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HotRod11 replied to Vegas Dave
in MLB Betting
Well, everyone on covers is doing well on their own. Just ask them.
HotRod11 replied to Vegas Dave
in MLB Betting
I just wonder how he has all the time to cap games while banging whoores and doing blow.

Oh, maybe because he's just a scam artist.
Quote Originally Posted by fartnsniff:

Good to see ya made it dawg.  



HotRod11 replied to Cub and Brewer
in MLB Betting
Quote Originally Posted by justlol:

Cub are +57 runn diff.... Brewer  are basically dead even meaning they squeak games or lose by 1 all the time. Maybe take the Brew +1.5??

Being 7 games over .500 with an even run differential means they more likely have won close games and have gotten blown out a couple times in losses.
HotRod11 replied to ROCKIES -108; 4/30/2019
in MLB Betting
Well, Thames and Aguilar are both in so bad game by Aguilar still on the table. No Braun, so that's about 5 outs unaccounted for.
HotRod11 replied to ROCKIES -108; 4/30/2019
in MLB Betting
Quote Originally Posted by cropduster:

Yelich will be out. Aguillar won't have two good days in a row. Grandall is sinking like a rock. Ryan Braun is fighting to maintain his .200 batting agverage. But the key thing is that Chacin has plummetted so far down, it's beyond repair. I think Chacin should do like Guerra last year. That is, join the bullpen. That way Chacin would get favorable matchups more often.  I think Counsell needs to be hit in the head with a hammer before making a move like this. The logic is you still want Chacin to contribute, but his 7++ ERA is escalating, and there doesn't seem to be an end in sight. Counsell probably does realize it, but won't pull the trigger on last year's ace of the staff, just because of last year's status. 




Risk $216 to win $200

Season Total = $-30

Couple things:

You're right, Aguilar won't have two bad games in a row but that's because he won't play. 90% chance Thames plays first against righty Marquez.

Grandal is fine.

Braun is garbage. Just have to hope no one is on first when he bounces to third or short so he only causes one out instead of double play. 

Chacin will be fine. Started out not so great last year too.

Hader available so better hope Rockies have the lead thru 7. Those couple home runs he blew games on were flukes.

Brewers own Rockies.
HotRod11 replied to Betting on Baseball
in MLB Betting
Play ON teams with the backup catcher playing.
That would be illegal. If I were you, I'd be watching my back when betting with your friend also, FBI might be watching your texts and phone calls.
Quote Originally Posted by Demi23:

Duke Favored by over 30 points twice in regular season 0-2 

-39.5  vs Army won by 22 points 

-38.5  vs Hartford won by 30  

No motivation in Coach K's  DNA to rub it in and embarrass these kids or coaches from these small schools,  especially in an NCAA  Tournament games


You're forgetting Stetson when you say the spread was over 30 and not including 3 other non-conference games Duke played with large numbers. Hmm, all Duke covers.

-43 vs. Stetson won by 64

-28.5 vs Princeton won by 51

-26 vs E Mich won by 38

-24 vs Yale won by 33

You are a fountain of misinformation.
HotRod11 replied to buying points
in King of Covers
Just be a mod, then it looks like you get all the points you want for free.
If an owner were smart, they could set things up so one or two particular games very early in spring training, they let all their main hitters in, pitch all their Major League guys one inning each, and beat up on the opponents single A guys in the 4-9th innings. Limit Bet everywhere, make 10 million dollars, and use that extra money to sign Bryce Harper.
Quote Originally Posted by For_The_Books:

yes pitching is the name of the game...but ian snell and morton...come on where the bats at?  an_shake

Fordham might score 42 points 
Quote Originally Posted by tsw:

Lol guess they are playing despite that 30 straight hours of rain and even though it was “supposed to rain all day” and the “5 percent chance of being played”

Agreed. Some people move south and get soft
HotRod11 replied to NCAAB Saturday
in College Basketball
Shouldn’t by definition you only have one play of the day?
MLB should come up with a plan for just this sort of situation. Playing in Chase Field would be an excellent idea. They could get all 30 teams there and play one game after another. Get 7 or so games in a day that way, perfect for the shrap handicappers.
Quote Originally Posted by ParTime13:

i think the real question everyone wants to know is how does one get to watch Weber St vs Sac St on TV ??

Pluto tv. Cmon man get in the 20th century
Quote Originally Posted by The_Fiends:

Action Network boys are SOLID

This is wrong. Take a look at their all time records. Pretty much all of them are in the negative, and that’s with getting the best number basically every time since they’re able to put their own picks in. That applebaum guy linked to before is not good, down something like 50 units. Just your usual losing bettors turned touts bringing in that affiliate money. 

I will say the app is pretty good tho. 
Does this work in the NBA as well?
Quote Originally Posted by tmac973:

Guys on VSiN are pretty sharp. There usually all Vegas guys but not touts or anything like that. 

The VSIN guys are even worse than touts, they are failed touts.

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