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At home in prime time, I’m taking Steelers -3.5. Pittsburgh will likely control the ToS and readers themselves in the run game. And with Gordon being out, I feel SD will end up being a little one dimensional. 

XSixburghX replied to Chargers/Steelers
in NFL Betting
I’d lean Pittsburgh based on how they play at home in prime time games. Melvin Gordon being out is also huge. 

Can’t believe he Steelers pulled that one out. No cover, but a hell of a comeback in the second half. Once they decided to stop Fournette and force Bortles to win the game, then the tides turned. Great game.

The only way Jacksonville has a chance in this game is if Fournette has a monster game. They need to control the ToP and keep the Steelers offense on the sideline. 

Under normal circumstances, this would be a game where you could easily see the Steelers having a let down. But considering what the Jags did to them twice last year, I don’t see the Steelers taking them lightly. 
Quote Originally Posted by yorosan:

And also they haven’t won as a road favorite yet this season

remember the first game they’re a 4 pt favorite against browns, I don’t think jax is much worse than browns at home in my opinion  

yes the line -5 definitely said Pitts should win in fashion but I don’t buy that now 

Pittsburgh is 3-1 ATS on the road this year, 3-0-1 SU
XSixburghX replied to Utah St/Wyoming
in College Football
I knew this game was too good to be true. 
If you’re using the Madden curse as a reason to justify your bet, then you lost me. I’m not saying that Ravens won’t cover, but you better come up with better reasons than that. Typically the Steelers and Ravens play very close games, but it has nothing to do with a video game. 
You got one pick right. Good for you...
I know it’s only one game, but Conner showed why Bell isn’t that important to pay that much for. Let a losing team take him and blow all their money on him. I think Pittsburgh is confident that they can get similar production out of Conner, while saving a ton of money in the process for more important positions. 
XSixburghX replied to Wednesday MLB - SIX PACK
in MLB Betting
Quote Originally Posted by BIGDTITLE:

^^^^^^^ and this is why you are you and he is the King
haha you got that right! I’ll live with one bad pick. 
XSixburghX replied to Wednesday MLB - SIX PACK
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I would strongly consider taking the A’s RL @ +125. Davis is crushing it and I can’t see the Rangers staying within a run or even winning right now. That’s my favorite play of the day
Dammit haha, I meant a two run walk off! What a game. 
Hudson looked great. Should have had him in from the start. Maybe we’ll get lucky and get another walk homerun. 
I spoke too soon. Norris blew it. 
Dude just saved my Cards RL bet!
I’m with you Packerbackers. There needs to be some sort of control. Speaking for myself, I’m don’t post very often, and if I do, I try to add some sort of logic behind my reasoning. I try to stay objective and stick to analytics. On top of that, I tend to avoid any thread by those who I don’t know or their headline shouts unintelligent. There are those who I will always look to for another viewpoint, even if it disagrees with mine. These are guys like Habs, MacWestie, KeyElement, and many others. I appreciate guys like them who keep it simple and professional. But having to sift through the garbage just to find them can be a pain. 
I was shocked that the O’s were even favored. These are two teams going in opposite directions. There is just too much good value in Washington to not take them. 

In their last ten games, the Orioles have score over three runs only once. Something tells me it’s gonna take more than that to beat the Nationals.
XSixburghX created a topic WAS -120
in NHL Betting
Must say I’m surprised the line is this low considering they are at home and also thoroughly dominated Tampa Bay the first two games. Almost sounds too good to be true, but I have to stick with my gut and say The Caps take a commanding 3-0 series lead. 
I have them in a four teamed with Houston, Washington, and Atlanta. What a joke the dodgers are right now. 
XSixburghX replied to habs wed mlb
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It’s hard to trust the Dodgers anymore at this point. Kershaw at home against the Marlins and you’re down 3-0 with one hit (by Kershaw) through five innings. Talk about ice cold bats. 

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