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I live in the Bay Area so adopted Dubs fan... But far far ways below my beloved and directionless Bulls...

Still, watching Dubs for the past decade and the narrative this year being - its gets harder every year, they are less focused/motivated, other teams are catching up... And the dubs never ceases to amaze me... Houston is playing it close but I am never worried Rockets win this game. Last year pre Paul injury different story... Defies everything we thought we knew about how this was supposed to play out - because this doesnt look as close as the score to me..


Will also say, Harden is a warrior.. He deserves a title during his career... Unfortunately, he isnt going to get one. 

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Tracking pretty well... great game

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Are you really knocking Steve Kerr?

Got it, thanks


Quote Originally Posted by LeagueCapper:

A win, but Billy Donovan deserves to get fired. First you bench Paul George for 6 minutes in the 1H in an elimination game prompting an 18-6 immediate Portland run. Then you blow a 15 point lead with 6 mintues left. Played guys like Raymond Felton and Markief Morris in a road elimination game. Billy Donovan an absolute fool

Sup LC... How about Russel Westbrook - he is taking what 1.5x more shots than Paul George. and what's his FG% in the 30s... Someone needs to sit him down and make him a 15+ assist 5 shot guy in the playoffs... Also, this team cant make deep runs- they just dont have enough shooters... 


If refs allow more contact and Harden loses his efficiency, edge Warriors. That's a big if and it truly is a jump ball otherwise... Everyone is more hungry than the Warriors - I would take the field as Rockets, and whoever comes out of the East have a real shot...


I am done betting.. Enough

definitely will not get over this for a moment... this is more than a bad beat.... what really gets me is the why? you simply cannot miss that call if you are even marginally competent. Did we just witness a televised nova game that was fixed? 

Quote Originally Posted by FRANKtheBANKss:

Story is on Sports Illistrated

link please


Quote Originally Posted by earl40:

Quote Originally Posted by Titusblink:

The garbage shot left Creighton's hand .5 seconds after the buzzer and the ref called it good?!? What is that shit man
I posted several videos showing that they have magnets in those balls. But I guess no one wants to listen. They control the games and outcome. The games are rigged dude. Its all a scam!

Ugh, I cannot believe that, I just cant.. 

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With you on GS my friend... just glad our friend DelP didnt show up and say 20 units over and have me all second guessing

lets eat


jesus, line keeps going up and up, now at 118





Quote Originally Posted by undermysac:

I had no skin on the game.But that was just plain wrong. Rules are rules and need to be upheld. The game needs to be fair for players, coaches, viewers and yes, bettors. Especially with such a push in legalizing it everywhere.Just like the Saints/Rams no call PI or helmet to helmet...

Yeah like the PI but with PI there is obviously room for interpretation... This is clock at 0.0 and the player shoots it at least .4 seconds later... Those mistakes simply never happen in basketball.. That would mean you never get a 24 second violation right... I am lightheaded this is so sickening


But I am still without any effing words... how is that even possible... i played it back 3 times, how can a ref be expected to correctly call any part of a game right if you miss that? its not even close to a debate on replay and even less of a debate with the naked eye


wait i'm besides myself... what the efff


but i mean it's so blatant.. how is that not checked or post facto changed?

that shit just cost me 4k and was a 7.5k swing... have nova -8.5


The garbage shot left Creighton's hand .5 seconds after the buzzer and the ref called it good?!? What is that shit man

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Quote Originally Posted by masterkush:

Dam bro you're almost a 100 bets over .500Hands down the best Capper or lucky mofo on covers Good luck twilo

lucky mofo after 350 bets - impossible eh


He is soo bad today... It's shocking 

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with you wuss!


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