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Gamble, not sure how many pennies i've posted here but since you seem to know how many of these "worthless junk" pennies have LOST money?? if memory serves i've posted  SHMP & KGKG before last week....SHMP made $$ for me initially (took profits in the .60 area)& KGKG i'm currently up about 35%....not sure if u want to count  RTON  (posted sat.) but it's up 300% ( alrdy took profits)...junk or not SHOW me where i've lost $$....i make plays on these with profits from other stocks .(the amount i invest is NOT life altering if they go to zero)....i'm NOT twisting anyone's  arm to's 2 plays probably more to your liking MO (48's & BIDU (@$110 area)...if u DONT like either DONT BUY!!! simple really...
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I like GMGI @.004...they just secured online gaming rights for state of art table gaming...which is utilized by almst 200 gaming operators in the Asia Pacific region (APAC)...these licensed operators currently serive more than 1.5 M registered usersacross all gaming GM-X platforms...(GMGI's Platform)..check it out...bolta
Wall u nailed it w/ SHMP...took a hit out @.09...still love the concept though....maybe once they get off the ground i'll look at getting back in....out for now though....
Hopefully some took a chance on last chk it's @ .032....nice gains...bolta
RTON @0.01 (currently @0.012) for above post...
BigPOO...i'm looking to BUY @...0.01/// should have earnings out nxt week...should beat projections with the added distirbutors since late feb. '19..CBD hemp& cannabis based  products..for " health conscious individuals"... this is a true start up...with that said very HIGH RISK ...but i think it's worth a look..bolta
Latest news on KGKG is they beat projections of $400K easily with sales of $720K...this qtr....which means for the FIRST TIME the company has turned a PROFIT....great year so far..
Just added another mid Atlantic Region  distributor...closing in on 2000 outlets..
the new distribution warehse is carrying $300K worth of product with quicker re-orders..
Looking to add more distributors for the Western U.S. to eventually cover U.S. nationwide...possibly before eoy.
getting closer to UPLISTING...began process in Mar. 2019
these next 3 mos. (nxt qtr.). should be the busiest of the year...
 ..usually  summer is the busiest for the beverage industry.
KGKG stil @.125 cents as of 7-05-19...still reasonably priced imho....BOLTA
Hey BUCK, i think KGKG going to .15-17's(or higher) in the near term (within 30 days) since they BEAT projections by about 75% this qtr..just recently added another distributor as well ....glad you made $$ but it should trend upward up til ER sometime before AUG 10...(i believe that should be ER date..give or take a few days)...after the run up it should come back down some and probably start a NEW base in the .12-.14 cents range is my wag...bol 
Im gonna buyback into SHMP (in the .12 cent range) & plan to hold until news comes out eg. licensing, partnerships, funding, joint venture etc. OR if we get  another run up to a $1 or higher...At this point i'll SELL half and ride the balance ..
Aquaculture can  change sea food as  harvested today ..SHMP has the technology( & the patents) to transform the industry...No revs til late 2019 but the company continues to add tanks to existing facility with the expectation of 4,000-6,000 lbs. per harvest...plans to add facilities in either Las Vegas, New York or Chicago  area in the near future...possibly late 2019 into first half 2020...BOLTA
KHC / LIT/ SQM all holding for now...nothing to update...BOL...
Update for KGKG...out this AM..

RECORD sales of OVER $500 K  in this qtr with 2 wks to go..

15 NEW distributors in 14 states .. now total of 30 states ...close to 2000 locations...

At the current pace KGKG will turn PROFITABLE in Q2..(.this upcoming qtr)...As well as on pace to reach $1.5-$2M for the year..

Lastly according to CEO we " have more exciting things in the pipeline coming "...he hasnt disappointed  yet in 2019...So i'm a believer ...BOLTA...still plenty of upside from .114 (as of tdy) imho
ILUV COVERS ...been outta DLTR for awhile but looks like it's breaking out the last  2 days....@$108 area....
Here's 3 more i'm in..

KHC @$29's....out below $27.40 (hopefully accounting prob alrdy priced into sp.)

LIT @$25.70 ..out below $24.25 ( electric car play)

SQM @$31.75...out below $29.50..lithium play as well

BOLTA ....i'll be back to update soon...
Big Poo... .12 cents is still a GOOD price...i added @ .132...2nd qtr ER should beat estimates by plenty...Online sales have alrdy doubled (close anyway) & per CEO product is being shipped out quicker from all the NEW biz from our distributors...
i believe the 2nd qtr estimate was for $400K  in sales ...we're on pace for betw. $600K-$650K...with summer  being the season when consumption in most  demand we could possibly get to upper $600's or low $700's...
Also on pace to get to the estimate of $1.5-$2M annually as well...i believe we can get to .25 before the eoy....A DOUBLE from this level....if it does i'll prob SELL have and let the rest ride for awhile....BOL hopefully KGKG continues on this trajectory...
gamble, to be honest the software i use doesn't let me use it for small start-ups like this one. that's why in my previous (first) post about KGKG i stated it's "all or nothing" play...I'm in mostly because i believe the management in place has the experience to get this company off and running (which it has in the last 9-12mos) the number of outlets/ stores continue to grow the revs make this the fastest grower in this segment...the CEO (Robert Clark) has stated in the last earnings call he expects KGKG to be profitable either in the August ER or the following.he also has indicated the goal for 2019 is revs of betw. $1.5M-$2M..I can see why as they have been adding distributors at a very rapid the beginning of 2019 the goal was to have 50 distributors in place date we're at 57 with more on the way...KGKG also looking to add more sponsor ships, more engagement on social media etc...CEO Clark has many years in the biz of Branding along with VP Selinger with over 25 yrs in the beverage industry (with many contacts to get KGKG  foot in the door to many distributors as he has demonstrated in the last 6-8 mos.) the last 2 wks the company has expanded its warehse space from 10K to 30K anticipation of more sales & shorter time frame to outlets w/o costs for the added space rising significantly..not sure how consumer pricing has affected KGKG pricing power to date but i'm sure per 12 oz. can is probably in line with Red Bull/ Monster pricing or in the $2 per can range....
Back in 2012 a company by the name of BAI Brands was starting out with sales in the $5M range..then jumping to $17M in 2016 revs were in excess of $230M then bought out by Dr. Pepper/ Snapple for $1.7B...not saying KGKG is a BAI Brands but you never i said before "ALL OR NOTHING" up to you..
Looks like a couple small losers on CGC&TAP but also looking like we may have a UNICORN with KGKG...a couple developments since my last post...

1) added another major distibutor which gets us to 57& nearly 1500 outlets/stores..
2) added another sales executive with nearly 20 yrs in the biz.
3) KGKG looking to be profitable either the AUG earnings or the following qtr... but by eoy
4) Mgmnt seems to be hitting and executing all goals beginning dec.18 to present..
5) Uplisting should happen before eoy as well....

I'm expecting a run to the .25 cent range b4 eoy or after profitable earnings& or uplisting...

hopefully this helps those decide who are undecided...BOLTA
Update on both CGC& TAP.../// 

1) SELL CGC if it drops to $47.50 area
2) SELL TAP if it drops to $60.75 area

if u happened  to BUY on 4-22 or 4-23-19.when i put it out here on covers... this way u can either lock in profits or limit your loss to a very manageable amount....I'll be taking profits in the $53-$55 area w/ CGC & $68-$70 area for TAP....if they get to these levels... BOLTA...

btw i expect KGKG to make a push to the .10-.12 cents area shortly...maybe sometime in MAY....
i did read about this...her (ex?) boyfriend prob leaked the pic...don't agree she should be terminated though..prob should be on the X for leaking the pic if u ask me...they work together i believe...
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Glad you're BACK!! great job in NCAAB/ NFL last season...too
Big Poo.. I'm OK just took some time off...& havent been on here in's a couple for u to look at...just  bought in 1/2 position each...

1) TAP (Molson Coors) @ BUY @$61 ...sell on a drop below $58.50

2) CGC ( Canopy ) @$47-$48 area...sell on drop to $43-$44 area

3) KGKG (Kona Gold) @.078 cents ...All or Nothing on this small cap sheet with what looks like some upside in the next year or more...after the first couple yrs i'll look to sell...according to last release should be able to turn a profit by the end of 2019... I like the fact that this company hired a VP (Sellinger) who has alot of contacts in the industry which has proven to be correct from the number of distributors added to KGKG since late '18...mostly on the east the west coast has plenty of room for growth..also alrdy has a deal with Amazon & sales exploding online...go to website to get more info...
hopefully these will help everyone....remember we're coming up into May shortly so be mindful of the slogan "go away in May" since many start taking time off for summer vacations...glta..

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