when I bet against them they lose to Philly

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