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Unders win % month of August/ Sept ( W-L) F 5

August 2013
1st 2-8-1 A/L 0-5 all Overs
2nd 6-9 
3rd 8-6-1 
4th 8-7
5th (7-2),,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6th 7-8
7th 6-9
8th 2-5
9th 6-10
10th 8-7
11th 7-8
12 th 8-3 ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
13 th 8-5-2  ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
14th 5-10
15th 6-4
16th 10-6
17th 5-10 
18th 7-4-3
19th 4-6-2
20th 9-7
21st  6-8-1
22nd 5-4
23rd 7-8
24th 9-6
25th 7-7-1
27th 8-6-1
28th 7-5-3
29 th 6-1-2,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
30th 6-7-2
31 st 7-8
1st Sept 6-7-1
2nd 4-11
3rd 6-7-2
4th 3-12
5th 2-5
6th 5-10
7th 5-8-2
8 th  9-5-1
9th  6-5-0
10 th 4-11-0
11 th 8-6-1
12 th 2-8-1
13 th 7-5-3
14th 7-7-2-
15th 9-5-0
16th 6-4-0
17th 8-7-1
18th 6-6-2
19 th 6-6
20th 8-7
21st 9-5
22 nd 7-8-1
23rd 7-4-1
Nice try Stevo  hope you played them Individually

F 5 ( All) Gonna parlay them all together to elim Juice for 20
Darvish Push 0-0
Laa UnderScherzer allows 5
Detroit gm UnderBoth allow 3 each
Really like Cingrani tomorrow and since he is -210 will RL him

Not good bud 
Apprec the work
Sunday  8-11-2

Turner allows 5
Straus allows 3
Morton allows 9
Norris allows 4
Fister allows 4
Clemens out harrell in Void

F 5,,,9 Under's /4 Overs 2 Pushes ,,,Better
sorry wifes handel Stevo1
 Individual Wagers and gonna put them all on a parlay together

Locke F 5
Peralta RL 9 inn
Padres Gm Under F 5
Bumgarner RL 9 inn
Cubs Gm under F5
Rays gm Under F5
Det Gm under F 5
Hernandez RL in 9 inn
Colon RL in 9 inn

GL in your selections

well went 5-3 in final picks and overall of all posted i went 7-8
also a total reversal of overs/Under's yesterday as in F5 the difference was 5 unders and 10 overs

This does not look good when most of these starters have been off for 2 weeks and to pitch this badly sure does not speak well for time off

on to Sunday

Not a lot of time today being Sunday so here goes
9 inn plays ( Played all these Late last night into today )

Locke  +125
Peralta RL
Hernandez RL
Colon RL
Archer + 105 so no need for RL

Now F5 plays

Locke -170 so will play in 9 inn on RL
Lad Gm Under F 5
Peralta - 155 so ( Ditto) RL
Cards Gm Under F5
Bumgarner -175 so RL in 9 inn
Cubs gm Under F5
Det gm Under f 5
Twins gm Over in 9 inn ( no F5)
Colon -115 F 5
Balt gm Over F 5
Sabathia F5
Braves gm Pass 
Sister in law visiting and posted under her handle Stevo1
Pitchers not showing up t -nite

Now My plays( If Starter has Juice i will be on the RL) in 9 inn
Ryu to win in 5 inn
Cahill to win in 5 and 9 inn

Gonzalez to win in 5 inn PUSH
Liriano /Samardzia gm under in 5 and 9 Pending
lee in 5 and 9 Pending
Rays gm over with these two Hellickson/Buehrle in 9 inn only 7
Jiminez to win in 5 inn ( Verlander not good of late )
If Verlander can bring his a game the under should easily win
Verlander was not the problem t nite
Kuroda will win this in 5 and 9 I have no faith in Hammell 
as they say when looks too easy it probably is

Ditto for Wilson as Maurer is that bad 7-4-6 RA last 3 starts in 9 inn 
Wilson easy  why him and not the rest
Shields should win in 9 easily Pending 

I do not keep track but your welcome to look back thru thread,,all i know is i have a pretty nice bank roll since Spring training in March

Liriano strikes out the side now we need some runs as i have this gm on the RL in 9 inn
I just did hit an 8 team parlay last week and was posted i believe

I do not post $$$$ i play on most days as to me that is not important to others what i spend and it eliminates all the bull sh it
found in most threads

Morning Boys well we didn't have a bad day yesterday but i was dissapointed in a few Starters

Chen i still can't believe lost to Harang,but after looking at his pitching performance i can't believe he was the same guy as his past showed
It almost looks like a Role reversal between the two

Bucholtz and tepesch both pitch very well and bring me a win
Lincecum although loses in 5 but team able to get him a win in 9 
Beckett continues to appears as a gas can

Phelps i guess for first start did not do well although i lost my game on the RL as Nyy only wins by 1 run
Zimmerman is on fire with a shut out
Bauer although only 2nd start surprised me with a shut out over 
wooo ful phils as i was looking for an over and Lee did his part

Over all it was a interesting day and we have more info to step into the month of MAY with and 30 days of past pitching performances to review who is for real and who is not

2013 SF/ Zito (2 Shut Outs)
1-5 inn 0-0    
6-9 inn 0-0    
tot  inn 0-0
2013 Milw / Peralta
1-5 inn 4-1  
6-9 inn 3-5
tot  inn 7-6
Pray tell me,?? how is Peralta gonna win this


Zito allows 8 runs in 3rd inn
Westbrook allows 4 runs in 1st
Kendrick and Bailey allow no runs thru 9
Axelrod and Bailey allow just 1 run each thru 5
At Least
francis,Peralta,Haren,Jiminez,all still look Bad

Its been a rough April Brother

It will get better I hope,keep the faith
Confirming MC and 102 for steve

I am posting this for Stevo as he is out of town and he requested me to post these e mails on games as he is not sure he will get time to post  in morning and wanted you to get the info early enough to review plays

Hopefully he will confirm in AM this request
Thanks MC 23 and 102  

i have Sundays plays done so here goes

pass Mia game as starters first start and we have better ones available
Playing Strasburg in 5 ( he pitched shut out ball last start) thru 9
also like the under in 5 as Cueto also was good in 5 inn with just 1 run,We have 2 playsMaybe the Under
Kennedy was great last start with just 1 run in 5 inn and 1 in 9
for a 2 run game
Gallardo was bad 3-1 = 4 for game
Samardzia also was great in 5 (0 runs) and thru 9 allowed (1 run)
Hudson allowed  3 in 5 and 2 in 9  for 5 runs
Cain was great in 5 inn allowing 0 so i'll play him in 5 inn
Wainwright allowed 4 runs
Chancing RYU as he only allowed 1 run in 5 inn although i do not know what to expect from Locke's first start,so this could be a cautionary play or pass
Chacin also was great in his first start in 5 with a 0 so i'll take him in 5 inn, His 6-9 was ugly but that could been bull pen involvement and him so pass 9 inn play
Verlander had a great start also allowing 0 in 5 inn and 2 for game
Sabathia gave up 4-4 for 8 for game
Lester's 2 and dickeys 4 says over in just the 5 inn play
 bull pens bailed them both out inn 6-9 their last start with great pitching and 0 runs,This could be a Pass play also
Masterson and bull pen only allowed 1 run for the full game
Price allowed 2 in 5 inn and by end of game they allowed 7
Thinking Cleve for game,appears either Price or bull pen stinks
which will be added info for future upon review at completion
of today's play
Taking the under in both 5 and 9 inn with both starters great starts
Iwakuma  1-0 = 1 for game
Sale         0-0 = 0 for game
Anderson 5 inn (2)
Harrell     5 inn (1) spells Under in 5
Stroes bull pen and Harrell allowed 6 more runs inn 6-9 so 
its either under in 5 or Oakland in 9 for game
Weaver (1-0) and Darvish (0-0) both pitched extremely well so the Under is screaming for attention in both 5 and 9 inn
Shields pitched very well (1-0) for a 1 run game
Hamels pitched badly (5-2) for a 7 for game

We have a great selection of plays that look very good.Hate paying for juice plays so will parlay them together and hope for the best
Saturday results

Mets J Niese who allowed 1 run in 5 inn, I'll play him in 5 inn1-2

Lad Kershaw who Pitched a Shutout with bull pen help i assume
but no worries as i will play him in 5 inn again

Seattle King Felix who also pitched a shut out last start thru 9 with Bull Pen I assume and again no worries as i will play him in 5 inn
Push 1-1
Tex/ Harrison who was very bad (4) runs in 5 inn and 8 with bull pen thru 9 ( i'll be on the other side Saturday) and chance a smaller wager play thru 9 inn on Laa and Hanson
but not with my 3 team parlay JIC

3 Team parlay for 100 I will also not need to worry about the juice whatever it may be
Niese / Hernandez / Kershaw to win in 5 inn
additional note
Texas has not allowed any runs in their last 2 games with other Starters and bull pen so for that reason i will not add to Parlay
 forgot as this was Harrison again and he allows runs

Although i lost my parlay i feel i gained more info for future plays
Gl stevo

your e mail said under in mets game 
and under in Houston as they are not scoring (0 in 3 games)
Morning Key and am ready for the 2013 season.Regarding your note above i totally agree with you.If i may add i do like ST as it does as you note show who is struggling somewhat and who is doing better than expected although the roster by now has changed drastically
Last year in ST Jays were on fire and went 18-0 at one point in the   month of March,then the season began                                       

   In April they went 12-11 and the longest win streak they had was 4-0,so things do change quickly
I do not think you can get much out of pitching stats as they are not in long enough to determine where anyone is going unless your looking at their last start in which they may still not pitch a full 5 innings and the managers are still trying out the last few stragglers on the roster

Momentum is a strong factor IMO esp the first 2 weeks of season
as teams are pumped to do well and show their stuff and then reality starts to set in esp once the first losing streak occurs ,looking  forward to a $$$$ 2013 season

My plays today and results

Balt3-0 streak stops
Bostoncan't believe they lost to Pirates 3 runs in last 2 gms
SeattleI just can't seem to catch Cleve at the right time
Oakland although a lean  

Chw Pending

gonna go for Rockies for late gm as they just look more consistent
but watch me be wrong for some reason

Not bad stevo 5-1-1
not a bad day Stevo

CardsNever had a chance 0-6
 Detlost it in  8th inn with that 4

Cleve Push 7-7


Giants still in play but down in 8th 7-5 Hope you can win it