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Fantastic mini series. Comparing it to The Sopranos is just stupid. 5 episodes vs 8 seasons. I’m sure the next great mini series will also “wreck” an absolute classic 

Quote Originally Posted by Midnight1:

This is true...however ,,if he goes you will not know what to do with yourself..

I've said it before & I'll say it again...

Once Trump is gone, I'll be gone from this forum. I never came into this forum (at least not that I can remember) before Trump became president. I've always supported our president no matter the party affiliation. However, this guy is a POS who cares about himself & maybe his family. He's a despicable human being & a fraud.

I may stop by from time to time after November 2020 but nothing like my present activity. On thing I also know.....

You will miss me....an_speak

Better start the search ASAP if you’re going to find a life between now and November 2020 

Boats n Ho’s an_cheers


Quote Originally Posted by Midnight1:

Today is Melania's 49th birthday. If you want to send her a gift, she's registered @ Bed,Bath & Beyond Unhappy!


Is thing on an_speak


Best officiating of the 4 major sports and it’s not even close...

Quote Originally Posted by sports_Network:

He's also your "daddy"

Then that would make Midnight a piglet!

Oh the irony...

Quote Originally Posted by wallstreetcappers:

Two things..

First is the OP is 100% correct, there is nothing erroneous about the original post, it is fact and not fake news or made up or whatever else...there is nothing to refute from the GOP side.

Second is that the public did not get duped, they knew exactly who they were voting for...he was is and will always be a total putz, he is a jerk a schmuck a cheater and a liar...he is the worst president in the history of this country from character and accomplishment. No question. But the issue is that people are flawed, they will vote for someone who represents their personal political position even if that person is a disgusting pig like Trump. Both sides will vote whatever slime is thrown in front of them if they think it will forward their biases and political positions. 

People will rationalize disgusting choices with the "better evil" defense that even though the candidate is pure trash, that trash will back their views and forward their beliefs and is a strike against the "other side".

It also does not help that Clinton is pretty close to as disgusting as Trump, she was a horrible candidate, a really lousy person and for the DEMS to put her as the candidate was questionable for sure. Sanders wins much more smoothly than Clinton did. Clinton won...the vote she won but the flawed electoral college crap she lost.

This post unfortunately is 100 percent accurate... Things gotta change... 

Ironically the “things gotta change” mentality is what put Trump in the White House. I’m not a huge fan of the Don but if I could do it all over again tomorrow I would still vote Trump over Hiliary 


Old one. Very hard to post on mobile with the new one especially when you use quotes. Not sure how it is on the app since I deleted that hunk of trash awhile back


“This is a big f@cking deal!”


- Uncle Joe


Hucky boo boo... Now that’s funny!

Do you ever listen to the Stern show? There’s a woman on there that does the funniest impressions of her

Quote Originally Posted by Midnight1:

Dopa is a Covers Brother.

The mold was broken & there will be no other.

He comes into threads

Without using his head

But he's still a Covers Brother! an_cheers

 On second thought, I think you should stick to plagiarism 

But I do appreciate the effort!

Quote Originally Posted by BWS77:

Wow, you carry the misery of a 70 year old.  I thought you and Slim were in the same nursing home

I like you BWS, you got a sense of humor. You run your own business and gamble, so politics aside we would probably get along pretty well.

And truth be told after a long day of work and a glass of whiskey I can get a bit salty but I mostly just stir the garbage for the fun of it and to piss off Midnight. I don’t taking anything too seriously. One day ole Wally will ban me and that will be that

And thanks Stu, always enjoy your posts
I go out every day and make my own paycheck. Got up at 6 am pacific today, having my coffee and im on my way out to go grind again.

I usually work 50-60 hours a week but I’m in my 30’s with two little kids so these are the years to do it. 

There is obvious corruption from the Corporations and lawyers but that has always been the case and will always be the case. The way I see it a man has 2 options... Complain on the sidelines or learn how to play the game
Do you ever write any of your own material
Quote Originally Posted by TheGoldenGoose:

Well then, maybe it's time for people, all over the World, TO WAKE THE FUKK UP.

In 1979 I was 23 years old working in a Teamster Union Shop and making $15 an hour with full Health Benefits, matching 401K retirement plan, and time and a half over 40 hours.

It's absolutely PATHETIC that 40 years later workers are not even making anyway near the same working package today!!!

Maybe it's time people go back to the 1960's.  Go back to rioting and burning the cities.  Maybe climb the gated communities and drag the dead bodies of these Corporate Fukks™ through the streets.


Entitlements and pensions of worthless whiny baby boomers hobbled this country. You did the job a trained monkey could do and instead of being thankful you’re bitchn about Glad wrap 

Flip a coin...


60% of the time, it works every time


Quote Originally Posted by BWS77:

Quote Originally Posted by Doja45:

It’s no Cabin Boy!
Well, what is?

Woogie’s got a sense of humor 

Quote Originally Posted by BWS77:

Scary Movie 2 was good!  Chris Elliot and his little hand  

It’s no Cabin Boy!
I know how you love jokes so here goes nothing...

What does Scary Movie and your threads have in common??

The first one was good for a laugh but the other 4 are total pieces of sh!t 

Your post hits very close to home pockets. But I’ll say this, if it’s a problem in the eyes of the mrs it’s a problem for you

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