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Lefty1981 created a topic Mayweather v Berto line movement
in Boxing
Anyone know why the line dropped from -3200 to -2000 overnight? What happened?
Wouldn't best bet be Rowdy winning inside the distance at -1080? You know this fight is not going the distance, but we're still not sure if she will decide to put a hurting on Correia that might last into the 2nd round. I mean, Correia, physically looks like a beast. Just look at those traps. So who knows, maybe she might be able to last a little longer than most expect her to. Maybe Ronda might feel inclined to trade with her for the first round and show off some of her improved striking.
Dammit I had Nijem in almost all of my parlays too.....

Lefty1981 created a topic UFC 190 Rowsey v Correia
in Mixed Martial Arts
Everyone and their mama knows Ronda is probably going to win on Saturday. Correia has a 0.00001% chance of connecting with the perfect punch at the same exact moment Ronda decides to brain fart, but its safe to say no one is expecting Ronda to lose this one.

I'm still relatively new to UFC, but I've just started getting into it starting with UFC 189, TUF SD Scotland and CHI. I was wondering about something. If Ronda predictably gets Correia in an armbar and Correia taps, but Ronda doesn't let go and she lets her emotions get the best of her and she breaks Correia's arm, would that end in a DQ and a loss?

Lets assume that the UFC is like the NBA and NFL and all the other professional sports leagues out there and We all know Dana is all about making that $. Is it that hard to imagine Ronda brain farting for a split second and breaking Correia's arm in retaliation for the stuff she said about suicide and her family? Ronda would lose the fight. Everyone who decided to throw Ronda in their parlays would lose, but in the eyes of the MMA world, she didn't REALLY lose because the L was a DQ after she got Correia to tap

Anyone else think this might actually happen?
To be perfectly objective about this, I would have to agree. I hate LeCrab as much as the next guy. I've hated him before he even played his first game and proclaimed himself as the Chosen One. I hate everything about the guy. But in all fairness, its pretty obvious that LeBum has not been getting the same superstar calls he's been getting all his life.
Pretty obvious Crawford has GSW this game. That foul he gifted Lee in the 1st qtr was ridiculous. The ref standing right in front of the play didnt see anything and Crawford on the other side of the court calls it after Lee missed the open layup.
I have my money on the Cavs to win the chip, but I'm definitely worried. I hope they win to go up 3-1 so I can hedge on GSW. LBJ and Delly already cramping up. It doesn't matter how much heart or will you have, once your body gives out, you're done. LBJ literally giving everything he has and its only a matter of time before his tank runs out. Delly is a guy who has never been used to playing 40 min each game so its no surprise hes running out of energy.
I've got Cavs winning as the last play in a few of my parlays too and I'm not liking how the public is pounding them. The Dubs have zero Finals experience while the Cavs have LeBron. From a purely basketball point of view, the Cavs should have a great chance to win the championship. But from the betting point of view (depending whether or not you feel results are fixed or influenced by the betting public), I would be surprised to see the Dubs lose just because so much money is coming in on the LeBrons.....

You've got the group that got LeBron at 30:1 at the beginning of the season and then now you can get them at 2:1, which everyone and their mama is throwing their house on. So yea, I'm a little worried.....
I hate LBJ as much as the next guy and I'm hoping the Dubs win, but Finals experience is going to come into play and None of the Warriors have any. On the flipside, this will be LBJ's 5th straight time in the Finals; not to mention he'll also have guys like Mike Miller and James Jones who have been there as well. Remember when OKC steamrolled to the Finals only to crumble under the pressure of the Finals? I can see the same thing happening to GSW. They didn't even make it out of the first round last year and now they're in the Finals. It just feels like the Warriors will be happy just being there whereas LBJ will be focused on the prize at hand. Not like LeCrab will need any added motivation, but going against the current MVP and showing the world who the real MVP is will only help CLE's chances. Before the line came out I figured GSW would be favorites, but I didn't expect the Cavs to be at +195. Thats just silly.

I hate LBJ with a passion and would gladly lose money to watch him lose, so I'm gonna put 100 on the Cavs and not worry about the outcome. If the Dubs win, I'm happy LBJ lost. If LBJ wins, at least I'll win some $$$.
Quote Originally Posted by Digitalkarma:

Rockets have good value now after a loss. Should have waited bro. 

Shoulda coulda woulda.....
What if HOU had won game 1?
Warriors are his team. You don't think he would gladly drop $100 to see his Dubs advance to the Finals? And on the flipside, if the Rockets do end up winning. At least he'll have some extra spending cash to drown out his sorrows with. Its a Win-Win situation. I used to do that with the Lakers all the time.
BKN has DWill and JJ, both are hit or miss, but both are also capable of blowing up, like DWill just showed you. ATL being the no.1 seed is an anomaly. CLE would still be favored to win in a series against the Hawks. Add the fact that they really don't have much playoff experience either, let alone crunch time experience in the playoffs and you can see why they choked down the stretch.

I had ATL ML as well, but it is what it is. DWill had to turn back the clock today and hit 7 3s for them to win.
So you're going BKN for Game 5?
Lefty1981 replied to Bulls Moneyline a Lock ?
in NBA Betting
Quote Originally Posted by imtheman24:

i missed out on the cavs today but i just dont see how bulls can lose this game especially blowing the sweep last game and now there home i just dont see it, im up 5bills should i take my money and run or go for one more win?

Agreed. Chicago closes this thing out, but dropping 1200 on the ML would seem kinda foolish. Rose can just as easily blow out his knee again in the first quarter and demoralize the whole team. But I agree that the ML looks good. I have them in one of my parlays. But I wouldnt bet 1200 on Rose staying healthy. If you're up 5 bills, just drop that on the ML and build the bankroll.
agreed that pelicans will win 1 at home. we just don't know which one.
Lefty1981 replied to Atlanta wtf?
in NBA Betting
Quote Originally Posted by AnthonyStarks:

It might be karma for there retarded and ungrateful fans booing joe double every time he touches the ball. Lol wtf  guy is the best player they had since Wilkins 

I know right? If anything, they should be cheering him for taking his talents to the Nets for that ridiculous contract. JJ would still be handcuffing them right now if he had accepted their max offer.
Hmmm the Sixers got lucky today. I question whether or not everyone on that squad is in on the tank job. I had MIA in one of my parlays too but I was following the game, and PHI got a steal and dunk to put them up by 1 with 24 sec left in the game. MIA saved them by hitting a 3 to take back the lead, but that L was for the taking if MIA wanted it. If MIA was trying to lose, BEasy didnt get the memo.
Quote Originally Posted by guyhopestowin:

lakers were the most disgraceful team in the season

You forgot about the Sixers and Wolves. Sixers really have mastered the art of tanking though. They play hard up til the end and then find ways to lose the game. Wolves just suck from the jump and let Wiggins do his thing,
Quote Originally Posted by flashy23:

But y would u two bet the lakers tonight the Lakers tryma keep there lottery pick and winning is not the answer to that duh and in case u guys have been n the dark here's a tip lakers suck shhh don't tell nobody else 

Win or lose, the Lakers had the 4th worst record locked up. I had Lakers in a parlay too dammit. Figured it was the last game of the year at home and they would actually show some heart. Didn't know Clarkson was out though.
This game was a tossup from the jump. At home against even comp, the Lakers are capable of winning, even though they have to tank to keep their draft pick. Fade them on the road and fade them against the better teams at home.

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