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I think Ok State romps the Hokies
Good Luck everyone today 
Late Pick 4 for the Breeders cup

Race 9; 4,5,6,8,11
Race 10; 11
Race 11: 1,3,4,8,12
Race 12; 1,5,8,9

Race to make $$ on I believe is the 11th.
In BC Classic make sure you include Gunney & Pavel
In the Juvy a horse by the name of Golden Dragon training very well include him underneath.
Good Luck

Today pick 4 play.
6th race 1-2-8
7th race 2-3-9
8th race 1-3-6-7-9
9th race 5-6-7
Good luck word is track favoring speed.
Also i believe the race to make $$$ on today is the 8th 

Gumbajohnny replied to Breeders Cup Friday Races
in Horse Racing
Paradise Woods loan speed, dangerous.
Elate may just go of as the favorite 
First time ever at Del Mar, FYI same track super that takes care of Santa Anita takes care of Del Mar.
Hate betting chalk but Baffet is locked and loaded.
Gumbajohnny created a topic Cowboys
in College Football
End of the first quarter is coming to the end and it seems that the Cowboys are the superior team
Doing some homework "DU" and a couple of games stuck out.

I like WVU getting the points vs Okie ST coming of a tough game vs Texas, they go on the road for the second week in a row against what may be a underrated WVU club with 2 Quality losses if there is such a thing. I say take the 7.5 and put some on the ML for the upset.

Also like TCU: With 3 quality wins this is a solid football team going on the road to play a scrappy Iowa St team. Iowa ST claim to fame is beating the Sooners. A quality win yes,I say more of a look a head by the Sooners underestimating a better than advertised Cyclone club.
That is how I am playing this game, TCU is the far superior team and Iowa St will not be sneaking up on them. Patterson is a solid coach has been here before and will have his team ready for a top effort.
TCU -6.5

Any thoughts?

For sure Double would be my pleasure.
Gumbajohnny created a topic Breeders Cup Tix
in Horse Racing
Have 2 tix for sale for both days.
Level 3 Sec 12 Row3 ($750) each
PM if interested 
Great weekend of investing the Breeders Cup,I'll be sure to chime in on that.
FYI I have 2 tix for sale for the Breeders Cup can make it due to kids obligations.
Level 3 sec 12 row 3
PM if interested 
Gumbajohnny replied to OHIO STATE -7
in College Football
Seems like a trap 
Initially all over Penn St
Gumbajohnny replied to WEEK 9
in College Football
Penn St +8 hmmm seems a little to good?
Ryan Leaf
Gumbajohnny replied to WEEK 7
in College Football
Always appreciate anyone who donates their time to help make others $$.
Auburn is a very solid play 
Think the Canes Tech game is a no bet. Miami always have a very fast athletic Defense usually handle the options well,able to play man on the outside.

As always good luck 

Auburn team total is the play 
UGA will be SEC East champs, D as good as anybody 
Let's see how far QB takes them

Like you sign in maryjay??
Happy new Year to all !

I start with coaching in this department I give the advantage to Saban until he gets knocked of.
QB; Watson is the better athlete and is much better suited for the Clemson offense.
Coker is just fine for the type of Offense that Bama runs mistake free ball.
I will give a slight edge to Clemson
O/D lines Not going to get into to much depth here but Bama has the edge here.
I see the Clemson emotion carrying them to a close halftime.
I am predicting a trick play of two from Clemson in the first half just like against Oklahoma. I am also predicting they will not fool Bama and this will result in at least 1 turnover.
By the middle of the 3 quarter I see the will of Bama wearing down Clemson along with Bama winning the turnover battle.
By the end Bama should start to pull away and win the 2015 National Championship..
27-13 Bama
Good Luck to all.
A bunch of greedy guys are sitting around a table smoking there cigars asking a bunch of inner city kids who come from families that probably can't run two Nicole's together will fix a game and are able to keep it quit?
Seems logical to me.
Ok Ace it's because I'm sitting on the crapper that I am even giving your post any energy..
First please do us all a favor a history lesson so to speak. First please tell us in the last say 10 years of college football how many 2nd half 31 point comebacks have occurred? The. After that out of those comebacks how many covered the point spread.
I am willing to bet the sample size is less than 1%..
I am also willing to bet that you will have more losses % wise with what you posted than the sample size I asked you to run.
Get back with me when you are done.
Good luck and happy new year

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