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Quote Originally Posted by idle_havoc:

So you bailed out and dumped a hot Latino chick because she said you were cute? 

WOW !!
No kidding

That was a worse Brexit than the referendum could ever be!
Quote Originally Posted by bigvern1013:

You quote the applied physics "theory of relativity" as a learned man of science, and then quote the quackery of "climate change"....classic.

Anyone that understands systems or the nature of randomness should at least question the climate change data.

No one argues that the climate isn't "changing". As a matter of fact, it has always changed......but attempting to use data from the last 50 years and apply it to a system that is possibly 4.5 billion years old is ridiculous.

On a side not, it is funny that "global warming" became repackaged for mass marketing as  "climate change".

You are a dunce. Pure and simple.

So refreshing to read posts from people with a grasp of science and logic

Quote Originally Posted by melossinglet:

lordy lordy,i feel your pain trying to communicate with that pretentious,antagonistic,baiting was excruciating reading his responses to rather simple questions and comments,talking in circles and faux-academic "riddles"...wat a feckin idiot masquerading as some kind of higher being....then has the nerve to dismiss you like youre beneath him and try and get a rise out of you by fabricating sum bull-shiit about "flipping out" and repeating it over and over.......dudes a waste of feckin is YOU that shudnt be responding to him,not the other way around....the irony is thick,just like him.

youre a better man than i to show such patience with a clear and obvious instigator.
Quote Originally Posted by SwishSwish1234:

No mate, Just went straight home, Switched on t.v. and watched the Karate Kid looking for signs of anti White male agenda as when i was younger i didn't really understand what they were doing. 
Quote Originally Posted by mainman11111:

hahah you do know there is a character limit right for topic?
you would not know that since you are too dumb
I absolutely know that

Are you trying to tell us you wrote like a 2nd grader on purpose instead of abbreviating "government" for example?  GTFO

You're either too stupid to write coherently (most likely) or too stupid to find acceptable ways of shortening a sentence instead of sounding like an imbecile 

FWIW I don't care if posters don't pay attention or observe proper grammar on a gambling forum, but when a poster attacks my intelligence and education you better believe I will call them out 

Quote Originally Posted by thecentaur:

It's "mentally ill" stupid, not "mental ill", and it's "brags", not "brag".

If your going to relentlessly criticize the education and mental capacity of others you might want to make sense in your thread title.  You told me to read some books...can't make this up 

It's "mentally ill" stupid, not "mental ill", and it's "brags", not "brag".

If your going to relentlessly criticize the education and mental capacity of others you might want to make sense in your thread title.  You told me to read some books...can't make this up 

Quote Originally Posted by mainman11111:

to the op,  you are one of the dumbest people on here.

many other countries have a female president, and many empires before were ruled by females. maybe u need to open a book and read

o wait most trump supporters were the kids in high school just waiting for high school to be over.
God da** it you lefties are some of the stupidest people ever.

I asked a question to open a discussion, I didn't say anything either way, but the first black president and then the 1st female pres with possibly a female VP is a definite change for this country, is it not you fungal growth of a poster?  Then i asked if these elections indicate a change of progress or a change of decline, but you super sensitive lemming zombies go nuts if even the question is asked.  Get a grip fukstick
Quote Originally Posted by ilsp2003:

You can't even read .. that's how retarded you are 
this country took a huge step back when they elected G W Bush and D I C K. You are as  f u c k e d  up as your thread.

You are already getting butthurt like you were in the Harriet Tubman thread you created months ago 
You misinterpreted the thread and went off on some cave troll tangent we had to suffer through.  Go back to your cave and sleep it off lisp
Quote Originally Posted by SwishSwish1234:

 I got so angry by that comment, I told her i was stepping outside to make a call and f-cked off home, 
Did you throw your bottle of water at her? 
Quote Originally Posted by ilsp2003:

Read post #12. Hillary and her "female" VP would represent the executive branch.

She still needs the Senate and the House of Representatives

Before Obama and Biden, there were two irresponsible white males in the white house (a  bush and a person ) . That turned out well. Republican-led congress must also share the blame but the president gave the order to invade Iraq.

You are as retarded as your thread 

You have totally missed the point of the thread.  I'm not asking whether Obama and a female prez./VP will fuk things up so much that it means the end of a once great country. 

I'm asking if electing the first black president and then 2 females is progress or a country so desperate or so dysfunctional that it keeps jumping the shark.

Now lumber on back to your cave, dummy 
Quote Originally Posted by mainman11111:

if the parent is dumb, the kid is usually dumb. the apple doesnt fall far from the tree.

I love it.  When talking about some hollywood induced trailer park stereotype in the South it's all about genetics.

When it's about blacks slinging drugs and acting like animals it's because woe is me they didn't have opportunities and there's too much racism.  

It would be funnier if this leftopathic hypocrisy wasn't such an out of control cancer.

thecentaur replied to I need some advise
in General Discussion
Ok I will address the 1000 lb gorilla in the room...

What does this chica look like?
thecentaur replied to Neighbor Problems
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Goose I don't know what should be on your side, but I know this picture should be on the side facing her:
Quote Originally Posted by TRAIN69:

Hes part of their sister organization....

Ginger Cross

Quote Originally Posted by searchwarrant:

Go bruck yourself


What's his deal anyway?  Even before brexit he was all over the place 
Quote Originally Posted by ilsp2003:

You're laughing at your idiocy right ?
Could you explain why a female President and a female VP would be the end of this great country ?

Such an emotional leftopath

I am not saying one way or the other.  I am asking a question. Read the first post fella.  This was your chance to eloquently state why a female prez and vp is a sign of great progress for our country, and you miserably failed like the cave troll zombie you are.
Quote Originally Posted by ilsp2003:

An internet troll is a person who sows discord on the Internet by starting arguments or upsetting people, by posting inflammatory,[1] extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community (such as a newsgroup, forum, chat room, or blog) with the deliberate intent of provoking readers into an emotional response[2] or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion,[3] often for their own amusement.

I wish you were a troll because it would explain why you're such a babbling idiot.
Sadly the internet should be more of a privilege than a right for people like you.

Before you start with your "freedom of speech" bullshit .
How you use the freedom of speech is the problem.

U.S government is comprised of 3 branches 

- Legislative (makes law  Congress Senate house of Representatives)

- Executive ( Carries out laws President, VP and Cabinet) The president can veto laws passed by Congress.

-Judicial (Evaluates laws - Supreme Court and other federal courts ..)

President Obama will end his term on 20-January-2016.
U.S is still a great country 

Now if a genius like you could explain why a female VP would be the end of this great country I would be forever grateful.

Wow and you call me a babbling idiot 

I'll put you down for a "progress" vote, ok lisp?

Quote Originally Posted by ilsp2003:

A retarded thread created by a babbling idiot
lisp the troll crawls out of his cave he's been in for 4 days and shows us this gem he's been polishing 
Quote Originally Posted by SwishSwish1234:

I must have missed the meeting where only we were allowed significant jobs and ethnic minorities and women need not apply, Do you hear how imbecilic you sound mate? You sound like a Yankee fan complaining about the Royals winning the World Series, Such a self entitled mentality. 
I was cool with everything until you told me I sound like a Yankee fan.  Go bruck yourself

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