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Gary_Hobson replied to ***Wednesday NBA***
in NBA Betting
Quote Originally Posted by dartmonkey11:

What's your YTD?

He is batting on or about 0.500

Gary_Hobson replied to Rod's NBA Thursday
in NBA Betting
Horrible pick on the Bulls. They are my team and they stink
Gary_Hobson replied to Jazz/Kings 2nd half
in NBA Betting
Gary_Hobson replied to WHY CANT I WIN A FU**** BET
in NBA Betting
Just give up and stop p1ssing away your money
Cardinals sucks donkeys ball

Gary_Hobson replied to ****GOY****
in NFL Betting
GOY on the Browns...

You deserve to lose
Gary_Hobson replied to Rod's NBA Wednesday
in NBA Betting
Good job
Biggest fanboy in the NBA

Loved when Kobe ignored him in the intros in the All Star Game when it was in Toronto 
Quote Originally Posted by GTD:

Don't think so jack I earn a living in this business and have no action on the Spurs series let alone to win in 4 or 5 games ok so you have a small chance of being a good capper at this point but at the end of the day when all the dust has settled and all the smoke has cleared the Spurs still win and you still lose now go look for another Mickey mouse trend to follow or capper to tail you fkn peon beat it 

There is more chance of Spurs winning this series in 4 or 5 games than you being a professional gambler

Oh hang on...

Gary_Hobson replied to Rockets rally thread!!
in NBA Betting
Skip to my Lou
Sichuan chicken

Extra spicy
Quote Originally Posted by GTD:

Please the Grizz would have about just as much a shot of beating the Spurs than you have of being a good capper

GTD mong gets it wrong as usual. Made it sound the Spurs would win in 4 or 5 

Please post your picks because I know they would STINK and an easy fade
Pop's worst nightmare as I predicted 
Hopefully this loss will give some perspective to the Boston organization 

Time for some introspection. 
Quote Originally Posted by twill23:

You say this as a bulls fan?

F*uck basketball man. It shouldn't even matter at the momebt
Did you see him in warmup? Sitting by himself and about to cry

Where is Celtics duty of care here? Shouldn't allow him to play today even he is adamant he wants to
Quote Originally Posted by Ramondf:

  wonderful all you did was go against the consensus as always I could post all you're fake bets if you want me to 

What consensus?
What the f*uck is wrong with him?

His sister died yesterday yet he is playing today. Good to see he has his priority right. Instead of being with his family he chooses basketball 

Gary_Hobson replied to mega slammers late games
in NBA Betting
Alabama SLAMMA
Gary_Hobson replied to Late game pick
in NBA Betting
Seems too easy

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